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Version : 1.0.4

Darrièra mesa a jorn : 15 junh 2024

Instalacions activas: 100+

Version de WordPress: 6.0 o mai recent

Version del PHP: 5.7 o mai recent

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Savora is a sophisticated WordPress theme meticulously crafted for organic restaurants, health-conscious eateries, and culinary ventures focusing on wholesome ingredients. With its elegant and inviting design, Savora enables you to showcase your menu, ambiance, and ethos with flair. Embracing the essence of natural dining, Savora embodies simplicity, authenticity, and sustainability. With Savora's intuitive interface, updating your menu, sharing upcoming events, and engaging with your community becomes effortless. Whether you're a seasoned restaurateur or just starting your culinary journey, Savora empowers you to effortlessly manage your online presence, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating memorable dining experiences.


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