TablePress allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode. Table data can be edited in a spreadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary. Tables can contain any type of data, even formulas that will be evaluated. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more for site visitors. Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

More information

Please visit the plugin website at for more information or a demo. For latest news, follow @TablePress on Twitter.

Supporting future development

If you like TablePress, please rate and review it here in the WordPress Plugin Directory or support it with your donation. Thank you!

TablePress Extensions

Additional features and useful enhancements are available as separate plugins, called TablePress Extensions, on the plugin website.


After installing the plugin, you can create and manage tables on the « TablePress » screen in the WordPress Dashboard.

To show one of your tables in a post or on a page, embed the Shortcode [table id=<the-ID> /] into a « Shortcode » block at the desired place in the block editor. Each table has a unique ID that needs to be adjusted in that Shortcode.

After that, you might want to change the styling of the table. You can do this by entering CSS commands into the « Custom CSS » textarea on the « Plugin Options » screen. Some examples for common styling changes can be found on the TablePress FAQ page.
You may also add certain features (like sorting, pagination, filtering, alternating row colors, row highlighting, print name and/or description, …) by enabling the corresponding checkboxes on a table’s « Edit » screen.


Special thanks go to Allan Jardine for the DataTables JavaScript library.
Thanks to all language file translators!
Thanks to every donor, supporter, and bug reporter!


This plugin is Free Software, released and licensed under the GPL, version 2 (
You may use it free of charge for any purpose.


  • "All Tables" screen
  • "Edit" screen
  • "Add new Table" screen
  • "Import" screen
  • "Export" screen
  • "Plugin Options" screen
  • "About" screen
  • An example table (as it can be seen on the TablePress website)


The easiest way to install TablePress is via your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the « Plugins » screen, click « Add New », and search for « TablePress » in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Then, click « Install Now » and wait a moment. Finally, click « Activate » and start using the plugin!

Manual installation works just as for other WordPress plugins:

  1. Download and extract the ZIP file.
  2. Move the folder « tablepress » to the « wp-content/plugins/ » directory of your WordPress installation, e.g. via FTP.
  3. Activate the plugin « TablePress » on the « Plugins » screen of your WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Create and manage tables by going to the « TablePress » screen in the admin menu.
  5. To insert a table into a post or page, copy its Shortcode [table id=<ID> /] and paste it into a « Shortcode » block at the desired place in the block editor. Each table has a unique ID that needs to be adjusted in that Shortcode.
  6. You can change the table styling by using CSS code, which can be entered into the « Custom CSS » textarea on the « Plugin Options » screen.


Where can I find answers to Frequently Asked Questions?

Many questions, regarding different features or styling, have been answered on the FAQ page on the plugin website.


For support questions, bug reports, or feature requests, please use the WordPress Support Forums. Please search through the forums first, and only create a new topic if you don’t find an existing answer. Thank you!


In short: WordPress 5.3 or higher, while the latest version of WordPress is always recommended.

Languages and Localization?

TablePress uses the « Translate WordPress » platform. Please see the sidebar on the TablePress page in the WordPress Plugin Directory for available translations.

To make TablePress available in your language, go to the TablePress translations page, log in with a free account and start translating.

Migration from WP-Table Reloaded

Several years ago, TablePress has superseded the now discontinued WP-Table Reloaded plugin. If you are still using that, please see the migration guide and switch to TablePress.


You can follow the development of TablePress more closely in its official GitHub repository.

Where can I get more information?

Please visit the official plugin website for the latest information on this plugin, or follow @TablePress on Twitter.


8 julhet 2020
I needed a plugin that could allow me to basically upload an excel spreadsheet of data into my website. I needed it to be able to allow me to put links on certain parts of the data within the spreadsheet. I tried several plugins before I found this Tablepress plugin. None of them were exactly what I was looking for. When I found and installed the Tablepress plugin, it was precisely what I needed. The plugin has clear instructions and is very easy to learn. The plugin author, Tobias, is very helpful if you have any issues, and he is very quick to respond to any requests for help. Tobias is a someone with integrity, and he is very humble in his approach to how he requests that people pay for this plugin. While it is not "required" by him for anyone to pay for this plugin, he deserves to be paid for this plugin by everyone who uses it. I'm sure that he has spent a lot of time developing and maintaining Tablepress, and also a lot of time providing support for it. A donation to him by anyone who uses this plugin is not only well deserved, but will help him to continually maintain it moving forward. This guy is brilliant, and I would imagine he probably has other projects in the works that will probably be helpful to WordPress users in the future. This plugin was essential for me being able to handle data on the website that I manage, and it was the perfect solution that I was looking for.
8 julhet 2020
We've been using TablePress on our site for years, and here are our favorite features: Automatic data imports/updates from Google Sheets Easy custom CSS for each table This is the kind of quality and robustness that all plugins should aspire to!
7 julhet 2020
Needed a way to easily display hundreds of records in a nice, visual table format. TablePress is the perfect solution! Tons of advanced options and extensions and the developer is very helpful with any questions.
7 julhet 2020
I found Tablepress (with extensions) has many options to get you the result required It is very fast in operation. Documentation a bit lacking but searching or contacting the developer will get you an answer.
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Contributors & Developers

“TablePress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“TablePress” has been translated into 36 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

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Recent changes are shown below. For earlier changes, please see the changelog history.

Version 1.11

  • Full compatibility with WordPress 5.4.
  • Enhancement: Update list of allowed CSS features in « Custom CSS ».
  • Enhancement: Allow more complex « Extra CSS classes », to support more CSS frameworks.
  • Enhancement: Modernize the arrow icons web font loading for faster loading.
  • Enhancement: Support the table markup structure of HTML 5.1.
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error due to misspelled function name during Excel import.
  • Updated external libraries (SimpleXLSX, CSSTidy, Build tools).
  • Some internal changes for better stability, translations, and documentation.

Version 1.10

  • Full compatibility with WordPress 5.3.
  • Enhancement: Allow importing with replacing/appending existing tables with ZIP archives of JSON files.
  • Enhancement: Greatly enhance the code quality by removing old code and using modern features of PHP.
  • Enhancement: Flush the caches of more caching plugins when the « Custom CSS » was modified.
  • Enhancement: Update list of allowed CSS features in « Custom CSS ».
  • Enhancement: Add more math formulas to the formula parser.
  • Bugfix: Restore correct behavior when moving columns on the « Edit » screen.
  • Bugfix: Properly hide text that is intended for screen readers only.
  • Updated external libraries (DataTables, SimpleXLSX, CSSTidy, Build tools).
  • Some internal changes for better stability, security, translations, and documentation.
  • Removed the migration/import code for the discontinued WP-Table Reloaded plugin.
  • TablePress 1.10 requires WordPress 5.3!