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Ultimate Post Blocks is a Gutenberg post block plugins for creating beautiful Gutenberg post grid blocks, post listing blocks, post slider blocks and post carousel blocks within a few seconds.

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Live Editable Gutenberg Blocks
Each and every setting are visually editable in Ultimate Post Blocks. You can change your blocks design of the post with ultimate design settings. An enormous amount of google font has been added for your section design. You don’t have enough design skills? No problem, preset sections blocks and layouts blocks are ready for your needs.

Slider Blocks
Dynamic slider using posts is now easier to make using ultimate post blocks. Slider will be run with your control, your desire design. Post Grid blocks come with ultimate control over the modern design.

Using Ultimate Post Blocks query builder you can create a complex query for your post grid. Anyone can create complex queries for every block without writing a single line of code.

What you can be made using this plugin?

  • News Blog
  • Personal Blog
  • Blog Post Grid
  • Blog Post Listing
  • Post Slider
  • Post Carosel

Ultimate Post Blocks Key Feature:

These Gutenberg post blocks come with a lot of key features.

  • Category and Tag Filter in Blocks
  • 9 beautifully Crafted Gutenberg Post Blocks
  • 1 Gutenberg Post Slider Blocks
  • 10+ Premade Sections
  • 2+ Premade Layouts
  • Blog Listing with ultimate controls
  • Post Grid with ultimate controls
  • Post Slider with Animation
  • Google Font Support in Blocks
  • Advanced Post Query Builder in Blocks
  • SVG custom icon in Blocks
  • Load More with AJAX Powered Blocks
  • Navigation with AJAX Powered Blocks
  • Next Previous with AJAX Powered Blocks
  • Responsive Settings in Blocks
  • Advanced Typography Control in Blocks
  • Animation Support in Blocks
  • Custom CSS Option in Every Blocks
  • Section Title with a lot of preset design

Gutenberg Block List:

  • Post List #1 Blocks: Display your blog page listing with top big image design in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post List #2 Blocks: Display dynamic posts with first post bold design in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post List #3 Blocks: Display your blog page listing with side image design in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post Grid #1 Blocks: Display grid posts with a top big image in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post Grid #2 Blocks: Display grid post with gradient overlay style in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post Grid #3 Blocks: Display gradient grid post with top bold design in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post Grid #4 Blocks: Display gradient grid post with left bold design in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Post Slider #1 Blocks: Display dynamic slider from your blog post in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Heading Blocks: Display heading of a specific section with lot of premade design in Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Image Blocks: Display Image with lot of style, button and overlay in Gutenberg Post Blocks.


Developed by WPXPO


  • Panel Settings
  • Post List
  • Post Grid Overlay
  • Post Grid 1
  • Post Grid 2
  • Post Slider


This plugin provides 11 blocks.

Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks
Gutenberg Post Blocks


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0.0 or greater
  • PHP version 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser.

  1. Go to your WordPress Plugin installation menu (Dashboard > Plugins > Add New)
  2. In the search field type “Ultimate Post Blocks” and press enter.
  3. « Install Now » and then click « Active »

Manual installation

For Manual installation, you download our product from WordPress directory uploading it to your web-server via your FTP or CPanel application.

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program or CPanel upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu (Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins) within the WordPress admin.


Automatic update working great for this plugin. If you customize the plugin make sure to store a backup before update.

Sometimes because of the permalink issue during the plugin update, just go to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and hit the ‘Save’ button.


Is this a Gutenberg Blocks plugin?

Yes, but it is a Gutenberg Post Block plugin. It displays the dynamic post on your page.

Where can I request new features?

We are available on the WordPress support forum.

Where can I report bugs and contribute to the project?

Bugs can be reported on the WordPress support forum.

Is it working with older version of WordPress?

It is a Gutenberg plugin it works great with WordPress version 5.x.x or more. And WordPress older version with Gutenberg plugin.


19 març 2020
ThankQ for this great plugin with insane options for free. I believe pro version on its way..? Really enjoying using your plugin to get different beautiful layouts. Bugs..? Noticed expert options not updating content on the backend..but works perfectly on the front end. Filters are not working for me...I tried my best...with caching off...deactivating other plugins...any pointers would be helpful. Great work guys...all d the for your success👍
9 març 2020
It's really a wonderful plugin for Gutenberg Post Blocks, if someone wants a good style for their post display, this plugin is really easy to use and stylish.。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。
4 març 2020
Congratulations for putting out this plugin, it is the most comprehensive plugin to add post grids, lists and sliders I have found so far. I particularly like the fact that you included pagination, offset and filters. The amount of detail you put into certain details, like the post meta part, is almost insane! I did notice a couple layout issues with horizontal overflowing and the editor crashing once, but I need to test these further before I can offer any feedback on that. I do have a couple of suggestions to make it even better: - Include an option to also query/filter posts by date or author. - Enable the possibility to query other CPTs. There are couple of plugins out there which already do the above. If you were to include these two features, specially the last one, your would totally kill it! Thanks again, all the best!
23 febrièr 2020
I was surprised by the versatility of this plugin. It's great The other and most important thing is I contacted the developers and they have resolved both my doubts and fixed some minor problems. Thank you!!!!!
23 febrièr 2020
Guys you make some research you will realize that this plugin is the best. Keep up the work!
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Contributors & Developers

“Gutenberg Post Blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.1.4 – 26 Mar 2020

  • Fix: Sub Category Filter issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post Grid #3 CSS issue Fixed

1.1.3 – 14 Mar 2020

  • New: Added New Layout Named (Fashion)
  • Update: Update Import Layout Popup
  • Fix: Navigation Color Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Font Typography Default Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Pagination Color Issue Fixed

1.1.2 – 4 Mar 2020

  • New: Wrapper Addons
  • New: Custom Post Type Added in Query
  • New: Post List 2 Inner Content Style Added
  • New: Post List 3 inner Content Style Added
  • Fix: Pagination Hover on Mobile Device Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post List 3 Number of Post in Query Save Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Slick Theme CSS issue Fixed

1.1.1 – 23 Feb 2020

  • Fix: Query Builder Offset not Save Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Pagination Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Next Previous Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Load More Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Filter Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Pagination Style for Mobile CSS Issue Fixed

1.1.0 – 31 Jan 2020

  • New: Image Block Added
  • Fix: Image Overlay Opacity Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Image Overlay Default Color Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Dashboard Settings Fix
  • Update: Setting Panel Design Update

1.0.7 – 27 Jan 2020

  • New: Blocksy Theme Support Added
  • Update: Setting Panel Redesign
  • Fix: Fixed Slider Height Issue
  • Fix: Fixed Pagination Issue
  • Fix: Fixed Post Grid 2 click Issue
  • Fix: Fixed Load More Issue
  • Fix: Fixed Title Issue

1.0.6 – 08 Jan 2020

  • New: Added Full Excerpt Setting in Post List 1
  • New: Added Full Excerpt Setting in Post List 2
  • New: Added Full Excerpt Setting in Post List 3
  • New: Added Full Excerpt Setting in Post List 4

1.0.5 – 03 Jan 2020

  • Fix: Layout Reset Bug Fix

1.0.4 – 28 Dec 2019

  • New: Coblog theme support added
  • New: Pre-made Design Option Added
  • Fix: Post Grid 1 Bug Fix
  • Fix: Responsive Issue Fix
  • Fix: Template Issue Fix
  • Fix: Import Option Improved
  • Fix: Block Preset Design Improvement
  • Update: Setting Panel Redesign
  • Update: WordPress 5.3.2 Tested

1.0.3 – 11 Dec 2019

  • New: Added Read More Button Icon disable Option
  • Fix: Post List 1 Meta Position Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post List 1 Separator Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post List 1 Column Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post List 2 Image Border Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post List 2 Animation Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post List 3 Image Border Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Post Grid 1 Image Border Issue Fixed
  • Update: WordPress 5.3 Tested

1.0.2 – 09 Dec 2019

  • Fix: Template Issue Fixed

1.0.1 – 29 Nov 2019

  • New: Added Twenty Twenty theme support
  • New: Added Language File
  • Update: Performance Improved
  • Fix: Post List 1 CSS Fixed

1.0.0 – 28 Nov 2019

  • New: Initaial version released