Zero BS WordPress CRM


Zero BS is the best no-nonsense CRM for WordPress.

Entrepreneurs earn more money when they use a good CRM. ZBS is the simplist & quickest of all WordPress CRMs. Manage your customer relationships, make more profit, and maintain happier business relations. (For Free!)

ZBS CRM Benefits:

  1. Simple & Practical: Usable features that help impress customers
  2. Fully ‘yours’: Install it on your WordPress. You hold the keys
  3. Free: No giant monthly fees. Good value extensions are optional

Who’s already using ZBS CRM?

We built this for ourselves. Then our friends. Then early adopters.

We’re now at v3.0 and still going. ZBS is faster and more stable than ever!

Thousands of entrepeneurs use Zero BS everyday, and we’ve noticed a common trend to the following use cases:

Use Cases of ZBS CRM:

  1. eCommerce sites (We integrate with WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe)
  2. Agencies & Pro Freelancers
  3. Start-up & Non-profit
  4. Local & Small Biz (From personal trainers to yoga teams!)

Because ZBS is so adaptable & extendible, there are many individuals who don’t fit these groups, but find innovative ways to use our CRM to manage their contacts.

Read our CRM Case Studies

How to get started (Try out this CRM)

From reading this to understanding ZBS will probably take you 10 minutes. Familiar with WordPress? You’ll be set up in under 5 mins.

ZBS CRM installs in seconds, (with a super-quick welcome wizard to get you started). Adding a contact is straightforward. Creating a quote, or invoice, even simpler. Give it a go, you’ll see!

Steps to competence with ZBSCRM:

  1. Install this CRM plugin
  2. Step through the guided Welcome Wizard
  3. Add your first contact (lead or customer)

Easy CRM’s get used. Easy CRM’s make your customer data work for you. We aim to make this easy, so you can get on with running your business.

Need a helping hand? No worries. Just ask here

Free, but supported

Did we already tell you ZBS is free? Well it is.

We support ZBS, (update it, fix it, love it, refine it), because we use it ourselves everyday. ZBS is a gift back to this WordPress community we love, it’s a gift to you.

The world is full of people seeking to take your cash, but WordPress entrepreneurs and small biz can’t waste time with bloated paid solutions, we deserve an easier start. We give this to you because life’s too short to use overcomplex expensive software from the get go. Maybe there’s a time for that, we’re not sure, but for most successful entrepreneurs we know, simple & practical is the winning combo.

So that’s the story. Zero BS CRM is free. Totally. There’s some extensions we sell, stuff like ‘mail campaigns’, but they’re relatively cheap, ($27-$129, or everything for $199).

To that end we’ll keep this updated. Throw us suggestions, grab an extension, or simply use the free ZBS Core CRM to make your businesses better. Tell people. We’re here for win-win business 🙂

P.S. When you do need support, please use this page

Updates for Life

See at the top it says ‘last updated’ – I bet we updated fairly recently, eh? But guess what? We’re not adding useless features to slow down your CRM. We only fix bugs, remove friction, and add much-requested simple & practical features. Our updates are usually refinements, improving our existing CRM functionality until it’s the best it can possibly be, rather than adding useless distracting features.

Made by Professionals, backed by Automattic

Mike and Woody are the people behind ZBS CRM. We’ve been here a while. Between us we’re probably accountable for a few million WordPress-related downloads. We’ve built a lot over the years 50+ plugins, 10+ themes. We make our living through WordPress. In July 2019 Automattic recognised the value of ZBS CRM and [acquired our company]( Now we’re tooling up to make this the best CRM going.

*And we both use ZBSCRM every day!


Reviews of Zero BS CRM Plugin

Now we’ve been around a few years, we’ve built up some fantastic reviews. We’re proud to be featured across some great WordPress blogs, (and Product Hunt!)

Here are a ZBS CRM few Reviews and Features:

Featured on:

Supercharging ZBS CRM with Optional Extensions

(fairly priced power-ups for your ZBS CRM)

We’ve built a few extras for ZBS, but they’re mostly offering functionality outside of the original plan, so we’ve seperated them into individual « extensions ». These all have some supercharging effect on your CRM, but none are essential.

View all of the CRM Extensions

Zero BS CRM Extensions:

Try Zero BS CRM Today!

Download or install above, or Visit our Download page

ZBS Customer Relationship Manager: [Full feature list]( (v3.0)

We’ve added so much value to our new v3.0 that it’s hard to give you a list of all the features. Here are the main picks, but we suspect that if it’s a no-nonsense feature that makes sense in a CRM, you might find that it’s just-in-the-box!

  • Core Features

    • Contact Management: Add and manage Leads, Customers, or other Contacts
    • Quotes/Proposals, Invoices, Transactions, and Tasks all easily managed in-CRM
    • Quote Builder: Write & Deliver stunning online proposals to clients
    • Invoice Builder: Easily & Quickly bill clients and get paid online
    • Transaction Manager: Log payments and refunds against Customers
    • Client Portal: Allow customers to view proposals, invoices, and files on your website
    • Front-end Forms: Gather leads from your posts, pages, or widgets, straight into your CRM
    • Task Scheduler: Schedule and manage a calendar against contacts and companies
    • Segments: Create dynamic segments which allow you to group contacts based on data
    • Self-hosted: Because you run ZBS on your WordPress, you keep your data, always
  • Contact-Centric CRM

  • Easy to Manage, day-to-day

    • Tag any object: Tag Contacts, Quotes, Invoices, Transactions etc. to help manage lists
    • Custom Fields: Add as many custom fields as you need for your business
    • B2B (Business 2 Business) Mode: Add and manage companys and contacts at companies
    • Built-in CSV Customer Importer
    • Super easy Extensions Manager: (Easily turn most CRM features on or off)
    • CRM WordPress User Roles: Give your team the right access
  • Modern. Lean. Accessible

  • B2B Sales

  • Developer Ready

  • Easy Setup

  • White-Label CRM

    • Rebranding Engine: Brand your CRM with your company name or a customers (and logo!)
    • WordPress Override mode
    • Fully takeover WordPress and make Zero BS CRM a standalone CRM (optional)
    • Branded login and disabled front-end make this resellable too!
    • Select the menu style you like: Slimline, CRM only, or Full
  • CRM Audit system

    • Automatically log customer events like « new invoice » or « filled out web form »
    • Keep a track of customer calls or meetings
    • See all customer activity at-a-glance from the customer record
    • NEW: Automations extension provides automatic actions on events!
  • Too much more to mention here…

    • PDF Invoicing
    • Invoice builder with line items, hourly or item rates, email invoices and get paid via customer portal!
    • NEW: Tax Table management – assign multiple local/national taxes to Invoices or Transactions
    • Quote Templates allow you to prepare proposal templates ahead of time
    • Automattically sync WooCommerce, PayPal, or Stripe into your CRM (requires extension)
    • See all features
  • And always…

    • Zero feature bloat
    • Modern, clean code, designed to perform
    • Works out-of-the-box
    • Regular, free updates
    • Great Documentation
    • Charming Support
    • Loving, helpful community of hundreds of users, (and growing)

Privacy Policy

For our full privacy policy for Zero BS CRM plugin and Zero BS please see here


  • Dashboard
  • Manage Contacts
  • View Contact
  • Settings Page


  1. First make sure you’ve got WordPress installed somewhere. We like to use a subdomain like
  2. Install your plugin as below (you may already know how!)
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. The first time you load the plugin you’ll see a Welcome Wizard which will guide you through the basic setup!
  5. Check out our Learn page to get started

For more documentation, please see:

Automatic Install From WordPress Dashboard

  1. Login to your the admin panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search Zero BS CRM
  4. Click install and activate, and then follow the Welcome Wizard

Manual Install From WordPress Dashboard

If your server is not connected to the Internet, then you can use this method-

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue ‘Download’ button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Login to your site’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  3. Click choose file, select the plugin file and click install
  4. Activate the plugin, and then follow the Welcome Wizard

Install Using FTP

If you are unable to use any of the methods due to internet connectivity and file permission issues, then you can use this method-

  1. Download the plugin by clicking on the blue ‘Download’ button above. A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Launch your favorite FTP client. Such as FileZilla, FireFTP, CyberDuck etc. If you are a more advanced user, then you can use SSH too.
  4. Upload the folder to wp-content/plugins/
  5. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  6. Navigate to Plugins -> Installed
  7. Activate the plugin, and then follow the Welcome Wizard


Is there any limits to customer counts in ZBS?

There are absolutely no limits in Zero BS CRM, apart from the usual ones applied by your host (database size etc.)

Can I develop on top of ZBS?

Of course. Please reach out to us via the in-plugin feedback page if you want to, we’ll help you get started, or check out our Developer resources.

Is ZBS really free?

Totally. The core is a solid, useful, Customer Relationship Manager right out of the box. You don’t need anything else to get started managing your leads, and customers. We do build extensions, (because we need them), but they’re not at all essential. Further, they’re cheap in comparison to the pay-per-month CRM options, and you actually own them, yourself.

Where can I see the CRM extensions?


Why host your own CRM in WordPress?

Data-privacy, control, extendibiliy. You’re probably already paying for hosting too, so you’ll save there. SaaS has its place, but there’s so much value in hosting your own.

How do I get my existing customers into ZBS?

The free core has a basic CSV Importer which works well. You can also use our extensions: CSV Importer, or one of the Sync’s (PayPal Sync, Woo Sync, or Stripe Sync) – these automatically pull in all of your customer data (including transactions) and then keeps it up to date for you!

Do you have a B2B mode?

Yep, that’s an option in the settings.
Enabling Business-to-Business mode adds a « Companies » layer, which lets you have contacts under a company.

How long are you going to support this for?

We use this CRM ourselves every day. We’re here for the long term. (And we’re constantly improving it!)


3 junh 2020
I seriously doubt the 5 stars given to this software by some users. Reasons below 1. Your current wordpress users or customers cannot be imported to the CRM. You will have to export all users to csv and then import separately. Not sure if that would work perfectly not to mention the formatting needed in the csv file Duh! Dear developers of ZBsCRM why would you not provide this functionality. You have to provide a drop down option to import existing wordpress users to be imported into the CRM with all the details populated from the WordPress data itself. Straightforward. Why did you miss this?. I am NEVER GOING to type out an entire user profile everytime in ZerobsCRM. (We are in the 20th Century!!) nor I am going to use a csv option - because its not the way things are done. Sorry. 2. Zerobscrm must populate all wordpress data - thats what CRMs are supposed to do. CRM is a reporting software. there are tons of other very specialised plugins out there for creating invoices and forms and for user registrations. Please do not get into re-inventing the wheel with these. I am not going to use ZEROBSCRM for either of those functionalities. Instead I need a CRM to populate my forms, my invoices and user data all together in one place. Many other points too - no time to type You can easily develop into a more than 50k downloads plugin. But only if you change your strategy. Clearly the strategic thought process behind this plugin is faulty. In the current state the plugin with all the extensions with hardly any functionality its not going anywhere for sure. Total Waste of money I would say C.BS.CRM. $200 is a lot of money. My suggestions instead for immediate development. Strategy should be like this unless you are not able to do it 1. Tightly integrate with Gravity forms. All form submissions should be available for mapping in all fields/extensions of Zero BS CRM 2.Option to import users and their data from WordPress - immediate requirement. 3.Allow option for users to choose between ability to use ALL the functionality either at front end or back end - as their choice. Front end will be better over back end Thanks
25 abril 2020
Beware of Automattic and their refund policy regarding this software. Also, the mail module they claim is part of the original download package is beta software and not available with the main package. It must be downloaded separately. It is not ready for prime time. I asked for a refund because I was under the impression it was. They refused to refund me twice now. I’ve submitted a dispute request with my bank. Hope to hear back soon.
22 abril 2020
Unbelievable. They absolutely refuse any request for a refund. I PAID A FULL YEAR UPFRONT just to gain access to the plugins that I thought would work for me, but they did not. I contacted them immediately and requested a refund and they told me it's a digital product so they don't give refunds. Now I know why they call it BS! If it's JUST a digital product, why do they charge you for a full year, and then continue to charge you every year after that? It's theft and fraud. They are a complete ripoff. I am filing a fraud report with my bank, you can be sure of that. Absolutely unbelievable the lack of respect this company has for their customers.
12 març 2020
I found this extension to have good intentions but it lacks polish and isn't something I would put into production for any serious business. I found support to be friendly and attentive but I am quite disappointed in their hardline stance on refunds. Don't expect this extension to be a suitable replacement for any proper 3rd party CRM and be cautioned before you upgrade.
27 genièr 2020
I want to gather data from my users (logged in) monthly. for example their score in university, I want my students announce their score every month in my website and I want to see their progress and regress charts in any single field for example math score . I want any single user have their own chart. and another thing I want to see the average of math score in class. Is it possible?how can I do it?
13 genièr 2020
I'm in the process of relaunching my site and consolidating many of the disparate services (Saas) I use into WordPress. ZBS has been instrumental in this project. It's kind of amazing to think that I can have full control of my CRM and email lists from within my WordPress account. The power that this integration provides is insane. I mean, having fully customized, and tag-based funnels that are smart and integrated with the rest of WordPress is truly gold. Not to mention how much money I'll save each month. I'm really looking forward to seeing the continuing evolution of ZBS.
Read all 87 reviews

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3.0.19 10/07/2020

  • Fixed: Fix for a migration bug where date custom fields were not yet translated to v3 data types
  • Fixed: A problem that meant no message was shown when a contact is added with a duplicate email address
  • Fixed: Bug preventing forms from loading
  • Fixed: Company details now show on invoices
  • Fixed: multi-select custom fields in invoices now work
  • Fixed: An issue with the display of IDs for invoices and quotes
  • Fixed: An issue that made contacts having default status of ‘Customer’, ignoring the setting
  • Added: Jetpack Forms block support
  • Improved: French translation tweaks
  • Improved: Client Portal CSS
  • Improved: Special character handling in task titles
  • Improved: Custom field placeholder prompts
  • Improved: Contact status styling tweaks. on dashboard
  • Improved: tweaked appearance of quotes and invoices on contact profiles
  • Improved: Address translations and tweaks
  • Improved: Role display on team page
  • Improved: Invoice display tweaks
  • Improved: Removed Select2 dependency
  • Improved: Brought more strings properly into internationalisation functions.

3.0.18 29/06/2020

  • Fixed: Migration bug for very few users when using advanced segments and woosync
  • Improved: Ahead of a potential XSS vulnerability, and for simplicity, we’ve removed Select2 js from the CRM
  • Improved: Added better catching to the custom field DAL check for multiple lines
  • Improved: Security surrounding storage of SMTP credentials

3.0.17 20/05/2020

  • Fixed: Bug where bulk-actions were reset if selecting multiples after the fact
  • Improved: Added support for fractional quantities in line items
  • Improved: Tidied up some old CPT usage in DAL3
  • Improved: Extension buy now links go to product pages

3.0.16 07/05/2020

  • Fixed: Bug where client portal custom fields of type Checkbox were not displayed properly
  • Fixed: « Show/Hide Countries » option now respected throughout
  • Fixed: Duplicate title text on Client Portal
  • Fixed: Type conversion bug in migrations in 3.0.14+
  • Fixed: Bug where invoices were not loading if Client Portal deactivated
  • Fixed: Bug where transactions were not properly migrating in some cases
  • Fixed: PHP warning from transaction statuses mechanism
  • Improved: Date custom fields can now be left empty
  • Improved: Moved away from compact function use as it now throws notices in PHP 7.3.0+ (Mail delivery methods)

3.0.15 21/04/2020

  • Fixed: Migration bug for new installs
  • Fixed: CSV importer now shows localised field labels
  • Improved: Performance improvement by asserting autoload=no across non-critical options
  • Improved: Removed legacy code
  • Improved: Clarified labels on Field Options settings page
  • Improved: Removed outdated comments

3.0.14 06/04/2020

  • Fixed: SQL compilation error
  • Fixed: Bug where quote dates were saving incorrectly
  • Fixed: Bug where transaction datetimes were saving incorrectly
  • Fixed: Bug in Statement PDF generation
  • Fixed: Bug in Segment audience preview when using international characters in conditions
  • Fixed: Bug in Segment audience building when using international characters in conditions
  • Fixed: Bug in transaction status inclusion when using international characters
  • Fixed: Bug where custom transaction statuses stopped invoice partial assignment
  • Improved: Refactored code around custom field views, centralising & tidying
  • Added: Company single view now shows custom fields
  • Fixed: Bug where v3 forms were not displaying customisations
  • Improved: Forms refactored

3.0.13 25/03/2020

  • Fixed: Custom fields now support Chinese and all other Characters
  • Fixed: Chinese characters can now be used in Tags
  • Fixed: Quote Builder PHP Error
  • Fixed: Bugs in Quote PDF Generation
  • Fixed: Quote templates can now be accessed across users
  • Fixed: Bug where WP_CLI could not be accessed when « Disable Front-End » setting enabled
  • Fixed: Quote search now works again
  • Improved: Made transaction search include total value & custom fields
  • Improved: Company, Quote, Invoice, Transaction, Task, and Form Searches now (optionally) search custom fields
  • Improved: Contact & Company searches now include all address fields
  • Improved: Contact & Company searches now include all social profile fields

3.0.12 09/03/2020

  • Fixed: Typo’s in Alias DAL
  • Fixed: Tasks appearing complete on contact view, when incomplete
  • Fixed: PHP notice in migration
  • Fixed: PHP Notice for PHP 7.3 users from dompdf library
  • Fixed: PHP notice caused by early loading of settings in some instances
  • Fixed: Bug where contact tags could not be removed in bulk from v3
  • Fixed: Broken link on Bulk action tag creation flow (where no tags existed)
  • Fixed: Bug where transaction tag manager wasn’t showing up from v3
  • Added: Quote & Invoice tags can now be managed in bulk via Bulk Actions from list views
  • Added: Ability to clear migration cache via System Status page
  • Added: Tasks against companies now show on the company view page
  • Added: Task retrieval for companies built into DAL

  • Improved: Added notice to tag list view if no tags created yet

  • Improved: Tweaked styling of bulk action add/remove tag dialog
  • Improved: Updated dompdf
  • Improved: Added basic library manager to ZBS Core
  • Improved: System Status page now shows version of dompdf in use
  • Improved: System Status page now shows InnoDB availability
  • Improved: Database creation is now sensitive to availability of InnoDB Storage Engine
  • Improved: Changed placeholder values for contact fields to use US defaults & added to translations so these can be localised
  • Improved: Custom fields now display full textarea value in Contact Single View vitals box
  • Improved: Added support for new dates to v3 Transaction query layer
  • Added: Quote & Invoice tags can now be managed in bulk via Bulk Actions from list views
  • Added: Tidied up previously created directory « uploads\ » (where present)
  • Added: Ability to clear migration cache via System Status page
  • Added: Tasks against companies now show on the company view page
  • Added: Task retrieval for companies built into DAL
  • Added: Expanded support for retrieving Alias emails throughout DAL (for WooSync)
  • Added: Created .pot file and added placeholder language values so these can be localised
  • Added: Support for embedded usage
  • Added: If Database creation hits any snags, it’ll now expose these directly to the user on the System Status page

3.0.11 04/02/2020

  • Fixed: Portal Access Denied now allows Admin, ZBS Admin
  • Fixed: Easy Access Links now allow entry
  • Fixed: Invoice PDF now shows correct Hours/Quantity
  • Fixed: Timestamps were not respecting localisation on Task Scheduler weekly/daily/list views
  • Fixed: Bug in tag saving across all objects where last tag could not be removed
  • Fixed: PHP error on multi-site pre v3.0
  • Fixed: Contact communication logs now properly update last_updated
  • Fixed: Address custom fields of type Date now display properly on the list view & single views
  • Fixed: Some indexes were causing MariaDB users table creation to fall over
  • Fixed: More viability checks on creation of PDF’s
  • Added: Export links to top menu
  • Added: Internal automator support for log.update
  • Improved: Added system check for MySQL Version
  • Improved: Added DB Table check to System Status page
  • Improved: PDF engine is now switched on by default
  • Improved: PDF engine & PDF Fonts now ship with ZBS for greater server compatibility

3.0.10 23/01/2020

  • Fixed: Client Portal sub-page loading doesn’t interupt page loads when no client portal page is set

3.0.9 22/01/2020

  • Fixed: Missed reference causing error

3.0.8 22/01/2020

  • Fixed: Bug which meant link to Quote templates from New Quote page was broken
  • Fixed: Allow companies to be added without emails
  • Fixed: Mail Delivery ‘Delete Method’ no longer accidentally deletes the method when you click Cancel
  • Fixed: Portal Access Denied if WP user does not have a ZBS contact associated to it
  • Fixed: Long Invoice strings cause non-updates
  • Fixed: Removed legacy bulk tools data tools button and page
  • Fixed: If a task was marked complete, then updated it marked it incomplete
  • Fixed: If a null response given to list view builder JS, it now doesn’t ‘indefinitely load’
  • Fixed: Stopped fatal error on edge case of directory change post-install of pdfdom
  • Fixed: When editing a log the type is now respected in the edit screen
  • Fixed: Company names now display properly on the contact list view v3+
  • Fixed: Activity logs are now expandable/contractable from the contact view
  • Fixed: Exports via Bulk Action Export now not limited to 100 records
  • Fixed: Function call which would ignore WPID even though available as a parameter
  • Fixed: Invoice customiser now properly saves Hours/Quantity selector choice
  • Fixed: Clicking email on Name & Avatar on list view now loads prefilled email UI
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Form button on Classic Editor no longer shows if module is turned off
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Quote template button re-introduced to allow placeholders to be easily inserted
  • Fixed: Show on Calendar button not being able to be unchecked
  • Improved: Updated PDF templates to use new font set
  • Improved: Forced PDF generation to use UTF8 throughout
  • Improved: Forced PDF generation to use A4 Portrait throughout
  • Improved: Child Pages of the portal now require log in to view
  • Improved: Style compatibility tweaks for twenty twenty theme
  • Improved: Some italian translations strings which were translated via machine translation
  • Improved: Added core DAL checks for field lengths pre-insert to avoid wpdb errors
  • Improved: Field abbrievation layer notifies user field value had to be abbreviated
  • Improved: Removed commas when displaying address with line breaks
  • Improved: Display Company main email on the View Company page.
  • Improved: v3 Migration wizard now catches timeouts and automatically picks itself up
  • Improved: v3 Migration wizard now exposes timeouts experienced on the migration report and system status page
  • Improved: Removed unnecessary font files to reduce bloat
  • Added: New font for PDF generation (supports multiple languages including Cyrillic, Greek, Devanagari, Latin, Vietnamese)
  • Added: Migration to automatically install fonts for those users who need them
  • Added: System status check of font set install
  • Added: Template support for child pages of client portal
  • Added: JS Hook for extra invoice functionality

3.0.7 09/01/2020

  • Fixed: Bug where tasks would be disabled if forms were turned off in certain menu modes
  • Fixed: Bug where client portal IDs may not have been assigned post v3.0
  • Fixed: Bug where by typeahead assignments were no longer saving down
  • Fixed: First addition of a contact loads edit which offers ability to view a non-existant contact
  • Fixed: Easy-access URLS now work properly for singular quotes
  • Fixed: A bug where invoices were not viewable by some contacts via client portal
  • Fixed: Ability to search custom fields of contacts from search box
  • Fixed: Bug where assignment of event to company wasn’t working in some cases
  • Fixed: Bug where company assignment easy-view link was incorrectly pointing at contact
  • Fixed: Transaction attribute shipping_tax had no label
  • Improved: Export wizard now groups field areas (e.g. Main address, Custom Fields)
  • Improved: Refactored some variable names for easier code reading
  • Added: Custom fields can now be exported along with other fields via Export Wizard

3.0.6 20/12/19

  • Fixed: Bug where unmigrated v3 users may experience an error with WooSync contact generation
  • Improved: Migration routine extension reactivation – further checks

3.0.5 19/12/19

  • Added: Factory Reset option
  • Fixed: Address and assigned to columns now show data properly on contact list view
  • Fixed: DAl3 Invoice Ownership bug
  • Fixed: php notice in extension manager
  • Fixed: php notice in plugin updates
  • Fixed: php notice in migrations
  • Fixed: CRM dashboard contact column chart over time incorrectly labelled
  • Fixed: Bug in data clear reset routine
  • Fixed: Migration to fix longstanding bug where some old versions had corrupted the transaction default statuses
  • Fixed: Bug where international users were not able to edit custom fields
  • Fixed: Quote not accepted/accepted quick filters now work
  • Improved: Clarified error codes for Migrations
  • Improved: Refined Reset function to properly capture all ZBS data points
  • Improved: File deletion now attempts to work around server permissions, and shows message if cannot delete file
  • Improved: File deletion error now shows properly
  • Improved: Migration version number correction
  • Improved: Made default transaction total statuses ‘Succeeded,Completed’ rather than all statuses

3.0.4 13/12/19

  • Fixed: DAL2 issue causing some migrations to derail
  • Fixed: DAL3 Log Obj issue causing some migrations to derail
  • Fixed: Missing language attribute in migrations JS

3.0.3 12/12/19

  • Added: Task editor -> jump to assigned contact
  • Added: Task list to contact view
  • Added: Filter for metabox mods for external sources
  • Added: Clear Filters button to invoice list view
  • Fixed: Date custom fields showing up as timestamps instead of dates on list view & contact view
  • Fixed: Broken link (clear filters for quote list view)

3.0.2 09/12/19

  • Fixed: Bug where by custom fields were not saving for some international users
  • Fixed: php notice causing some installs to fall over when producing PDF Invoices
  • Fixed: Bug where v3.0 was still showing ‘ready for update’ on plugins page
  • Improved: Allowed Contacts to be added without emails (allow blanks)

3.0.1 06/12/19

  • Fixed: 3.0 Update message broken link
  • Improved: Removed non_blank requirement for contact email address (some users are adding contacts without emails)

3.0 06/12/19

  • Fixed: Bug where contact managers could see but not edit list view columns
  • Fixed: Stopped welcome tour firing on homepage
  • Fixed: PHP notice on welcome wizard
  • Fixed: A default column glitch in the Company list view
  • Fixed: PHP Notice in single email
  • Fixed: Bug where db reset function was not properly referencing database table names
  • Fixed: An edge-case bug where on some webhosts v3 tables were not created due to indexes and dbDelta
  • Fixed: Bug where vanilla installs had broken preview links for invoices
  • Fixed: Several older migrations were causing php notices on some servers
  • Fixed: PHP notice
  • Added: DAL3.0 Table migration
  • Added: DAL3.0 Generated Object Type class functions (e.g. get, set, meta, tags, etc.)
  • Added: Centralised field var storage
  • Added: Easy-pay mode for invoices (hash Invoicing)
  • Added: Brute force protection for easy-pay invoices
  • Added: Migration support for old Metaboxes to new
  • Added: DAL3.0 Migration Routine
  • Added: From v3.0 Quote Templates can now use Quote Custom Fields (##QUOTE-KEY##)
  • Added: Ability to add defaults for fields via field model (DAL3.0+)
  • Added: Contact Action: Delete
  • Added: Delete verification stage & orphan saving
  • Added: DAL error stack and force_unique checks throughout
  • Added: Tax rates globally available via settings
  • Added: Export v3.0
  • Added: Global JS support for new object link generation
  • Added: Hashed based Quote Pages on client portal
  • Added: Accepted quotes now show accepted date at base of single-quote on client portal
  • Added: More efficient retrieval of objects on column-by-column basis
  • Added: Error Code Store
  • Added: v3.0 Migration Log reporter
  • Added: Compatibility fixes for Twenty Nineteen theme
  • Added: Compatibility fixes for Twenty Twenty theme
  • Added: System status now exposes server locale
  • Improved: Wrote new DAL object IO class & subdivided architecture by Object type
  • Improved: Moved Companies to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Moved Quotes to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Moved Quote templates to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Moved Invoices to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Moved Transactions to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Moved Tasks to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Moved Forms to Custom Database Architecture (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Added Performance Indexes to Companies (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Added Performance Indexes to Quotes (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Added Performance Indexes to Invoices (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Added Performance Indexes to Transactions (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Added Performance Indexes to Tasks (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Added Performance Indexes to Forms (DAL3.0)
  • Improved: Rewrote database creation checks to run from hardtyped array
  • Improved: System Status page now shows migration results as labels (not -1 etc.)
  • Improved: Removed superflous event edit code
  • Improved: Renamed files for clarity
  • Improved: Added backward compatibility to DAL2/3 transition
  • Improved: Migrated metaboxes to custom edit screen: Company, Event, Forms, Invoices, Ownership, Quotes, Quote Templates, Transactions
  • Improved: V3.0 of Invoicing UI (Improved drawing, tax tables, assignment, styles)
  • Improved: V3.0 of Transactions UI separates out JS for performance, & resolves several language leaks
  • Improved: All menus now use properly centralised link generation (across DAL versions)
  • Improved: All ZBS WordPress menus now centrally controlled
  • Improved: Fixed several translation leaks in list view js
  • Improved: Moved field global objects to be DB Model driven
  • Improved: Moved list view processing into objects DALs
  • Improved: Hid empty screen-options drop-downs
  • Improved: Can now prefill invoice, transaction, quote from contact or company records
  • Improved: Added capacity to send invoices to any email, attach as PDF, and attach associated files
  • Improved: Moved all invoice template language from template into translation model
  • Improved: All CRM Objects now have generic « get id list » (enabling Export v3.0)
  • Improved: Quotes, Invoices, Tasks, Transactions all now have tags via our v3.0 system
  • Improved: Squashed tag suggestions which match that already selected for tags
  • Improved: Animation of « [object] updated » now hides itself if no outstanding notifications, after sliding up
  • Improved: General loading checks for object edit pages
  • Improved: Permission checks precursors for object edit pages
  • Improved: Foundations for v3.0 API
  • Improved: Split Portal into versioned templates (v1, v3) supporting DAL3 portal
  • Improved: Non-hashed urls now hide on Invoicing area in client portal, automatically
  • Improved: By default, where possible (currently only UK), national tax tables are automattically included
  • Improved: Discounts, Shipping & Shipping Tax all now properly display on Client Portal
  • Improved: Modified Migrations routine to allow stepped upgrades (resolves some multi-step upgrades on some hosts)
  • Improved: Reorganised code surrounding admin settings page to read clearer (and hide transactions menu if not using)
  • Improved: Made all custom fields provide a slug for use in templating throughout the CRM

2.99.15 22/11/2019

  • Fixed: PHP admin notice about missing parent menu slug
  • Fixed: Empty language string
  • Fixed: Checkboxes if more than 65 would error out. Made count dynamic.

2.99.14 31/10/2019

  • Fixed: Bug in listview search

2.99.13 30/10/2019

  • Improved: More proper-escaping of posted data
  • Improved: Moved all Forms Styles & Scripts to proper enqueument & culled some comments

2.99.12 29/10/2019

  • Fixed: Removed assets which were already referenced in WPCore
  • Fixed: Task assignment drop down was hidden not allowing users to choose a CRM team member
  • Fixed: Alert on delete email if cancelled still deleted
  • Fixed: PHP notice on welcome wizard completion
  • Improved: Moved before-you-go exit survey to template system
  • Improved: Moved welcome wizard to template system
  • Improved: Moved Forms to template system
  • Improved: Moved remote form functionality to endpoint & stopped forms initiating if extension not activated
  • Improved: Compressed unoptimised welcome wizard assets
  • Improved: Moved away from internal CURL functions and into WordPress native get functions

2.99.11 23/10/2019

  • Fixed: Made DAL1 objects all order by id descending, instead of date descending, by default
  • Improved: Tidied comments
  • Improved: Remedied missing subscription code

2.99.10 22/10/2019

  • Fixed: Custom fields unable to change type
  • Fixed: Bug where Italian users were unable to select dates in task scheduler
  • Fixed: Bug where task scheduler list view wasn’t retaining owner-selection across page loads
  • Improved: Removed a Mail Campaigns v2 upsell (should have been Advanced Segments)
  • Added: Can now (optionally) search contacts based on custom fields 16/10/2019

  • Fixed: PHP Notice
  • Fixed: PHP Notice for pre-migration 2.7 users
  • Fixed: Migration 2.70 bug for some users with zero contacts
  • Fixed: Date Format issue for invoice due dates in list view
  • Fixed: Date Format issue for invoice date & due date on client portal
  • Fixed: Cleartext passwords previously removed, but demo client portal email still had example incorrectly
  • Fixed: Custom field types can no longer be altered after creation (stopping type mismatches)
  • Fixed: Due dates not properly exposed on single-invoice in portal
  • Fixed: PHP Notice for some users on portal
  • Fixed: Added default for Client Portal Pro filemode 10/10/2019

  • Fixed: Emoji’s can now be used safely in Logs
  • Fixed: Checkbox custom field type now properly saves for Quotes
  • Fixed: Bulk Tagger permissions bug & label errors
  • Fixed: Funnels permissions bug
  • Fixed: Invoicing Pro permissions bug
  • Improved: Stengthened contact edit pages to ensure all fields escaped properly 01/10/2019

  • Fixed: Bug where dashboard settings were not saving
  • Fixed: Broken references to two images since our CDN address changed
  • Improved: Removed legacy telemetry 27/09/2019

  • Fixed: Breaking bug in 27/09/2019

  • Improved: Deploy routine excludes unnecessary files 27/09/2019

  • Fixed: PHP Notice caused by outdated tool (removed rebuild titles) 12/09/2019

  • Improved: Moved Update API endpoints to new server endpoints
  • Improved: Removing Invoicing Pro Settings from CORE (moved into Sync extensions)
  • Improved: Removed « Dev Mode » notices from the ZBS admin pages. 06/09/2019

  • Improved: Hardened Dash settings AJAX
  • Improved: Hardened security around client portal details updates
  • Improved: Hardened security around settings pages
  • Improved: Hardened permission checks for AJAX methods
  • Improved: Hardened security around nonce usage

  • Improved: Refined CRM reset procedure to prevent accidental data deletion from admin.

  • Improved: Data deletion tool admin referrer check to prevent accidental data deletion


  • Fixed: Custom fields table on contact view now has variable width for those with longer custom field labels
  • Fixed: Styles now properly display buttons when hosted on
  • Fixed: Stopped welcome tour showing up for non-menu-headed pages
  • Improved: Resolved some language usage

2.99.8 02/07/2019

  • Fixed: Bug which meant 0 logs shown on edit page
  • Fixed: Multi-line notes now save properly
  • Fixed: Client Portal no longer shows links to invoices, quotes, transactions if they’re turned off in CORE
  • Fixed: Bug which meant email notifications of new invoice didn’t have localised currency formatting
  • Fixed: Admins can now add segments to quickfilters, even if they don’t own the segment
  • Improved: Activity on contact « view » page now shows long description
  • Improved: v3.0 notice now only shows on ZBS admin pages
  • Improved: Tidied the font files stored in html template directory
  • Improved: Removed an automatic flush routine which may have been conflicting with polylang
  • Improved: Rewrote Invoicing PDF generation template to use a more wide-support font (Google Noto Latin & Greek)
  • Improved: Reduced file size by removing depreciated font (Playfair)
  • Improved: Activity log on single view now allows expand/contract of long description
  • Improved: Client Portal Pro tools menu now links to settings tab
  • Added: Hooks for Client Portal Pro to add to settings page

2.99.7 18/06/2019

  • Fixed: API bug when front end is disabled
  • Fixed: Edit contact/obj now won’t load for non-existant ID’s
  • Fixed: View contact/obj now won’t load for non-existant ID’s
  • Fixed: Single email sending now updates « Last Contacted » for contact records
  • Fixed: Made new object edit screen hide « view object » by default (as new, nothing to view until saved)
  • Improved: Edit Nav now has ID’s allowing easier css visibility management
  • Improved: Added failsafe to log metaboxes to avoid loading generic list for non-id’s
  • Improved: Log saving now fires Internal Automator properly (allowing more stable updates for last_contacted against contact objects)
  • Added: log.update Internal Automator hook
  • Added: V3.0 Preperation notification

2.99.6 13/06/2019

  • Fixed: Second address country showing up when second addresses turned off (at high resolutions)
  • Fixed: Bug in CSV Importer Pro relating to company import

2.99.5 29/05/2019

  • Fixed: PHP notice in company view
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity in status quickfilter for contact list view
  • Improved: White Label CRM system improved

2.99.4 17/05/2019

  • Fixed: Returned Case insensitive search throughout (need to readdress accented character search in later release)
  • Fixed: PHP notice if HTTP_REFERRER not set
  • Fixed: Invoice Payment buttons now show if WooSync is not active, but Invoicing Pro is.
  • Fixed: PHP notice in DAL2.0
  • Improved: Support for v5.2+ WordPress
  • Added: Support for log-searching queries (ahead of Activity Reporter)
  • Added: Address search support for Address Line 1 and City (contact search)

2.99.3 01/05/2019

  • Fixed: Portal Page now shows UK formatted dates correctly
  • Fixed: PHP notice when checking rewrite rules
  • Fixed: PHP version message now says v5.6 (not v5.4)
  • Fixed: Send email slug incorrect when sending from contact view link
  • Improved: Client Portal ‘Out the box’ styles improved
  • Improved: Contact tags are now saved on initial save (allowing for more accurate automations tag triggers)
  • Added: Contact Form 7 to external sources array
  • Added: Filter to allow « Pay Now » button for WooCommerce
  • Added: External source post-load hook so new external sources can be added on the fly pre-insert

2.99.2 22/04/2019

  • Fixed: Portal page check fatal error if Portal was disabled
  • Fixed: Bug where empty segment title input box disappeared on preview
  • Fixed: Bug where segment datetime before/after was not clear
  • Fixed: Bug where accented characters were not previewing/generating segments properly
  • Fixed: Edge bug where one user was experiencing dupe transactions in UI only
  • Fixed: Bug in segment datetime selection for some date formats
  • Improved: Datetime pickers now make better sense
  • Improved: Better capacity to deal with accented characters globally

2.99.1 18/04/2019

  • Fixed: Bug in previous deploy (Missing file)

2.99 18/04/2019

  • Fixed: Bug which caused company logs to show « invalid date »
  • Fixed: Home URL instead of Site URL on portal link (emails)
  • Fixed: Trying to add a contact with an email that already exists now returns error
  • Improved: Activity logs ability to display code snippets
  • Added: v3.0 pre-warning message to prep for v3.0 migration

2.98.9 10/04/2019

  • Fixed: Event notifications did not send out
  • Fixed: Event notification content was blank
  • Fixed: Team page now shows all ZBS CRM user roles
  • Fixed: PHP notice on team page
  • Fixed: Obscure bug where embedded youtube guide would not display for non Admin roles
  • Fixed: Portal PHP notice
  • Fixed: Portal template includes and /clients/ endpoint forced override
  • Fixed: Bug where contact edit hook was being fired on every edit page load
  • Improved: Fullscreen CSS components
  • Added: Reset CRM data functionality to Admin Tools
  • Added: New Internal Automator Recipe: « contact.vitals.update »
  • Added: New Internal Automator Recipe: « »

2.98.8 01/04/2019

  • Fixed: PHP Memory limit when getting list view pagination counts for transactions and invoices
  • Improved: Client Portal now uses portal slug not pagename var
  • Improved: Client Portal Pro can now handle page tabs. Read Guide: Client Portal Content Pages
  • Improved: API settings page now has the endpoint clearly stated in the settings tab

2.98.7 27/03/2019

  • Fixed: Select2 library now included as the full.min.js version to avoid conflicts
  • Fixed: 4 fringe php notices from portal-fires on our host
  • Improved: Activity Log now managed as ZBS Metabox (Contacts and Companies)
  • Improved: ZBS Metaboxes now take icon property
  • Improved: Switched owner label from link in contact view
  • Improved: Now show subscription details on license page
  • Added: Core-level performance test routine
  • Added: Warning for emails entered as CSV lists

2.98.6 18/03/2019

  • Fixed: Issue where other SMTP plugins were overriding wp_mail in non-standard way, resulting in our text/html workaround causing send artefacts
  • Fixed: Proper respect is paid to main email template (previously was mis-linked in settings page) is now _responsivewrap.html & editable
  • Fixed: php notice
  • Improved: Added better learn menu to settings page
  • Improved: Refined main mail template formatting

2.98.5 14/03/2019

  • Fixed: Unnecessary email output in log when sending via SMTP
  • Fixed: Generate WP user from Contact View page now works
  • Fixed: Awesome Support connector display improved and check for WP user existaence
  • Improved: PayPal Sync now handles large number of transactions, reports import progress and now allows for local timezones different than GMT.
  • Improved: Custom field editor now fully translator friendly & js optimised
  • Improved: Added better support for fringe cases e.g. entering no options for custom fields select, radio, checkbox
  • Improved: Output of checkboxes and radio buttons now prettier on client portal
  • Added: Custom field type: Radio Buttons
  • Added: Custom field type: Check Boxes
  • Added: Custom field type: Auto Number
  • Added: Contact Update & Delete hooks

2.98.4 11/03/2019

  • Fixed: 3 php notices for feedback menu
  • Fixed: Centralised logo switch for ZBS / Whitelabel
  • Fixed: Bug where segment conditions were not saving
  • Fixed: Removed debug code
  • Fixed: Improved timeout for local dev override checks
  • Fixed: Formatting of datetime on transaction list
  • Improved: Removed « New » from mature settings pages, added « Extensions » to settings menu
  • Improved: More politely suppressed upgrade messages for users who’ve already got a CRM Extension
  • Improved: Now prompts user to generate API keys when they activate the API
  • Improved: Added API docs button to API settings page
  • Improved: Client Portal now does not show invoices that are Draft status
  • Improved: Removal of « Paid # » on invoice list
  • Added: Support functions for Klick-Tipp Connector (imminent release)
  • Added: Support for « F j, Y » date format

2.98.3 05/03/2019

  • Fixed: PHP Notice for Whitelabel
  • Improved: Updated tested up to value

2.98.2 05/03/2019

  • Fixed: External source icons for CSV importer & Stripe Sync
  • Fixed: Leaks in datetime relative to local timezones in List View, Contact Card, Logs, and Human readable dates
  • Fixed: Re-added « download Quote as PDF »
  • Fixed: WordPress Version number accidental override
  • Improved: Trimmed input for Contact AKA Aliases input
  • Improved: v2.0 Extension Manager with better support for Whitelabel
  • Improved: List view now easier to view all tags
  • Improved: Added notice for non-pretty-permalinks & to system status page
  • Added: Can now deactivate transactions core extension

2.98.1 27/02/2019

  • Fixed: A bug in SMTP mailer affecting ZBS CRM + AWS SES for mailing out
  • Fixed: Style bug on activity log types which are not recognised
  • Fixed: Bug in Contact DAL which was stopping custom-fields updating via API given the override blanks setting
  • Fixed: Bug where invoices were not correctly being marked as paid (on transaction allocation)
  • Improved: Accounted for installs where ‘administrator’ user role has been removed
  • Improved: Halfed loading time for dash page (3.0 perf optimisations)
  • Improved: Centralised datetime format overrides & added support for common Ger date format « j. F Y »
  • Improved: Added HTTP Code error catching into licensing
  • Improved: Added Licensing Error outputs for better debugging
  • Improved: Various style tweaks for Client Portal, including support for TwentyNineteen theme
  • Improved: API output for Contacts, Companies, Transactions & Events (now returns ID/Err properly)
  • Improved: Added better catch for rebranded update checks (to stop some php notices)
  • Improved: Many style tweaks to portal
  • Improved: Contact Single View card
  • Added: Support for .mp4’s showing on Client Portal / uploading generally

2.98.0 18/02/2019

  • Fixed: Hotfix for moment-not-enqueued bug
  • Improved: Added better old-version support for catching old PHP activations

2.97.9 15/02/2019

  • Fixed: Double backslash error in asset references
  • Fixed: Translation leaks in contact edit fields (placeholders)
  • Fixed: Several bugs in locale setup
  • Fixed: Bug in Transaction Status setting
  • Improved: Centralised repetitive text string as mentioned by @tobifjellner on wp org support
  • Improved: Squashed other plugin notices from impacting our scheduler pages
  • Improved: Segment editor now shows « no name » rather than blank in preview for empty-named contacts
  • Improved: Updated Fullcalendar.js & Moment.js to latest versions
  • Improved: Refined locale js code for exposed js internationalised elements
  • Improved: Blocked google chrome typeahead for task date entry
  • Improved: Removed Beta messaging where features have now matured

2.97.8 07/02/2019

  • Fixed: Client Portal Quotes now respects the « show on portal » checkbox for « powered by ZBS CRM »
  • Fixed: PHP Notice for some edge cases (transactions on dash)
  • Fixed: Bug in PDF invoice outputting on portal & generally
  • Fixed: Branding leaks on Rebrandr initial install
  • Improved: PHP Max Execution time of infinite now displays properly on system status page
  • Improved: Single Email UI nows allow more space for typing new emails
  • Improved: Contact and Company activity logs now account for creationism & look prettier
  • Added: Jump to WordPress User button for admins on contact edit screen
  • Added: Client Portal tools to Contact List View

2.97.7 01/02/2019

  • Fixed: Telephone links for contacts & companies now show proper labels
  • Fixed: Small bug when inserting contacts with custom fields in addresses
  • Fixed: Tweaked fix of external sources rate (300->1k) to affect perf in high-transaction installs
  • Fixed: Bug where external sources were not loading properly
  • Fixed: If status changed via inline-edit, it properly fires contact.status.update
  • Fixed: Bug where companies could not be assigned to ZBS Admin User type
  • Fixed: Bug where secondary users could not set screen options
  • Improved: Ability to add logs which get lost on creation of new contact (made hide_on_new)
  • Improved: Forms filled out when « auto-log contact creation » setting turn off, will now still log any message added
  • Improved: Display of gravatars made consistent on contact edit page
  • Improved: Added settings link to custom fields tab in contact view

2.97.6 22/01/2019

  • Fixed: Bug where invoice files were not properly deleting
  • Fixed: PHP Notice on contact view
  • Fixed: Address custom fields now save properly
  • Fixed: Made proper telephone icons show for company numbers
  • Improved: Added flood-protection for 2.97.5 external source data fix (as one user potentially effected by db over-use)
  • Improved: Licensing now has a smarter check for ssl errors, and outputs more helpful messages
  • Added: Address custom fields now added everywhere addresses are shown

2.97.5 16/01/2019

  • Fixed: Hotfix for install notice

2.97.4 15/01/2019

  • Fixed: Bug in settings pages, where extension had no settings page
  • Fixed: Bug in segments where column view was not correctly populated
  • Fixed: Stopped duplication of system email templates occuring
  • Fixed: Bug where client portal edit page was outputting portal
  • Fixed: PHP notice from licensing
  • Fixed: PHP notice for some transactions
  • Fixed: Deep DAL bug where external sources had been incorrectly storing
  • Added: Migration to fix those installs where system email templates have been duplicated
  • Added: Company single view now gets Invoices on Vitals & documents list
  • Added: Migration to fix those installs affected by faulty external source recording
  • Improved: All reference & item titles now show as bold on list views (Transactions, Invoices, Quotes, Forms)
  • Improved: Added proper references for Invoices assigned to companies
  • Improved: Reduced strength of font for customer/company assigned names on list view (distracting from ref)
  • Improved: External source mapping
  • Improved: External source titling now uses proper hooked source
  • Improved: Custom fields notification now shows even if empty
  • Improved: Replaced « mailto » link in list view with proper ZBS email out link

2.97.3 08/01/2019

  • Fixed: Bug in old DAL re: empty object counts
  • Fixed: PHP notice in no-column setups
  • Fixed: PHP on some fresh install activations

2.97.2 07/01/2019

  • Fixed: PHP notice left over from licensing
  • Fixed: PHP notice in licensing x 2
  • Fixed: Licensing nag paging error
  • Fixed: Licensing validity error
  • Fixed: Licensing now works even if no extensions installed (but only when license key added, it still maintains terms & politeness, will not call home for core if no license key added.)
  • Fixed: Ensured County is properly translated in En US & En Aus
  • Fixed: Show on Portal now properly respected if Client Portal Pro deactivated
  • Fixed: Bug with WordPress Utilities integration
  • Improved: Performance improvement to Tagged Contacts, and other db objects from DAL2
  • Improved: Made dashboard graph respect specific statuses as set in settings
  • Improved: Cleaned up requirement logic
  • Added: Growth-over-time graph to dashboard
  • Added: Custom Fields contact view tab

2.97.1 21/12/2018

  • Added: Support for custom field auto-population by extensions
  • Improved: Added further support for out of date extensions running legacy templates

2.97 20/12/2018

  • Fixed: Issue where rebranded versions where showing welcome wizard
  • Fixed: Bug in CSV importer lite which was causing extra menu item in Whitelabel CRM
  • Added: Licensing & Automatic Updates for extensions
  • Added: Simplistic extension detection to system status page
  • Added: Support for brand colours & icon in white label crm engine
  • Added: Developer Mode (Licensing restricted to production installs)
  • Improved: Fixed wording for Generating new WP users (Thanks Omar)
  • Improved: Fixed CSV language leaks
  • Improved: Fixed CSV white-label leaks

2.96.8 10/12/2018

  • Fixed: Desc typo in portal details template
  • Fixed: CSS Bug for some themes on Client Portal (box-sizing)
  • Fixed: Issue where rebranded versions where showing welcome wizard
  • Added: Support for tag-setting to DAL helpers
  • Added: Simplistic extension detection to system status page
  • Added: CRM Product Update – Nov 2018
  • Improved: Made Client Portal Menus Translater-friendly
  • Improved: Updated German Formal translations
  • Improved: Hushed admin notices for plugin pages
  • Improved: Tested to WordPress 5.0
  • Improved: Rewrote welcome page
  • Improved: Made sure ‘id’ was not acceptable as custom field key

2.96.7 23/11/18

  • Fixed: Debug removed from team page
  • Fixed: Made « do not show footer » more respectful
  • Fixed: Removed 404 to calendar pro
  • Fixed: Bug where Segments were ‘per user’ strict by default
  • Fixed: Bug where system email template test for reset password was not sending
  • Added: Check for correct SQL permissions to System Status page
  • Added: Some checks to improve reliability of saving companies against contacts
  • Improved: System Status page now shows warnings emphasised
  • Improved: Tweaked wording for blank-overwrite setting [Thanks Omar]
  • Improved: Separated ‘powered by’ setting between forms & portal, made respectful throughout, and removed quotes powered by
  • Improved: Added better security to email templates pages
  • Improved: Shows message when contact has no email (on quote builder), rather than letting email a quote to no-address
  • Improved: Added block to stop user being able to add custom fields which are already base fields

2.96.6 16/11/2018

  • Fixed: Glitch where by uploads\ directory was being created for pdf inv gen
  • Fixed: Made it so you CAN unset company/contact on invoice
  • Fixed: Made it so you CAN unset company/contact on quote
  • Fixed: Bug in segments where compiled-contact-count wasn’t being properly calculated
  • Fixed: Can now add all tags via bulk actions -> contact (not just non-empties)
  • Fixed: Mail Delivery tests now work with modern tlds (.website etc.)
  • Fixed: 2 Language leaks in list view
  • Fixed: Returned ‘clear filters’ to list view
  • Improved: Improved some SQL which was non-direct for getContacts DAL funcs
  • Improved: Add Semantic WP workaround for animated buttons
  • Improved: ZBS Team retrieve functions
  • Improved: Added better calendar support (for Calendar Pro extension)
  • Improved: Support for those disabling the CORE before extensions
  • Improved: Updated Sweet Alerts to 7.29
  • Improved: Removed branding link & refined email for rebranded versions (mail delivery test)
  • Added: Business Telephone number to Business Info settings
  • Added: PDF Statement Generation
  • Added: Extra info (for statements) setting
  • Added: PDF Statement send to contact (via email attachment)
  • Added: Quick Nav – from invoice part payment to transaction
  • Added: Quick Nav – from transactions to assigned invoice
  • Added: Quick Nav – from transactions to assigned contact
  • Added: Quick Nav – from transactions to assigned company
  • Added: Quick Nav – from transactions learn menu to contact & company
  • Added: Quick Nav – from invoice learn menu to contact & company
  • Added: Quick Nav – from quote learn menu to contact & company

2.96.5 7/11/2018

2.96.4 30/10/2018

  • Fixed: Bug in last version re: new template for pw reset (fixed)
  • Fixed: Mail Campaigns v2 beta support
  • Added: Support for menu filtering via Extensions directly
  • Added: CRM Update 18 – Oct 2018

2.96.3 25/10/2018

  • Fixed: Avatar image bug in gravatar mode on contact view
  • Fixed: Bug in list views on empty later pages
  • Fixed: Language leak in settings page (effecting Italian)
  • Fixed: Bug in invoice transaction auto-marking-paid logic causing php notice
  • Improved: HTML template for client portal creation
  • Improved: Added null check for large int prettifier
  • Improved: Made quote system permissions more robust (to try to remedy occasional bug ‘cannot acccess page’)
  • Added: Support for js hooks for list view types
  • Added: Client Portal Password Reset via Contact Edit page
  • Added: Client Portal Password Reset email template

2.96.2 19/10/2018

  • Fixed: PHP Notices in format helpers and advanced segments
  • Fixed: PHP Version notice now much smarter
  • Fixed: Duplicate Welcome Wizard code removed
  • Fixed: Bug in addUpdate Contact where custom fields passed in Limited Fields were not updating
  • Fixed: Send Email now properly logs the Email history for new installs
  • Fixed: System Emails Pro (private beta) – formatting preserved
  • Fixed: WooSync – Updating admin side order details (address or email) also updates contact
  • Fixed: PHP Notice in Email system
  • Fixed: Send Email now properly jumps to ‘sent’ after email sent
  • Fixed: Send Email now allows properly for special characters in subject
  • Fixed: Contact labels on Company view now show properly again
  • Improved: Stripe Sync – Transaction ID check strengthened so to not cause duplicate transactions
  • Improved: Quote HTML templates & formatting will now save more reliably in-format
  • Added: WooSync – Updating My Account billing address now updates ZBS contact billing address (same site)
  • Added: WooSync – Updating My Account Name and Email now updates ZBS contact (same site)
  • Added: WooSync – Extra Info to My Account showing extra ZBS info (custom fields from ZBS)
  • Added: WooSync – Setting to show extra info in my account (and fields to exclude)
  • Added: System Emails Pro: subject line added
  • Added: Contact List View: Company Column (Thank you for dev support Carlos)

2.96.1 11/10/2018

  • Fixed: Removed Settings Tabs for extensions with no settings
  • Fixed: Twilio Connect scripts re-included on edit page
  • Fixed: Give WP now uses first status for transaction default
  • Fixed: WooSync Welcome Wizard returned
  • Fixed: Client Portal Pro now hides the tabs you tell it to
  • Fixed: MailChimp now gets all lists (not limited to 10)
  • Fixed: Bug where enabling Quotes extension was error 500’ing
  • Fixed: Bug where date-time range pickers were not working in segments
  • Fixed: Tag manager add visual glitch
  • Added: Support for contact avatar sizing and classes (Mail Campaigns v2 Prep)
  • Added: Support to centralised link func for sending out contact email
  • Improved: Added visual icon for DNM (Do not disturb-mail) flag
  • Improved: Removed global wp footer ‘thanks’ (was legacy bs), added helpful link to remaining
  • Improved: Made « Upgrade contact database » message even more prevelant
  • Improved: Added message capacity to list views
  • Improved: Adding tag when empty list (via tag manager) now works

2.96 05/10/2018

  • Fixed: Send Test Invoice now sending fully again
  • Fixed: PHP notice on login screen
  • Fixed: Glitch with WooCommerce & Auto-generating portal users which was badly assigning ownership
  • Fixed: Sending multipart emails now works fully for wp_mail and SMTP modes
  • Added: Beta Feedback support (ahead of Mail Campaigns v2)
  • Added: Support for autologging from extensions (ahead of Mail Campaigns v2)
  • Added: Proper login_hook to client portal login
  • Added: Support to our mail functions for better attachments
  • Added: Support for meaningful attachment names (only in SMTP delivery methods)
  • Improved: Brought Segments DAL into line with DAL2 prepare
  • Improved: CSS Styles to Portal Login
  • Improved: CSS Styles to Portal Update Details page (Thanks Alvaro!)
  • Improved: Quotes & Invoices can now be emailed with/without their attached files
  • Added: September CRM Product Update

2.95.7 28/09/2018

  • Fixed: Hotfix for welcome tour getting ‘stuck on’

2.95.6 27/09/2018

  • Fixed: PHP leak in invoice builder
  • Fixed: Restarting welcome tour now really does restart it reliably
  • Improved: Advanced Segments updated to v1.2
  • Improved: Welcome tour much more reliable now

2.95.5 24/09/2018

  • Fixed: PHP notice on edit files
  • Added: Acceptible upload file formats: jpeg & gif
  • Added: Support for Client Portal Pro feature: PDF Thumbnail generation
  • Added: Support for Client Portal Pro feature: Image Thumbnail generation
  • Added: Support for Client Portal Pro feature: File Categories

2.95.4 21/09/2018

  • Added: New Extension: Advanced Segments
  • Added: Mail Delivery method support for mismatching SSL certificates (shared hosting)
  • Improved: Updated extensions to match up to date list

2.95.3 17/09/2018

  • Fixed: Bug in list view javascript for inline-editing
  • Fixed: Removed welcome tour icon
  • Fixed: Bug where user screen options where saving incorrectly
  • Fixed: Borked url when ‘create new’ segment (on empty)
  • Fixed: Bug where invoice emails were not sent if portal off
  • Fixed: Invoice URLs for client portal emails
  • Fixed: Bug where invoices sent to companies didn’t have company address
  • Fixed: Invoicing Pro CSS miss-reference
  • Improved: Hid second address more globally when turned off in settings
  • Improved: Added send error dialog when error sending invoice
  • Improved: Mails sent out for invoices when not using portal
  • Improved: Moved Invoice builder js translations
  • Improved: Hooked enqueument for portal
  • Improved: Dirty-checks (when editing contact) now work smoothly in Firefox
  • Improved: Made text input semantic ui style in edit generic field wrapper
  • Improved: Edit 2.0 now faithfully uses format helper for field gen
  • Improved: Date custom fields now display datepicker automatically
  • Improved: Each user can now set the ‘records per page’ screen option on list views
  • Improved: Rest API for typeahead queries
  • Improved: All assign-to-contact/company typeaheads now query actively
  • Improved: Invoices assigned to companies now auto-load email from company

2.95.2 14/09/2018

  • Fixed: Bug where our thanks footer-message was blanking out existing message
  • Fixed: Bug where people were getting wrongly redirected
  • Fixed: Bug in Rest API retrieval of company/contact lists
  • Fixed: Several out-of-format dates in PDF invoices
  • Added: Cron Manager (Preperation for Mail Campaigns v2)
  • Added: Cron schedule (5mins)
  • Added: Preparations for single email scheduling
  • Added: Message support for plain permalink users
  • Added: ‘Assigned To’ column to Quotes, Invoices, Transactions (Gets wp user assigned to contact owner of obj)
  • Added: Setting: Use Beta feature (inline editing on list views)
  • Added: Simplified Owner List retrieval
  • Added: Ability to inline-edit Contact Status + Assignment
  • Added: Advanced Segments (Beta) Extension (Contact Fields)

2.95.1 06/09/2018

  • Fixed: Email Scripts now properly include minified version

2.95 05/09/2018

  • Fixed: Returned Portal.php back to 2.94 version (pre-attempted-fixes-which-broke-links)
  • Fixed: Rebrandr leak in testing email & one in Events
  • Fixed: Emptied faulty German translations
  • Added: New Internal Automator hook: Task Update
  • Added: New user roles & permissions for sending emails to contacts
  • Added: Starred email threads
  • Added: Typeahead send single email
  • Added: Delivery method choice for single email to contact
  • Added: Email thread recording
  • Added: Email thread sidebar (including tasks, $total value etc.)
  • Added: Edit contact link from Email Thread
  • Added: Delete email from contact email thread
  • Added: Made all default fields available as columns from column manager
  • Added: Made all custom fields available as columns from column manager
  • Added: Ability to show/hide sidebar in Company List View
  • Added: Ability to show/hide sidebar in Quote List View
  • Added: Ability to show/hide sidebar in Invoice List View
  • Added: Ability to show/hide sidebar in Form List View
  • Added: Column Manager for Company List View
  • Added: Column Manager for Quote List View
  • Added: Column Manager for Invoice List View
  • Added: Column Manager for Form List View
  • Improved: Email send system UI
  • Improved: Threaded email send system
  • Improved: Brought List View Columns all into localisation model (language)
  • Improved: Added field groupings to List View Column Manager
  • Improved: Added Address1/2 split to Column Manager
  • Improved: Made all field columns sortable for Contact List View
  • Improved: Made Column manager properly permission-based
  • Improved: Add Drop Target for easier Column management
  • Improved: Made Column Manager Mods PHP5 Safe
  • Improved: Increased (savable) number of custom fields from 64 to 128
  • Improved: Business select for (assign contact/transaction/invoice to) now much more performant

2.94.2 31/08/18

  • Fixed: PHP notice on contact view
  • Fixed: Bug in logs which was stopping proper deletion
  • Fixed: PHP notice in fields for a specific custom field config
  • Fixed: PHP notice in Quotes with empty dates on Client portal
  • Fixed: PHP notice on White-label task list
  • Fixed: Setting ‘Extra Info’ in Invoice Builder settings now saves properly
  • Added: Permissions: AddEdit Log, Delete Log
  • Added: Migration to rebuild user roles
  • Added: Screen options to all list views – records per page
  • Added: August CRM Product Update
  • Improved: List View Column manager optimised for easy view on all screen sizes
  • Improved: Log system now only lets admins delete logs
  • Improved: Company & Customer typeaheads now run from properly formed WP REST API endpoint
  • Improved: When in ‘no-avatar’ mode, contacts names are used against owner-companies
  • Improved: Better support for PHP5.5 (fixed an activation glitch)
  • Improved: Added full debug for Mail Delivery method setup
  • Improved: Mail Delivery SMTP outbound now verified source

2.94.1 24/08/18

  • Fixed: PHP notices for some settings configurations in Client Portal
  • Fixed: Australian translation had become corrupted, replaced
  • Fixed: Persistent Style bug
  • Added: Task list (per user)
  • Added: Link to privacy policy in readme (better accessibility)
  • Improved: Mobile-responsiveness for screen options
  • Improved: Removed several branded references (for rebrandr)
  • Improved: Task edit
  • Improved: Task assign to contact &/or company
  • Improved: Task show/hide on calendar
  • Improved: Task complete/incomplete

2.94 18/08/18

  • Improved: Update checks system vastly improved

2.93.2 16/08/18

  • Fixed: Bug where transactions assigned to companies didn’t display customer in list view
  • Fixed: Bug via unescaped translation leak in list views
  • Fixed: Bug where forms were not displaying in drop down list in WYSIWYG editor (posts, pages)
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices & transactions where dates shifting back a day on some timezone setups
  • Fixed: Php Warning illegal offset string
  • Added: Class-based support for list view model
  • Added: Support for future-only datetime pickers
  • Added: Ability to set screen options for transactions table on company view
  • Added: Server Timezone exposed on System Status page
  • Improved: Made Transaction ID’s clickable in Transaction list view
  • Improved: Add new re-added to Contact edit UI
  • Improved: Added time-since-adding to dash contact list
  • CRM Features page released

2.93.1 10/08/18

  • Fixed: Bug whereby contact list view was not properly sorting by last name
  • Fixed: Bug whereby portal tab permalinks not auto-flushing
  • Fixed: Bug where internal automator & autologging not firing for new invoice
  • Fixed: Invoice Assign
  • Fixed: Rebrandr bug
  • Fixed: UI bug with settings page
  • Fixed: Bug in Uploading new Quote Files (Duplicates)
  • Fixed: Last Contacted was not automatically updating in DAL2
  • Added: Ability to enable/disable email powered by attribution
  • Added: Datetime picker to js (for Mail Campaigns)
  • Added: Ability to change label for ‘Second Address’
  • Added: Feature to automatically mark invoice as paid when transactions allocated for full amount
  • Added: New custom field types: Numeric Decimal, Numeric (to all custom fields)
  • Improved: Mail templating engine
  • Improved: Mail Unsubscribe settings
  • Improved: Made datetime functions for time as well as dates via zeroBSCRM_date_i18n_plusTime
  • Improved: Made it impossible to enter wrong CSV format for settings like funnel status

2.93 02/08/18

  • Fixed: Bug where invoices & quotes played up when Portal disabled
  • Fixed: Removed debug code in core
  • Added: Demo Data generating function for test emails (Mail Campaigns)
  • Added: Text Fallback support for SMTP outbound mail
  • Improved: Learn Menus centralised
  • Improved: Learn Menus prepped for developer overrides for Resellers
  • Improved: Added automatic mail-server specific info-links for Mail Delivery setup
  • Improved: Better Rebrandr coverage

2.92 30/07/18

  • Fixed: Bug where transaction assigned to contact couldn’t be unassigned via UI
  • Fixed: Bug where contact name was showing as -1 when no contact assigned to transaction
  • Added: Support for removing submenus
  • Added: First cut of material admin tweaks
  • Improved: Removed need for customer on transaction add integration func
  • Improved: Added Companies as possible transaction assignees in transaction view

2.91 27/07/18

  • Fixed: PHP Warning for those jumping large versions (e.g. 1.2 -> 2.90)
  • Fixed: Glitch with learn menu on quote template page
  • Fixed: Preview link on invoice
  • Fixed: Few php warnings squashed
  • Fixed: Latest Log column labels
  • Added: Transactions Custom Fields
  • Added: Transactions can now be assigned to companies
  • Added: Transactions now show up on company view
  • Added: Transactions total now shows up on company view Vitals
  • Added: Transactions columns to Company List View
  • Added: Support for do-not-email setting (unsubscribe support)
  • Added: DAL for unsubscribe setting
  • Added: Showed do-not-email flag on contact view
  • Added: Showed do-not-email flag on send email
  • Added: Improved Preview Segments to support MC2 Feature
  • Added: UI Helper: label
  • Added: Company File Attachments
  • Added: Company File Editor
  • Added: Function to return wp user email
  • Improved: Centralised edit field output + Genericifed
  • Improved: Tweaked styles on Transaction edit for better view
  • Improved: Removed over-branding on contact send email
  • Improved: Extension support to avoid errors when deactivating pre-core

2.90 20/07/18

  • Fixed: Bug in new window code caused when pop-up supressed by chrome
  • Fixed: Mistyped label id
  • Fixed: Bug in PDF invoicing for Companies
  • Fixed: Formatting not carrying through into email for single-contact emails
  • Fixed: PHP notice in Portal.php
  • Fixed: PHP notices on portal invoices
  • Improved: Default email template styles
  • Improved: Centralised Business info collection into a new settings page ‘Business Info’
  • Added: Hook for ZBS Extensions to add menu items via WP system
  • Added: Returned ‘temphash’ work into DAL (removed in error, needed for Mail Campaigns)
  • Added: Business Social account setup
  • Added: Setting for Unsubscribe message
  • Added: Support for shortcode-based unsubscribe page
  • Added: Quote Template now takes into account all customer fields (and custom fields)
  • Added: « Add Log » quick action for contacts

2.89 10/07/18

  • Fixed: PHP Notice on fresh install dash
  • Added: Optionally retrieve settings from db as well as cache when using getSetting
  • Added: Zero BS CRM API Connector
  • Added: Client Portal ability to recreate required page(s)
  • Added: Support for Client Portal Pro Templating
  • Added: Full Client Portal PRO integration
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Client Files
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Client Task Scheduler
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Client Invoice PDFs
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Customise colours (menu bg and text colour), and template
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Customise slugs, labels, icons
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Turn each client area on or off (e.g. invoices or files)
  • Added: Client Portal Pro: Add to Calendar (Task scheduler)
  • Added: Client Portal: Now automatically logs against clients when THEY change details
  • Improved: Migration logging system & output of complete/incomplete migrations
  • Improved: Client Portal now uses shortcodes!
  • Improved: Client Portal login now captures fails and redirects properly
  • Improved: 20+ small tweaks, documentation improvements to Client Portal and Client Portal Pro

2.88 06/07/18

  • Fixed: Broken link on dashboard
  • Fixed: DateTime parsing bug
  • Fixed: PHP Notice on Invoice Builder
  • Added: Segments Bulk action: Delete
  • Added: Guide to Dynamic Segments
  • Added: Guide to Segment Quickfilters
  • Improved: Segments hook-ins now allow class-based addition of arguments & conditions
  • Improved: Segments slug corrected
  • Improved: Segments list view formalised into normalised class
  • Improved: Added first layer of support for multi-line fields in CSV importer

2.87 29/06/18

  • Fixed: Complex bug in SQL Where builder
  • Fixed: Bug in Bulk Tools -> Delete where contacts weren’t being deleted
  • Fixed: Sticky sidebar now lets you scroll through tags (list view)
  • Added: CRM Segments, (List, Edit, New)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Status (Equals, Not Equal, Contains)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Full name (Equals, Not Equal, Contains)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Email (Equals, Not Equal, Contains)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Date Added (Before, After, in Date Range)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Date Last Contacted (Before, After, in Date Range)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Has Tag
  • Added: Segment Condition: Is not Tagged
  • Added: Segment Condition: Quote Count (Equals, Not Equal, Less than, More than, in Range)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Invoice Count (Equals, Not Equal, Less than, More than, in Range)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Transaction Count (Equals, Not Equal, Less than, More than, in Range)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Country (Equals, Not Equal)
  • Added: Segment Condition: County/State (Equals, Not Equal)
  • Added: Segment Condition: Postcode/Zip code (Equals, Not Equal)
  • Added: Segment type helpers (Tags, Statuses, Dates)
  • Added: Segment compiling & auto-compilation (performance gains for EXTRA LARGE CRM databases)
  • Added: Internal Automator Action: contact.update
  • Added: Internal Automator Actions (name support) contact.update,, contact.status.update
  • Added: Ability to use Segments as Contact Listview Quickfilters (setting in Custom Fields settings)
  • Added: Ability to use segment Quickfilters alongside other search/tag functionality
  • Improved: Added methods to DAL2 getContacts (by status,without status, is not tagged, contacted before, contacted after, has email, in county, in country, in postcode)
  • Improved: Mobile Responsive styles for list view
  • Improved: Mobile menu now includes tools
  • Improved: DAL1 status functions
  • Improved: Refactored Segment DAL Code

2.86 22/06/18

  • Fixed: Prefill details for Contact -> Add Invoice
  • Fixed: Three UK date reference PHP Warnings
  • Fixed: Permissions error for ‘Manage Transactions’ and CSV Importer PRO
  • Fixed: Date picker locale transactions issues
  • Fixed: Navigating many pages of contacts via tags now maintains tag selection
  • Improved: Added extra clauses to DAL2 contact retrieval
  • Improved: Mobile CSS styles for mid-range mobiles
  • Improved: Empty name contacts now show email in place of name where using avatar icon function
  • Improved: Increased tag suggestion count 15->25
  • Added: Clients can now change their password from the Client Portal
  • Added: UK + US 1and1 SMTP settings for quick-fill Mail Delivery Setup Wizard
  • Added Guide: Using Zero BS CRM with AWS SES for Email Delivery

2.85 15/06/18

  • Fixed: Bug where some invoice dates where showing up as 01/01/1970 (after last update)

2.84 13/06/18

  • Fixed: Show email instead of blank name in email history
  • Fixed: Issue with occasional format leaking in French ($9900 for $99)
  • Fixed: Months now translated on company record
  • Fixed: DAL2 Contacts now show on menu properly
  • Fixed: Client portal shows address info properly & allows update
  • Fixed: Brought CPT menus inline with new translation key
  • Fixed: Transactions menu giving sorry no access when in non english
  • Fixed: Portal Title issues when other plugins filter pre_get_document_title
  • Fixed: Admin now sees extra tools
  • Fixed: Invalid date issue with our datepickers and the date format ‘jS F Y’
  • Fixed: Pages such as edit contact now have proper page titles
  • Added: Expanded zbs var to encapsulate our common url parameters
  • Added: Saving protection (if you edit any field in Contact, but try to leave without saving, it’ll prompt you)
  • Improved: Made JS Format currency function in-line with international formatting

2.83 31/05/18

  • Fixed: Your Details tab not saving (Client Portal)
  • Fixed: Transaction date picker
  • Fixed: Making date formats global
  • Fixed: Manage Invoice List formatting Bug
  • Fixed: 2 Log editing functionality bugs
  • Fixed: Invalid date on Invoices
  • Added: Delete Tags from Tag Manager
  • Added: ‘Suggested Tags’ quickfinder
  • Added: Hook to allow extra meta to be stored against Invoice
  • Improved: Notes now only let you edit 1 at a time (UI Improved)
  • Improved: Notes of an unknown type now do not allow edits
  • Improved: DAL2 delete tags now deletes tag links (cleaner database)

2.82 29/05/18

  • Fixed: 2 bugs with dupe ID’s
  • Fixed: Hook in contact view wasn’t using proper object
  • Fixed: API Groove Bug
  • Fixed: Duplicate hook in Portal code
  • Added: Hook for working with ZBS Extension: Client Password Manager
  • Improved: Hook for actions for contacts
  • Improved: Hook for log type overrides

2.81 24/05/18

  • Fixed: Bug in API sticky statuses where sticky status was not honoured
  • Fixed: Bug in build meta function (contacts)
  • Fixed: Bug causing contacts to be updated with empty fields (if updated via api/forms)
  • Fixed: PHP warning for core file
  • Fixed: Bug where meta not deleting in DAL2
  • Fixed: Bug where meta reinserting not deleting
  • Fixed: PHP notice in events list
  • Fixed: Bug in contact ownership model
  • Fixed: Style bug for some users on contact view
  • Fixed: Bug in settings model relating to character ‘
  • Fixed: ‘ bug in mail templates, contact fields, DAL2 generally
  • Fixed: Bug where by transaction statuses were not automatically created on install
  • Fixed: Date formatting on all date & date-range pickers now respects locale setting
  • Fixed: Faulty merge routine for bulk actions (contacts) since DAL2
  • Fixed: When merging, tag references were orphaned, no longer
  • Added: Support for include checks (Stripe in extensions)
  • Added: Double force the second address box to hide on setting (for some users it was showing empty)
  • Added: ‘Files’ tab to contact view
  • Added: Show/Hide files on Client portal (if using Client Portal Pro)
  • Added: Ability to delete files from Contact View
  • Added: Ability to give files titles & descriptions
  • Added: File Edit view
  • Added: Mail Delivery guides to settings page
  • Added: Migration to auto-update user roles
  • Added: Option to allow/disallow API/forms to override data with blanks
  • Documentation: Added full guides on Mail Delivery Methods via SMTP and wp_mail
  • Improved: Added upload_files permissions to customer manager user role
  • Improved: File display on contact record
  • Improved: Refactored file assoc storage
  • Improved: When deleting files, if they were in a slot, that’ll now be cleared
  • Improved: UI now reflects files against contact live (e.g. removed slot, deleted) in Contact Edit
  • Improved: Adjusted Invoice Notification emails based on feedback (logo fixes)
  • Improved: Clarified SMS button in contact editor
  • Improved: Added hard refresh mode for settings loading
  • Improved: AKA/Alias area now validates email pre-add

2.80 16/05/18

  • Fixed: ‘ in custom fields causing output glitchs
  • Fixed: Price & Date custom field types sometimes not saving down
  • Fixed: AKA input now clears when adding a new alias
  • Fixed: Typo Gravatars
  • Fixed: Name column now sorts properly for contacts
  • Fixed: Form ID column now links to form
  • Fixed: Bug where some sort orders would result in empty data lists
  • Improved: Updated Form list default columns to include ‘title’ and ‘edit’
  • Improved: Mobile CSS and responsiveness
  • Improved: Hid empty ID for new contact edit
  • Improved: Sorting on Contact List View now works on first name and last name
  • Improved: Warning now shown if you try to update a contact with an already existing email address
  • Improved: Get Contact function now checks Alias (AKA) as well as normal email
  • Added: 2 actions to Portal: zbs_portal_nav_pre_logout & zbs_portal_request
  • Added: Telephone numbers to search on contacts list view

2.79.1 14/05/18

  • Fixed: Paging bug in new DAL (Contacts)
  • Fixed: Small bug in portal generation code
  • Fixed: Collation type bug in update routine
  • Fixed: Style bug in PDF Invoices
  • Improved: All timestamps now take into account timezone offsets properly
  • Improved: Contact search is now FAR more reliable
  • Improved: Reordered some logic & tweaked date building funcs
  • Improved: Customer API Request updated to DAL2 methods
  • Added: ₣ symbol for XPF currenecy
  • Added: Sticky sidebars to list views
  • Added: Local/Connectivity checks to system status page
  • Added: Local Time logging to System Status page
  • Added: System Email recent history logging
  • Added: System Email open tracking
  • Added: Option to globally enable/disable system email open tracking
  • Added: Mail Template editor & Basic templates for:
  • Added: Option to choose format of send direct email name (e.g. John Doe @ Your Company)
  • Mail Template: Welcome to the Client Portal
  • Mail Template: Event Notification
  • Mail Template: Invoice Notification
  • Mail Template: Quote Notification
  • Mail Template: Quote accepted Notification
  • Added: Mail Delivery setup (Support for SMTP & wp_mail for all outbound emails)

2.79 03/05/18

  • Fixed: Bug for translated dates in Company List & Edit Contact
  • Fixed: Some html errors as advised by Mélanie
  • Update to translation files and translation support to match plugin slug (zero-bs-crm)

2.78 01/05/18

  • Fixed: Backward compatibility for PHP 5 bug

2.77 01/05/18

  • Fixed: Bug in tag manager causing some new tags not to save
  • Fixed: Bug where new users would hit issues with extension settings saving
  • Fixed: Typo ‘Activity Log’
  • Fixed: Removed a title fixing function that was causing some installs trouble
  • Fixed: Rounded avatars in edit view
  • Added: Capabilities to ZBS Metabox engine
  • Added: Initial capabilities for each metabox (on contact edit)
  • Added: Ability to hide/show metaboxes
  • Added: Ability to minimise/show metaboxes
  • Added: Page Layout panel
  • Added: Per-user screen options (via Page Layout + metabox dragdrop)
  • Improved: Tag Manager is now object generic, prep for finish of DAL2 work
  • Improved: Updated main plugin Author URL to ([]
  • Improved: Exposed Custom Field Keys (Slugs) + slightly improved UI
  • Improved: Added backward compatibility & slug compatibility to Contact Form 7 Extension
  • Improved: Moved edit page metabox system inline with pageKey setup (Screen Options / Page Layout)
  • Updated: Semantic UI Icon Set

2.76 25/04/18

  • Fixed: PHP Notice in cron
  • Fixed: Bug in pre-upgrade users – > dashboard
  • Fixed: Bug in DAL2 get Tags in specific cases
  • Fixed: Bug where lack of iconv php module would stop migration working
  • Fixed: Bug in form WYSIWYG insert icon for some post types
  • Improved: Made ’23 items’ type specific & translatable, e.g. ’23 contacts’, ‘1 contact’
  • Improved: Caught a few more language leaks
  • Improved: Wrote our own prepare func to avoid wpdb prepare notice leaks
  • Improved: Formalised labels for dashboard activity

2.75 23/04/18

  • Fixed: Recent activity on ZBS Dashboard
  • Fixed: Bug in internal automator (not firing for new contacts)
  • Fixed: Invoicing ‘To’ data not displaying properly on PDF files
  • Fixed: PDF Invoices not workign correctly with Greek characters
  • Fixed: Zero BS CRM Customer Manager Role could see all menus
  • Fixed: Bug in custom field editor when no custom fields present
  • Fixed: Bug in tagging which created dupes (owned by different users) (Turned off ownership for tags)
  • Migration: Removes duplicate tags created by ownership bug, re-linking any contacts to a singular tag
  • Improved: Made styles properly conditionally enqueued
  • Improved: Added more checks to overcome a php notice occasionally seen if invoice details half-filled
  • Improved: Rebrandr Whitelabel improvements
  • Improved: Slightly rearranged settings for improved readibility
  • Improved: WP Semantic conflict styling fix for right-aligned buttons
  • Added: (Optional) Prev Next skipping through contacts
  • Compatibility: Added support for Material Admin v3.5+

2.74 20/04/18

  • Hotfix: Transactions duplication bug fix for WooSync and PayPalSync
  • Fixed: Extra checks for custom field unpacking
  • Fixed: Integrations AddorUpdateTransaction – bug fix
  • Fixed: Integration functions bug
  • Fixed: Bug where some CSV exports would show a warning when loading in Excel (SYLK file warning)
  • Fixed: Bug where merging 2 contacts would break the date on that contact
  • Added: Company name to contact vitals (in b2b mode)

2.73 19/04/18

  • Added: Function for csv importer 1.5 compatibility
  • Improved: Several DAL2 functions relating to add/update tag objects
  • Improved: Customisable tabs via code – added content via function passthrough
  • Several fixes for supporting CSV IMPORTER PRO

2.72 18/04/18

  • Fixed: PHP notice on some versions when activating
  • Fixed: Bug in export tools where contact details were passing as blank
  • Fixed: Bug in export contacts where contact details were passing as blank
  • Fixed: Bug in contact bulk action: Merge Contacts
  • Fixed: Bug in saving logs against a contact
  • Fixed: Language labels being put out without adding slashes, causing bugs for some translations
  • Fixed: Tag links on contact view
  • Improved: Tidied naming for addedit page functions
  • Improved: Made Styling for view pages generic
  • Added: Beginnings of company action hooks
  • Added: Company View Page
  • Added: Company list view column: View Company (as well as Edit Company)
  • Updated: zeroBS_customerSecondAddr to work with DAL2
  • Launched: ZBS CRM Code Examples
  • Guide: Adding Custom Contact Tabs with Code

2.71 15/04/18

  • Fixed: Bug in translations where County/State was incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed: Bug causing Company Logs not to display
  • Fixed: Added back in Custom File slots for contacts
  • Fixed: Bug where contact meta could not be saved as empty
  • Fixed: Bug where you could not delete contact files
  • Fixed: PHP Notice for deleting non-existing store files
  • Fixed: Bug where multiple custom file boxes saving at once would dupe files
  • Fixed: Bug in Client Portal User Generation
  • Fixed: Bug where deleting objects (transactions, quotes, etc.) would send to error page (bought into new paging)
  • Improved: Added error messages to auto-migrations from zero-contact installs
  • Improved: Contact Client portal generation button wording
  • Added: 24 hour timestamp to activity log on contact view

2.70 14/04/18

  • Added: DB Hook for database builds from within extensions
  • Added: System Admin Log (For CRM Admins)
  • Added: Began adding generic DB prep for DBv2
  • Added: Temporary hashing to DB formally (for secure out-in preview pages etc.)
  • Added: Automatic garbage control for temporary hashes
  • Added: Improved DAL functions for getting tags
  • Added: Segment edit page
  • Added: Segment edit page JS
  • Added: Slug generation
  • Added: Custom Edit page
  • Added: Forked Metaboxes to our own classes
  • Added: Avatar option – Gravatar or Custom Images or None + integrated into single views + list views
  • Added: Notifications system for page saves etc.
  • Added: Social acc (basics, twitter, facebook, linkedin) to contact default object
  • Added: « Older than X » quickfilter to contacts (DB2+)
  • Added: Log Authors to Dashboard etc. (Thanks Troy for Diff files)
  • Added: Semantic helper in JS for percentage bars
  • Added: Contact Log msg for fresh feeds
  • Added: List Custom Fields for Contacts (Added to Contact List View)
  • Added: Core CRM version to system status page
  • Added: Permsissions model for Mail Manager
  • Added: Ability to hook in to Contact View Vitals tabs
  • Added: Support for API create_contact/customer – can now use id as well as email
  • Added: Made Transactions link to transaction edit (on Contact View)
  • Fixed: Improved List view JS so as it does not falsely load where it shouldn’t
  • Fixed: Bug in Notifyme js
  • Fixed: Style glitch in social accounts metabox
  • Fixed: Language translation of date-time format string
  • Fixed: Bug in Transaction contact allocation
  • Fixed: Bug in pagination for invoices & forms
  • Fixed: Bug when hiding Quotes/Invoices on Contact View (shows right tab now)
  • Fixed: Bug where currency change was not saved down (from CRM Welcome Wizard) [Thanks Brian]
  • Fixed: Bug in exposing addresses
  • Fixed: PHP Notice in Dashboard
  • Fixed: Bug in dashboard sales funnel rendering
  • Fixed: Export contacts borked in DB2
  • Fixed: Bug in address custom fields not automatically adding themselves to field sorts
  • Fixed: Some PHP notices in Invoice Builder (Thanks Diego)
  • Improved: Added cachebuster to contact typeahead data pull
  • Improved: Segmentation DB tables
  • Improved: Genericified Tags metabox, ahead of db2 global rollout
  • Improved: Routed all links to contacts via centralised function
  • Improved: Added default image for contacts globally (when using custom image mode)
  • Improved: ZBS centralised links to allow for slugs
  • Improved: API endpoint create_contact/customer now works with custom fields and id in DB2+ versions
  • Improved: Country names are now available for translation
  • Improved: Contact Search now returns original record if AKA (Alias) is added + searched
  • DB2: Wrote Initial Tables for Contacts, Tags, Custom Fields
  • DB2: Wrote globalising functions for site, team, ownership
  • DB2: Wrote first fix CRUD functions for Tags, Tag Stats
  • DB2: Improved argument autoloading: Made multi-dimensional (for insert/update fields)
  • DB2: Improved contact search (Speed, field coverage)
  • DB2: Added Object Meta storage (all obj types)
  • DB2: Added External Sources
  • DB2: Added Web Traffic Tracking (e.g. GA UTM’s)
  • DB2: Added Close-out routine to avoid edit-migration errors
  • DB2: Added Logs
  • DB2: Wrote Migration routine
  • DB2: Added Migration routine notifications
  • DB2: Moved DAL into Centralised $zbs var
  • This update covers a major DB2 Update & Mail Campaigns v2 prep

2.63 01/04/18

  • Fixed: PHP warning in Zero BS CRM Dashboard
  • Fixed: JS warning on Zero BS CRM Dashboard page
  • Fixed: Added protection against auto-draft’s showing up in typeahead assignments
  • Fixed: Bug in contact edit which would show php notice on unassigned record
  • Fixed: WordPress login logo override working (again)
  • Fixed: Bug where ‘Disabled Front End’ would create a looping redirect
  • Added: On uninstall, all Zero BS Roles are fully removed
  • Added: (Optional) Powered by Zero BS login link
  • Improved: Hid « assigned to X » from contact intro sentence, when Assignment turned off
  • Improved: If using ‘Assignment’ and no user is assigned to a contact, any Customer Manager can edit them

2.62 30/03/18

  • Added: Link/Tab to customer page via filter
  • Fixed: Bug where additional file boxes would not save always
  • Fixed: Revenue on dashboard goes weird at end of the month
  • Improved: Reworded ‘Other files’ to ‘Contact Files’
  • Improved: Page check function now catches posted data
  • Improved: Forced inclusion of columns for ‘edit invoice’ and ‘edit quote’ where these were somehow lost in translation
  • Improved: Added support for translations proper (3rd Attempt)
  • CRM Product Update #11 (March 2018)

2.61 23/03/18

  • Added: File ‘slots’ (custom contact file boxes)
  • Added: Customizable Dash
  • Added: German Human Translation
  • Added: Filter to the PDF invoice title so it can be modified
  • Added: Turkish Lira in currency list
  • Added: Quote to PDF download
  • Fixed: Timezone incorrect on dash
  • Fixed: Funky funnel & backwards labels
  • Fixed: PayPal Sync compatibility errors (php notices)
  • Fixed: Client Portal now works with Plain permalinks (i.e. ?p=)
  • Fixed: Invoice PHP notice
  • Fixed: Default columns not working for invoices & quotes
  • Improved: Removed hard-typed slugs
  • Improved: Initial Invoices
  • Improved: Nonces to export functions
  • Improved: Client portal welcome emails – no linebreaks
  • Improved: Transactions now support prefill

2.54 14/03/18

  • Fixed: Bug where multi-tabs were closing each other in contact single view
  • Fixed: PHP notice where no social details on contact single view
  • Fixed: Basic CSV Export now works even with unset fields
  • Fixed: Typo in column editor
  • Fixed: Bug where removing contacts column from company list view removed the option to re-add it
  • Fixed: Contacts column not working for company list view
  • Added: Basic CSV Export now exports contact ID
  • Added: Advanced CSV Export now exports Contact ID, Company ID
  • Improved: Invoice PDF files are now stored with correct invoice ID (not post ID)
  • Improved: Removed iframe embedded feedback form (flagged some peoples security plugins up) – replaced with image

2.53.1 09/03/18

  • Improved: List views all now have correct edit button options for columns
  • Improved: Consistency fix for « Calendar » => « Task Scheduler »
  • Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Addresses to Contact Vitals)
  • Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Telephone numbers, including Click2Call support)
  • Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Social accounts)
  • Improved: Contact list (etc.) now properly display appropriate avatars (or gravitars)
  • Improved: Migrated “One or more of your ZBS CRM extension need updating.” into notifications system + rejuvinated connect page
  • Fixed: Bug in Transaction Total calculation
  • Fixed: Bug in listview JS (Fix for Mary)
  • Fixed: Bug in currency display on Contact Vitals
  • Fixed: Invoicing now pre-fills with contact details appropriately
  • Fixed: Contacts saying ‘works for…address’

2.52 25/02/18

  • Fixed: Invoice Status Box recovered
  • Fixed: Deprecated user info replaced
  • Fixed: Client Portal « Your Details » now updates data
  • Fixed: Fix to saving contact if owned but unable to change ownership
  • Fixed: $$ double currency showing up on those servers with PHPIntl installed
  • Fixed: Localisation bug where language labels where breaking list views
  • Added: Log out tab on the Client Portal Navigation
  • Added: Forgot Password Link on Client Portal Login Page
  • Improved: Language leak moved into _e
  • CRM Updates Feb 2018

2.51.2 20/02/18

  • Fixed: Reseller Integration fixes
  • Improved: Language Integrations: de_DE, en_AU, es_ES, fa_IR, fr_CA, fr_FR, it_IT, nb_NO, nl_NL, nn_NO, pt_BR, ro_RO

2.51.1 17/02/18

  • Fixed: Multi-site bug on permissions check for client portal

2.51 16/02/18

  • Added: Support for wp filters in contact, quote, invoices, transactions menus
  • Added: Support for extension header bars
  • Added: Support for extension sub top menu bars
  • Fixed: Bug in client portal redirection

2.50.3 15/02/18

  • Fix: Removed debug output

2.50.2 15/02/18

  • Fix: Fix for list view warnings
  • Fix: For admin_init/init ordering

2.50.1 15/02/18

  • Hotfix: Legacy support for extensions pre v2.0

2.50 13/02/18

  • Added: New List views for Transactions
  • Added: zeroBS_getAllContactsForOwner to get the contact list for owner
  • Added: Transaction status to transaction edit page
  • Added: Transaction status to transaction add new page
  • Added: Learn button to the contacts list page
  • Added: Learn modal for contact list to explain and point to adding field + why totals differ
  • Added: Transaction settings page (to control which transaction statuses are included in total)
  • Added: New Transaction now added to Activity Log of the contact
  • Added: Zero BS CRM External Sources detail added (for further « source » tagging)
  • Added: Your Zero BS CRM Team page to show you your CRM members at a glance
  • Added: System notifications and Nptifications UI
  • Added: Learn buttons throughout new UI
  • Added: Zero BS CRM Welcome Tour
  • Added: Forms new list view UI
  • Added: Quotes new list view UI
  • Added: Company List view now has automatic status quick filters
  • Added: Generic support for new list view to automagically render fields like edit links, ID, etc.
  • Added: Accepted / Not Accepted quick filters to Quote list view
  • Added: Bulk actions to Companies list: Add Tag, Remove Tag, Delete Company
  • Added: Bulk actions to Quote list: Accept/Unaccept, Delete Quote
  • Added: Bulk actions to Invoice list: Change Status (Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Overdue), Delete Invoice
  • Added: Quickfilters for Quotes: Accepted, Unaccepted
  • Added: Quickfilters for Invoices: Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Overdue
  • Added: Bulk actions to Forms List: Delete
  • Filter: zbs_settings_tabs filter (to add new tabs to settings page)
  • Filter: zbs_approved_external_sources (to allow extensions to register an approved source)
  • Added: Migration routine for 2.40
  • Added: Custom Trash for Quote Templates
  • Added: New method for storing External Source data, and a migration routine to move over old data
  • Added: Centralised method for accessing contact « Actions »
  • Added: Contact Actions drop-down list for single contact view
  • Updated: Semantic UI JS to 2.2.14
  • Added: Functions for ‘section’ detection (e.g. is contact area)
  • Added: Contact Column: « Last Contacted » (checks against ‘Call’ and ‘Email’ type logs)
  • Updated: PDFDom to 0.8.2 + wrote migration to update everyone
  • Added: « Not Contacted in X Days » Quickfilter (for contacts & companies)
  • Added: Note types to company: Call/Email
  • Added: Administrator tools to System Status page (+ Rebuild User Roles action button)
  • Added: Sticky Statuses (in API create.customer)

  • Improved: Extended search parameters for Contacts (searching all meta)

  • Improved: Contacts list now uses date formatting
  • Improved: Zero BS Class added to tidy up load order (performance improvement)
  • Improved: Funnel refinements to list icon order (R to L) instead of (L to R)
  • Improved: Added class for deny network activation (v3.0 prep)
  • Improved: Add or Update Customer now checks whether an earlier event should bring forward when the contact was created
  • Improved: Removed dependency on bootstrap for ZeroBSCRM.CustomerSearch.php
  • Improved: Centralised new list view (Classified)

  • Improved UI: Additional helper UI buttons and improved list view header bar

  • Improved UI: « Show All » UI for customer tags when lots of tags are added
  • Improved UI: Long tag names now truncated with ..
  • Improved UI: New « View Contact » UI page added for overview
  • Improved UI: Tidied Dashboard Recent Activity
  • Improved: Migration messages and other labels properly into translate-able
  • Improved UI: List views all now have clear filters, clear filter descriptive sentences
  • Improved UI: Column editor button now shows « open » state
  • Improved: Integrated Semantic UI into our global styles
  • Improved: Made labels out of plain text labels in Task Scheduler -> Options
  • Improved: Removed legacy code from custom views & custom view settings
  • Improved: Modified settings pages to be easier to use
  • Improved: Restricted welcome tour to admins only
  • Improved: New column more reliable: Last Contacted
  • Improved: Moved auto-download extensions store onto AWS CDN (improves speed + reliability)
  • Improved: UI message clarity on list view error find
  • Improved: Hid WP Top bar for front-end client portal users
  • Improved: Post/Page WYSIWYG Form inserter catches no-forms situation elegantly
  • Improved: Hid usual WP menu <

  • Fixed: Client Portal was not showing clients quotes or invoices

  • Fixed: Client Portal Page titles now uses document_title_parts not wp_tile
  • Fixed: Transactions « Assigned to » was showing blank when only customerID was set
  • Fixed: Total Transactions was showing up blank on customer list view
  • Fixed: CSS improved for contact list view where long emails split the line
  • Fixed: Status Change check was checking for incorrect meta value
  • Fixed: Added ‘admin_zerobs_usr’ capability to Administrator role
  • Fixed: Contact Avatars breaking size
  • Fixed: Visual bug in name/avatar ellipsis overflow
  • Fixed: Bug in list view where view footer was inflated despite no bulk actions
  • Fixed: Bug in Form embed
  • Fixed: Bug in new transaction editor, and added back in default statuses for those who didn’t get automatically set
  • Fixed: Bug in permissions letting strict users see post categories
  • Fixed: Bug in activation
  • Fixed: Bug where zbs admin couldn’t see a few bits: Forms, Quote templates
  • Fixed: Bug where ZBS quote manager could not create new quote templates (and improved all roles to properly use create_posts)
  • Fixed: Bug in load order affecting customer portal
  • Fixed: PHP Notices on Invoice Single on customer portal
  • Fixed: Bug in transaction settings
  • Fixed: Bug in quote & inv list views which meant ID was not in-line with zbsid
  • Fixed: Bug in header menus causing edit/add to be duped
  • Fixed: Forced Autocomplete (Google Chrome) to disable for all applicable fields (was interferring with new ver. chrome)
  • Fixed: Bug in export contacts when status empty
  • Fixed: Bug in dash when contacts meta empty
  • Fixed: Bug which was causing WYSIWYG buttons to disappear for quote template editor and page/post editor
  • Fixed: Bug where assigning customers wasn’t working on Transactions
  • Fixed: Access issue where Zero BS Customer role could see WP Admin (now redirects to client portal or home if not using portal)
  • Fixed: Form shortcode output fix
  • Fixed: Proposal accepted email gen fix

  • Languages: Added French (fr_FR) Translation (human translated)

  • Languages: Added Slovenia (sl_SL) pre-translation (machine translated)
  • Languages: Added Turksih (tr_TR) pre-translation (machine translated)
  • Languages: Added Norwegian (nn_NO) pre-translation (machine translated)
  • Languages: Added Norwegian (nb_NO) pre-translation (machine translated)


  • Improved: Language now reads « Contact » instead of « Customer » in custom fields settings page
  • Fixed: Can now have up to 64 custom fields (if really need that many!)

2.27.1 13/01/17

  • Fixed: Hotfix for older PHP versions (<5.6)

2.27 12/01/17

  • Added: First name and Last name to contact list view
  • Fixed: Several API bugs (from API v2)

2.26.3 05/01/17

  • Fixed: Bug in Company Create API

2.26.2 05/01/17

  • API: Create Customer added « assign to »
  • API: List Customers, filtered by owner
  • API: List Customers, added additional options (per page, page, owned by)
  • API: Customer Search. Modified for search by email
  • API: Added ability to connect to Groove HQ (store your GROOVE API in GROOVE_API_TOKEN defined var)
  • API: Create Company (including assign to)
  • API: List Companies, filtered by owner
  • API: List Events (filterable by user)
  • API: Create / Update Event (start_date, end_date, crm_user, customerID, notes)
  • Added: B2B Mode label ‘Domain’ (Janos)
  • Added: Automatic Linkifying for text fields on Company and Contact records!
  • CRM Update #8 – Dec 17

2.26.1 27/12/17

  • Fixed: Bug in Client Portal Settings
  • Fixed: Bug in Client Portal re: Customer ID

2.26 04/12/17

  • Added: Ability to specify custom statuses for Companies (distinctly from Customers)

2.25 04/12/17

  • Fix for DAL companies retrieval
  • Typo fix for settings page

2.24 02/12/17

  • Fixed: Bug in task scheduler which forced assignment of an task event to a contact (not able to select none) (Thanks Gibby)
  • Fixed: Typos in company meta boxes
  • Improved: Made functions to allow extraMeta values for contact object
  • Improved: Several improvements to functions in DAL relating to ownership and complex data retrieval
  • Added: « In Country » selector to DAL get Companies function
  • Product Update #7 – November 2017

2.23 26/11/2017

  • Fixed: Bug in 2.22 which caused notice on some installs when adding new contact (Thanks Markus)
  • Fixed: Bug in JS which was not properly permifying log types
  • Added: (Optional) Automatic Logging of customer/contact status change
  • Added: Auto-logging of client portal creation log (against customer)
  • Added: Ability to add secondary role to client portal users
  • Added: Internal Automator access actions for Client Portal user creation
  • Added: Ability to select specific « status » types for users to get access (only) – all users who get status changes to other user types get accounts disabled 🙂
  • Added: Dirty/Clean input logging 🙂
  • Added: Automatic enable/disable of client portal access on status change
  • Improved: Refined code around client portal user creation
  • Improved: Moved automatic client portal creation into Internal Automator
  • Improved: Created Settings page SaSS
  • Updated: Font Awesome updated to 4.7.0

2.22 25/11/2017

  • Fixed: Bug in contact title rebuild routine, (Thanks Markus)
  • Fixed: Removed erroneous debug code

2.21 24/11/2017

  • Added: Log type « Feedback » to contact/customer
  • Added: Disable/Enable Customer Portal User
  • Added: Action hooks in preparation for Invoice Itemiser (requires invoicing pro)
  • Added: SMS button for « Send SMS » if mobile number is entered (requires twilio extension)
  • Added: Customer Edit scripts function added (for JS running on customer edit)
  • Added: Action to hook in additional scripts to customer edit page
  • Fixed: Bug in invoice builder which would show warning if status was draft
  • Fixed: Bug in Rewrite engine causing a notification
  • Fixed: « Add New » was breaking across line on Events and Quotes
  • Improved: Standardised AJAX responses via function
  • Improved: Invoice UI now auto-populates the email based on Customer select
  • Improved: Address to: Contact or Company now changes the email to: depending on which choice
  • New Extension: Twilio Extension available from this version of ZBS CRM Core onwards 🙂

2.20 21/11/2017 – Core CRM Improvements & Mail Campaigns v2 prep

  • Added: Bulk Actions to list view model
  • Added: Customer bulk action: Delete
  • Added: Customer bulk action: Add Tag(s)
  • Added: Customer bulk action: Remove Tag(s)
  • Added: Social Accounts (optionally) logged against each contact
  • Added: Sanity check on bulk-delete
  • Added: Capacity to remove/keep orphaned elements under a customer (e.g. invoices etc.)
  • Added: Permissions model for Mail Manager
  • Added: Mail Delivery settings page
  • Added: SMTP Setup Wizard (Mail Delivery) pre-emptively for Mail Campaigns and generally better email integration
  • Added: Included php-encryption for (slightly) safer SMTP detail storage
  • Added: Test & Remove options for SMTP Delivery Methods
  • Added: Segments – basic segmentation tool for ZBS CRM (Custom list view, creator and DB)
  • Added: Several helper funcs to better prepare for DB2 + refine DAL
  • Added: Ownership model to task scheduler/events (and view « specific users » timetables if admin)
  • Fixed: Several address view bugs in Contacts & Companies to do with countries and show/hide second address
  • Fixed: Added several UI overrides for default WP styles (Improve UI settings pages, fix .card icons, add noborder segment)
  • Fixed: Typo in Client Portal dialog (Thanks Curt)
  • Fixed: Bug in feedback button for Contact list view
  • Fixed: Bug in list view tables when in compacted view
  • Fixed: Bug which would stop you being able to remove Company from contact
  • Improved: Moved Settings page CSS into it’s own SASS
  • Improved: Centralised some UI elements & their CSS
  • Improved: Migrated Customer/Contact list view into generic list view for reuse
  • Migrated: Write migration routine for 2.4, including new Segments tables
  • Updated SweetAlerts to v2.0 (7.4)
  • Improved: Made Tags hide in list view, if no customer tags (yet)
  • Improved: Performance tweaks for task scheduler
  • Improved: Footer thank you message space
  • Improved: Important CSS & JS now auto-clear-cache when new version installed
  • Updated SweetAlerts to v2.0
  • Mail Campaigns v2 prep

2.18 14/11/2017

  • Added: « Address to » option when in B2B mode for invoices (choose company or contact)
  • Adeed: Currency localisation formatting in list views
  • Added: Function in DAL to get assigned owner (different to post creator)
  • Added: Additional Functions to DAL for getting customer mobile (in preparation for Twilio extension)
  • Added: API can now process customer tags $customer[‘tags’] = array(‘tag1’, ‘tag2’);
  • Added: Product updates to this changelog 🙂
  • Improved: Made forms always select a default style (Improved UI flow)
  • Improved: CSV Importer Lite now logs & gives details of duplicate entries (overwritten)
  • Improved: Upgraded to sweet alert 2 (in preparation for Automations and Mail Campaigns v2.0)
  • Improved: Added alignment for customer / company address on the invoice to PDF
  • Improved: Assign to Customer and Assign to Company for invoices now use type-ahead
  • Improved: Removed the open in a new window behaviour of view all customers from dash
  • Improved: Settings UI alignment polished
  • Improved: Settings tab added for Gravity Forms Extension to allow forms to post to seperate ZBS CRM install
  • Improved: Logs CSS changed from green to subtle grey (matching WP admin background)
  • Improved: Welcome Wizard links to new checkout and wording tweaks
  • Fixed: Bug which causes invoices to save as publish when they were auto draft
  • Fixed: Bug in Quotes which caused a fatal error when sending test emails
  • Fixed: Bug in Quotes which meant customer email was not being populated
  • Fixed: New transaction hook would cause an infinite loop if updateLog was called from the hook
  • Fixed: Hide Countries was not hiding countries from the list
  • Fixed: Second Address was still showing Country is « Hide Second Address » was ticked
  • Fixed: Bug which meant the welcome wizard fired at every activation
  • Fixed: License tab (temporarily removed) due to new account area
  • Fixed: Admin notice disabled asking to connect account
  • Fixed: Bug in logs that was allowing addition of locked type logs (programmatic options)
  • Extension: Gravity Forms now has settings to send forms to externally hosted ZBS CRM (using API)

Product Update List #6 (October 2017)

2.17 24/10/2017

  • Added: (Optional) Automatic Status Quick-filters

2.16.1~.6 18/10/2017

  • Fixed: Role / Permissions model now properly installs/resets as per updates
  • Fixed: Bug in client portal (dashboard link)

2.16 12/10/2017

  • Fixed: Bug causing company names to save as blank
  • Fixed: PDF invoice was showing ,,,, if no Address
  • Fixed: PDF invoice layout was skewed if P&P and Tax was shown
  • Fixed: Add/Edit Business Details link was not loading invoice settings tab
  • Fixed: Bug that was showing « Country » twice in Field Sorts
  • Fixed: Quote URL in email quote was not directing to the client portal
  • Fixed: Bug that was stopping Internal Automator firing
  • Fixed: Client Portal invoice was showing the wrong INV# in payment reference
  • Fixed: Client Portal Invoice CSS improved for tall logos
  • Fixed: Client Portal PHP warnings and notices
  • Fixed: Assign to (throughout) now includes Zero BS Admin Roles
  • Improved: Ownership renamed to « Assignment » to better reflect the intention of a team CRM
  • Improved: Client Portal now has a settings tab
  • Improved: Client Portal Welcome email can be customised in settings
  • Improved: New Contacts added to your CRM can automatically be granted Portal Access
  • Improved: Quote Notification email can now be customised in settings
  • Improved: More prep for reseller integration
  • Added: Migration routine to correctly update all company names
  • Added: UI messages to highlight custom fields, field sorts
  • Added: zbs_new_transaction action hook (for automations preparation)
  • Added: Function to create portal access from contactID

2.15 07/10/2017

  • Fixed: Bug in « Address line 3 » (which should be ) « City »
  • Integrations: Prepared Core for Reseller CRM Integration
  • Improved: Centralised admin page slugs more globally
  • Improved: Removed debug logs
  • Added Languages: Spanish, Aus, Brazilian Portugese

Product Update List #5 (September 2017)

2.14.2 26/09/2017

  • Fixed: Client Portal UI New Bug

2.14.1 26/09/2017

  • Fixed: Client Portal UI Bug
  • Added: Prep for Zero BS CRM Automations (Workflows)
  • Improved: Automatic Extension update awareness, usage, and notifications
  • Improved: Update notifications now dismissable

2.14 19/09/2017

  • Fixed: Hot fix for bug in customer filters which affected Mail Campaigns
  • Fixed: Bug in DAL breaking default statuses
  • Fixed: Missing CSV Importer (Lite) link for slimline menus
  • Fixed: Bug in Quote Acceptence (Client Portal)
  • Extension: Added Resume functionality to CSV Importer
  • Added: « Max Execution Time » to system status
  • Added: « Max Upload File Size » to system status
  • Added: « Max Post File Size » to system status
  • Added: « WordPress Max Upload File Size » to system status
  • Added: « Memory Limit » to system status
  • Improvement: « Company » assignment now a typeahead box, rather than a select (Performance Improvement)
  • Full translation completed: Zero BS CRM has been fully processed for WordPress style translations

2.13 07/09/2017

  • Added: System status check – upload directory for asset store
  • Added: Precursor to private file systems for CRM users – file hashing
  • Added: File Store management to Invoice & Quote uploads
  • Added: New translations for Portugese & Spanish
  • Improved: Extensions manager updated with latest extensions
  • Improved: Extension manager connect only for users with paid extensions
  • Improved: ZBS Customer uploads now get stored in managed directory
  • Improved: Slight refactor of existing file display code
  • Fixed: Bug in list views which caused visual glitch for ZBS Admin users
  • Fixed: Bug in Transactions user permissions (affecting ZBS User Groups)
  • Fixed: Typo bug in AdminPages.php
  • Fixed: CSV Importer feature integrated into Data tools screen (CSV Tagger)
  • Tweaked: Extensions manager styling & Help urls
  • Updated: Admin Global CSS

Product Update List #4 (August 2017)

2.12.1 24/08/2017

  • Added: Skype Calling (Click to call option)
  • Added: Up-to-date Spanish CRM Transalations
  • Added: Improved an improved Install Extensions helper
  • Fixed: API bug where default status wasn’t always auto-populating
  • Fixed: Bug in Events causing times to save down incorrectly
  • Improved: List view when customer has no name, now displays email (if present) as clickable edit link

2.12 18/08/2017

  • Added: CRM Dashboard now shows key metrics
  • Added: Funnels to track status distribution
  • Added: CRM Dashboard shows funnel visulisation
  • Added: CRM Dashboard shows revenue progress
  • Added: CRM Dashboard shows Recent Activity
  • Added: CRM Dashboard shows 10 Latest Contacts (Lead, Customer, etc)
  • Added: WooCommerce disable admin blocking for ZBS roles
  • Added: Improved anonymised feedback system
  • Fixed: Forward compatibility issues with PHP7.0 (Global variable variables) [Thanks to Trlogga for identifying]
  • Fixed: Allow translation of « Main Address » and other localised field labels
  • Fixed: Field naming not clear in API (Country was taking mixed (ISO country code & full country name)) (temporary fix)
  • Fixed: Zero BS CRM TinyMCE link suggestions in post content removed
  • Updated: Included Zip library to allow PHP7.0 support
  • Updated: Language library files to include latest labels
  • Improved: Made Customer List View sidebar Toggle
  • Improved: Made Customer List View table allow scrolling (temporary fix)
  • Improved: Slimline Menu items expanded for extensions
  • Improved: Invoice Export now includes Company Name (if present)
  • Improved: Settings UI improved to make settings page tidier

2.11.1 14/08/2017

  • Improved: Improved default column selection for new Customer List View
  • Fixed: Made Customer Name link to edit customer in new Customer List View
  • Fixed: Bug in company selection from Customer record in B2B
  • Fixed: Bug in company list view (in DAL)

2.11 11/08/2017

  • Added: Awesome new customer views (Customisable Columns, filters etc.)
  • Added: Semantic UI for custom views
  • Added: Per-user customer ownership/assignment (on/off via settings)
  • Added: Per-user company ownership/assignment (on/off via settings)
  • Added: Access restrictions based on ownership
  • Added: Helpers to DAL for ownership/assignment of elemenets (Customers, Companies etc.)
  • Added: Columns to Customer List View: Assigned to, Latest Log, Tagged, Edit Link, Has Invoices, Has Quotes, Phone Link
  • Added: Telephone PBX Clickable links to Customer Record (Mike Martin suggestion)
  • Added: Return key search
  • Added: Clear filters button to list view
  • Added: Pagination (including search filters maintained & now Quick Filters)
  • Fixed: Bug in External Sources metabox not properly hiding for CPTs
  • Fixed: Bug in new customer addition (php warning on all error installs)
  • Fixed: Bug in CRM from 2.10.3 (Custom fields not present)
  • Fixed: Bug in drag-drop Quick Filters to empty lists
  • Fixed: Bug in welcome wizard which was auto-enabling « Override for all WordPress users setting »
  • Fixed: Moved Quotations to Client Portal
  • Improved: Slight performance tweaks for getCustomers main DAL function, relating to quotes
  • Improved: List view filters now show in sentence format
  • Improved: Made filters maintain search setup when « deep »
  • Delayed: More Complex Quick Filters in future version

Product Update List #3 (July 2017)

2.10.7 25/07/2017

  • Fixed: Removed the Calendar Tab functionality
  • Fixed: Added « Events » to the ZBS Navigation Dashboard
  • Fixed: Made the ZBS Navigatin Dashboard Mobile Responsive
  • Fixed: Bug which was causing an error in certain situations
  • Fixed: PHP Notices squished

2.10.6 21/07/2017

  • Added: Beta Calendar functionality (CRM Scheduler)
  • Added: Internal Automator recipe for new event
  • Added: Auto-logging for new event
  • Added: Support for Give to ZBS CRM
  • Fixed: Warning bugs in Calendar, slimline menu etc.

2.10.5 12/07/2017

  • Fix for ver 2.10.4 minor bug

2.10.4 12/07/2017

  • Added: Support for ConvertKit CRM Sync
  • Added: From and To on PDF Invoices to show customer information
  • Added: do_action for new customer creation added (do_action(‘zbs_new_customer’))
  • Added: do_action prep for other objects
  • Added: BETA feature: Advanced Search (Activity/Customers)
  • Fixed: Bug in Invoice Tax calculation when discount was applied
  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 settings tab removed if extension active (no settings needed)
  • Fixed: Support links point to knowledgebase

Product Update List #2 (June 2017)

2.10.3 22/06/2017

  • Added: Show/Hide option for customer ID (beginnings of improving customer fields + UI)
  • Added: Show/Hide option for all non-essential customer & company fields
  • Added: Company ID show/hide option
  • Fixed: Bug in notes stopping new note saves
  • Fixed: ZBS Head link redirect
  • Fixed: CSS Bleeding on users page
  • Fixed: Invoice Add button hidden on some pages for specific user groups
  • Improved: Client Portal UI improvements – tabs don’t look so ugly!

2.10.2 10/06/2017

  • Fixed: Bug in PHP Short-tags issue in Admin Pages

2.10.1 10/06/2017

  • Fixed: Bug in activation for some hosts (Thanks for reporting Jeff & Christian)

2.10.0 07/06/2017

  • Added: Pre-cursor for API « add log »
  • Added: Ability to specify « default status » for new (uncategorised) customer additions
  • Fixed: Link to invoice settings in invoice builder
  • Fixed: Reference to invoices in label on custom fields settings
  • Fixed: Permalink flush now fired on quote builder install
  • Fixed: Fixed bug causing warning on Quotes manager page
  • Fixed: Bug in Invoice number incrementing
  • Fixed: Bug in « Override WordPress Users » affecting client portal & API
  • Fixed: Bug in « Disable Front End » affecting client portal & API
  • Improved: Labels relating to disabling front end & effects on portal etc.
  • Improved: Updated Extensions page to reflect new extensions (WorldPay Sync, Stripe Sync, Google Contacts Sync, Groove Sync, Contact Form 7 Sync)
  • Improved: Added log date setting

Product Update List #1 (May 2017)

2.0.7 31/05/2017

  • Added: Action hook zbs_new_customer for when a new customer is added in the admin panel
  • Fixed: hash_equals warning message removed
  • Fixed: Changing email doesn’t lose the link to the WordPress user ID in the Client Portal
  • Fixed: Login link in Customer Portal
  • Fixed: Sync tools will now correctly show up when menu in ‘slimline’ mode
  • Fixed: styles issue when working with Mail Campaigns
  • Improved: Send Test Invoice now displayed below the invoice
  • Improved: Alerts on Invoice page now use the Sweet Alert modal
  • Added: Pre-requisites for StripeSync
  • Updated readme file to include up to date blog features and customer reviews

2.0.6 24/05/2017

  • Added: Prerequisites for WorldPay Integration (WorldPay Sync)
  • Added: Improved support for localisation (added US to begin)
  • Added: Locale check to System Status
  • Fixed: Bug in PDF Invoicing which would show PDF engine installed when it wasn’t
  • Fixed: Client Portal Quote Title
  • Fixed: Client Portal Quote links
  • Improved: Improved explanation for WP Override mode and re-arranged options page so as is easier to see
  • Recent CRM Updates

2.0.5 16/05/2017

  • Urgent fix: Post title error fix (bug in 2.0.4)

2.0.4 12/05/2017

  • Added: Quotes, Transactions and Details page to the Client Portal
  • Fixed: Bug in quote builder not allowing you to use blank template
  • Fixed: Removal of special characters in Quote hashes
  • Fixed: Invoice ID was outputting when invoicing pro recurring invoices was disabled
  • Fixed: Bug where Select a Company was blank
  • Fixed: Bug which was showing date added as 1/1/1970 on Customer Search
  • Fixed: Date formatting for Customer Lists, Contact Lists, Quote Lists
  • Fixed: Date format now applying for Transactions List
  • Fixed: Quote and Invoice Offsets now applying to ‘Add New’
  • Fixed: Bug causing the Quote ID to increment on ‘Save’ and ‘Update’
  • Fixed: Quotes now only accessable through the Client Portal
  • Fixed: Bug where email subscriptions from welcome wizard were not always automatically applied
  • Improved: Upped default log paging to 100 per load
  • Improved: Attachments meta box now lower priority on the invoices page

2.0.3 05/05/2017

  • Re-ordered Zero BS CRM Menu for ease of use
  • Combined two welcome/home pages into one more-useful page
  • Fixed: Bug in Welcome Wizard (Subscriptions)
  • Improved: Welcome Wizard improvements generally

2.0.2 29/04/2017

  • Added: Compatibility for Invoicing Pro: Recurring billing via Stripe/PayPal
  • Added: Readme updated with several CRM reviews

2.0.1 (Security Fixes) 18/04/2017

  • Added: PHP Version shown on System Status page
  • Fixed: Security vulnerabilities (Thank you Timothy Jacobs of
  • Improved: Menu item « Extensions » was redirecting to the CRM Extensions Store when it should have pointed to the internal extension manager

[MAJOR] 2.0 BIG LAUNCH 07/04/2017

  • Added: Zero BS CRM API!
  • Improved: Welcome Wizard – added Entrepreneurs bundle option
  • Improved: Sured up API security
  • Improved: API Endpoint exposed & API Secret generation added
  • Fixed: Readme file
  • Fixed: API DB Inclusion
  • Tweak: Invoices displayed – now shows 100 by default
  • CRM Wide Improvements & Performance tweaks
  • View V2.0 Launch Notice + LIMITED LAUNCH OFFER

1.5 (v2.0 Pre-release) 16/03/2017

  • Added: Customer Portal (Let Customers sign in, view invoices, and pay for them with Invoicing PRO)
  • Added: FREE CSV Importer (Lite Version of CSV Importer Extension)
  • Added: Date and Time format support (uses WordPress settings)
  • Added: Integrated throughout (Date and Time format’s properly)
  • Added: Proper translation prep, throughout
  • Added: Initial translations: English (UK), English (US)
  • Added: WHLang Lib support (all useful labels overridable from ZBS CRM admin settings)
  • Added: Integration prep for Invoicing PRO (PayPal Payments)
  • Added: Improved Invoice Builder (Adding Invoicing PRO)
  • Added: Customer ID’s exposed on customer record
  • Added: Customisable Prefix and Status options for Customers/Contacts etc. (via Custom Fields tab of settings) – prep for a more simple UI post v1.4
  • Added: Better initial Prefix & Status options
  • Added: « Add invoice » (or quote or transaction) from customer record page
  • Fixed: Bug in main core lang integration
  • Fixed: Bug in wh lang lib
  • Fixed: Bug where « Data Tools » wasn’t showing on slimline menu
  • Fixed: Bug where « Quotes » were showing up on slimline menu, even if disabled
  • Fixed: Bug where « Invoices » were showing up on slimline menu, even if disabled
  • Fixed: Bug where « Invoices » and « Quotes » were showing up on ZBS Dash, even if disabled
  • Fixed: Bug where archived transaction dates were not saving down properly
  • Fixed: Bug in internal automator workflow for new quotes, invoices, transactions that was causing duplicate logs
  • Fixed: Bug in internal automator causing derails on some post edits
  • Fixed: Bug in client portal where styling wasn’t looking great on some public themes
  • Fixed: Typo on settings page
  • Improved: Asked all browsers to kindly NOT autofill customer record details (and same for quotes, invoices, transactions, forms, and logs)
  • Improved: Moved Customer Metabox properly into translation functions (Quotes, Invoices, Transactions)
  • Improved: Hid Quotes/Invoices on Customer record when these modules disabled
  • Improved: Welcome Wizard improvements (ease of use)
  • Improved: Email Notification templating (in prep for Invoicing Pro notification emails)
  • Improved: CSV Importer PRO: Can now import & create company records from CSV
  • Improved: CSV Importer PRO: Example files now included
  • Improved: DAL for Contact/Company links (B2B)
  • Improved: PayPal Sync (Settings page rewrite)
  • NEW TRANSLATION: Spanish! You can now manage your customers etc. in Spanish (Thank you @HenryGR!)
  • Read more on 1.5 update here

1.2.6 24/01/2017

  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms Integration
  • Improved: Extensions manager now properly shows installed pro extensions and help docs
  • Fixed: Slimline menu now displays forms
  • Read more on CRM update here

1.2.5 19/01/2017

  • Added: Ability to enable/disable Quotes/Quote Builder
  • Added: Ability to enable/disable Invoices/Invoice Builder
  • Added: Ability to choose simple Quote Logger (instead of proposal writing via Quote Builder)
  • Added: Quote Templates
  • Added: Quote Template: ZBS Default Template: Web Design Example
  • Added: Quote Builder Flow
  • Added: Quote Template Writer: Insert tool for placeholders
  • Added: Quote/Proposal Front-end
  • Added: Email Quote/Proposal to client
  • Added: Online accepting for Quotes/Proposals (sign with email)
  • Added: Notification email for quote author when accepted
  • Improved: Styles for Extensions Page
  • Improved: Variable names in Quotes metabox file
  • Improved: Building of Quote Templates
  • Fixed: All ZBS custom post types are now secured from being shown in FE (Thanks for feedback)
  • Fixed: Bug in quotation customer associations
  • Fixed: Outdated config bloat
  • Fixed: lettering issue on some servers (uppercase/lowercase include file names)
  • Fixed: Bug in style enqueing
  • Fixed: Bug causing Welcome Wizard to not display
  • Read about this major CRM update here

1.2.4 29/12/2016

  • Fixed: Bug in Invoicing status
  • Fixed: Front-end exposure of customer titles

1.2.3 15/12/2016

  • Added: Default invoice logo in settings
  • Added: Invoice Status drop down select UI
  • Added: Overdue styling for invoice admin
  • Added: Sweet Alert for displaying JS alert messages
  • Added: CRON integration for clearing auto-drafts
  • Added: Auto-clearance of ZBS CRM type auto-drafts
  • Added: Auto-clearance check to system status page
  • Added: Migration for ~v1.2.3 to v1.2.3 (zbsid proper rollout)
  • Added: Migration logs to System Status Page
  • Improved: CSS for invoices now they are 2 column
  • Improved: « Make Invoice from Quote » now pre-fills send-to email
  • Hardened: Invoice Numbers and Quote Numbers now explicit throughout
  • Bugfix which doubled the invoice total if tax was turned off
  • Bugfix which meant draft invoices were not shown under the ‘Manage Invoices’ page
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices showing warning
  • Fixed: Bug in export which now properly outputs invoice id’s
  • Fixed: Bug in export which now properly outputs quote id’s
  • Read about this major CRM update here

1.2.2 06/12/2016

  • Small bugfix for invoice creation

1.2.1 15/11/2016

  • Small bugfix rolling over from 1.2 large update

1.2 15/11/2016

  • Added: New Menu Layout Options (1=Full, 2=Slimline, 3=CRM Only)
  • Added: New CRM Dashboard
  • Added: Country Code Support
  • Added: Customer/Contact Search BETA
  • Added: Filtered exports from the new Customer Search
  • Added: Filter customers by Tag (in Customer Search)
  • Added: Autologging of new transactions (optionally) against customer
  • Added: Transaction Tagging
  • Added: Links to import and ‘add new’ customer to the Customer Search
  • Improved: Moved import and export menu items under data tools
  • Improved: Fully refactored all Zero BS CRM Code
  • Improved: Security of core code
  • Improved: Added Transaction Integration Functions (JVZoo Support Imminent)
  • Improved: Made Transaction a hard typed object
  • Improved: Invoicing now has post-delete (and pre-cursors to custom actions)
  • Improved: Invoice Building is now responsive
  • Improved: Removed unnecessary menu bar items for Customers, Quotes, Invoices, Transactions, Forms and Mail Campaigns
  • Fixed: Bug in transactions editor with dates
  • Fixed: Bug in transactions editor with customer names
  • Fixed: Bug in transations menu
  • Fixed: Invoicing custom fields removed
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices which hid the partial payments
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices which was causing invoices not to be marked as unpaid
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices which was displaying editable custom fields in preview
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices which was adding on tax when the tax option was unchecked
  • Fixed: Bug in invoices which was deducting a discount when the discount option was unchecked
  • Fixed: Front-end access of customers etc. now redirects to root (rather than a blank page, depending on mode)
  • Extension update: Sales Dashboard now has improved checks against core
  • Read about this major CRM update here

1.1.19 25/10/2016

  • Added: Sortable field orders (re-arrange your customer/company etc. edit pages!)
  • Added: BETA* Basic templating for addresses (via custom fields)
  • Added: System Status page (pre-cursor to better support and future features)
  • Added: Pre-cursors for global address formatting
  • Added: First fix of Transaction list view
  • Added: Company Logs
  • Added: Company External Sources
  • Added: Internal Automator Auto-logging (optional) for new companies
  • Added: Migration routines between versions (first being Company names in 1.1.19)
  • Added: Integration functions for creating Companies
  • Added: Native support for Country in addresses (optional)
  • Added: Countries support to custom field sorts
  • Fixed: Bug in Mail Campaigns with Select by Tag
  • Fixed: PDF Invoices Installer for those on hosts which have hard-disabled ZipArchive (Zlib)
  • Fixed: Bug where new front-end form submissions were not defaulting to « Lead » status
  • Fixed: Bug in transaction edit page
  • Fixed: Bug in customer total values
  • Fixed: Bug in WooSync where State was not copying over
  • Fixed: Bug in Welcome Wizard which showed wrong extensions information
  • Improved: Hid selective PDF Invoicing features for non-users, made it easy to install via 1 click button
  • Improved: Added optimisation to stylesheet loading (performance tweak)
  • Improved: Refactored SCSS and Stylesheets throughout (performance tweak)
  • Improved: Centralised Note/Log Types
  • Improved: Refactored javascript/asset references for performance, minified all js resources
  • Extension Update: WooCommerce Sync now supports companies!
  • Read about our CRM update 1.1.19

1.1.18 11/10/2016

  • Added: PDF Invoicing!
  • Added: Extensions Hub
  • Added: Invoice – Transaction allocations (Part Payments!)
  • Added: Typeahead customer search
  • Added: Typeahead customer listings to quote editing
  • Added: Transactions now editable via admin menu (manual add)
  • Added: logging of form source, (e.g. « New Lead created from submitted form ‘A’ on page ‘B' »)
  • Added: logging of forms post creation, (e.g. »User filled out form ‘A’ on an external embedded form »)
  • Added: Custom « moved to trash » pages for customers, quotes, invoices and transactions
  • Added: default customer status for imports, lead form completions etc. of « Lead »
  • Added: « Form Filled » type note
  • Added: View customer image in new tab function (& restyled)
  • Added: Bloodhound.js – the start of integrated search
  • Added: several more wrapper functions for getting customer data sets
  • Added: JVZoo external customer type
  • Added: Enable/Disable Powered by link on front end forms
  • Added: Typeahead customer search to transactions
  • Added: Precursors for internal autormator to fire on transaction changes
  • Improved: Forms can now be enabled/disabled (via Extensions Hub)
  • Improved: Custom Fields can now be enabled/disabled (via Extensions Hub)
  • Improved: PDF Invoicing is an optional extra (via Extensions Hub) – keeps ZBS lean for everyone else
  • Improved: PDF invoices restyled first fix
  • Improved: Notes are no longer used for storing customer lead form data, this now gets added as a log
  • Improved: Notes created by ZBS CRM system are not editable
  • Improved: Logs metabox is now responsive, (looks cleaner in right hand bar on customer edit)
  • Improved: Internal Automator (prep for sophisticated workflow creation)
  • Improved: Rearranged ZBS Menu to better highlight extensions
  • Improved: Non-essential extensions, (like PDF invoicing), are now installed via 1-click extension hub
  • Improved: PDF Invoicing cleans up after itself
  • Improved: Removed Post Titles from Transactions
  • Fixed: Logs now display proper timezone-based creation times, taking into account WordPress timezones
  • Fixed: Worked through all WH Later Refinement points & fixed/delayed
  • Fixed: Edit transactions fixed
  • Fixed: PHP Version warning reinstated
  • Fixed: bug where % and $ would not store (invoicing)
  • Fixed: bug where business information would display on one line (invoicing)
  • Fixed: styling bug in all transactions screen
  • Fixed: bug where total customer value would include allocated transactions as well as invoice
  • Fixed: bug with PDF Invoicing settings page
  • Removed: Customer Image repetition (showed up twice on page)
  • Read about our big crm update 1.1.18

1.1.17 – 13/09/2016

  • Added: Customer Lead Forms
  • Added: reCaptcha to Lead Forms
  • Added: 3 x Form variants (simple, naked and content forms)
  • Added: Embed Forms
  • Added: Data tools: Bulk Delete (Delete customers from different sources, in bulk)
  • Added: Export Tools: Export your customers, invoices, quotes, and transactions
  • Updated: CSV Extension plugin (v1.1)
  • Read about our CRM Forms 1.1.17

1.1.16 – 30/08/2016

  • Added: Itemised Invoice Creator (Create + Send Invoices!)
  • Added: First Fix Internal Automator
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Customer
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Company
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Quote
  • Added: Automatic Logging of: New Invoice
  • Improved: Security: Added proper nonce’s throughout
  • Fixed: Bug in Invoice list which showed invoice numbers incorrectly
  • Fixed: Bug in Customer Editor which showed invoice numbers incorrectly
  • Read about CRM update 1.1.16

1.1.15 – 25/08/2016

  • Improved: Activity Logs: Corrected Label to show active count

1.1.14 – 16/08/2016

  • Added: Welcome Wizard

1.1.13 – 09/08/2016

  • Added: Logging/Notes: Delete a note (ajax)
  • Improved: Logging styles

1.1.12 – 02/08/2016

  • Added: Logging (Log calls, emails, quotes, invoices, purchases against customers)
  • Added: Logging Icons
  • Added: Logging of tweets & facebook posts
  • Added: Custom Footer Text & option to enable/disable it from Zero BS CRM Settings
  • Added: Review ZBS CRM to footer of ZBS pages
  • Tidied up: Companies metabox code
  • Read about update 1.1.12

1.1.10 – 19/07/2016

  • Added: Custom Fields for Companies/Organisations
  • Added: View Customers/Contacts by Company/Organisation
  • Added: View Contacts from Company page (Contact Cards)
  • Added: Optional « B2B » Mode (Allows grouping of customers as contacts, against a company)
  • Added: Before you go
  • Improved: Company updated msgs
  • Optimised: Settings page
  • Removed some legacy v1.0 includes code
  • Fixed: Plural customers, contacts, companies, organisations
  • Fixed bug: In settings initialisation
  • Fixed bug: In require metabox include
  • Fixed bug: Manage Quotes, Invoices would show « , » where customer address empty
  • Fixed bug: Icon dimensions
  • Read about update 1.1.10


  • Optimised Second Address form for wide screens
  • Added « Second Address » against customers (Optional)
  • Added « Create Invoice from Quote » feature
  • Wired in new quote/invoice options
  • Added « Quote no# Offset » setting
  • Added « Invoice no# Offset » setting
  • Added « Allow Invoice No Override » setting
  • Added Extensions Page to Plugin
  • Added Data Tools page
  • Improved WordPress .org Description
  • Read about update


  • Improved WordPress .org Description
  • Fixed a bug with customer entry