WPCacheOn – WordPress Caching plugin


Simple and lightweight cache plugin for WordPress that will also enhance your website loading time and increase the scores at GTMetrix, Pingdom and other performance measuring tools.


  • Extremely efficient and fast disk cache engine, even greater results with SSD based servers
  • Very convenient displaying of the cache size in the admin dashboard
  • Automated and manual clearing of the cache
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification
  • Deactivate caching for specific page
  • Purge the cache for specific page
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • CSS and JavaScript inline
  • Custom Post Type support
  • PHP 7.3 compatible
  • Expiry Directive
  • HTTP/2 Focused

How does the caching work?

This plugin requires explicitly minimal setup time and no configuration at all. No coding, no configuration – install and activate, thats all!

The WPCacheOn has the ability to create two cached files. First is in plain HTML and the second file is gzipped (gzip level 9). Those static files are used to deliver content faster to your website visitors without any database lookups or gzipping because the files are already precompressed.

Stay tuned for new features!


  • https://wpcacheon.io/ – official website of the plugin


  • Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wpcacheon/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpcacheon

Minimum System Requirements

  • PHP >=5.3
  • WordPress >=4.1

Optimal System Requirements

  • PHP = 7.3
  • WordPress = 5.2


  • Jeffrey Cooper – 1987coopjeff@gmail.com


  • Inspired by the idea for better and faster loading websites!


  • Display of the cache size in your dashboard
  • WPCacheOn settings page and "Flush WPCacheOn" link in the dashboard


11 novembre 2019
De lo mejor que he encontrado.. ha mejorado la velocidad de mi página significativamente! Lo recomendaría a cualquiera
3 novembre 2019
The website speed was boosted about 3 times. It is really easy to use and comes with user-friendly interface.
28 julhet 2019
If you're looking for a cacheing plugin that works without all the complicated settings then this is the plugin for you. It does what it says which is cache your site.
3 julhet 2019
I am always trying new cache plugins and compare them with other plugins and their results. All of the options in GTMetrix that are related to plugin cache level are on their maximum! Plugin do not have many options and it is very easy to use. The fact that there are that good results of the plugin without additional options is awesome! This plugin is great if you would like performance without the boring configuration. I give you 5 stars! I will be following this plugin for new features and version.
4 junh 2019
Hello, thank you for the awesome speed plugin! Before installing your plugin, we have make speed tests with GTMetrix and have F in performance score and 5 seconds of loading time. After installing and activating your plugin, the performance score was increased from F to B and the loading time lowered to 2 seconds! Probably best part was that we have only activated the plugin and do no changes and results was better. Good work guys! We will definitely use your plugin in future.
21 febrièr 2019
I just made a review of different cache plugins and was very curious about this one. I compared GMetrix results with Swift Performance Light and CacheOn did not have a good score for YSlow test (less than 80%). So I’m not impressed. But it works without problem on the test site and options (very little) are very convenient to check. Better than no cache plugin but I think other well known plugins will do a better job with proper configuration.
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Contributors & Developers

“WPCacheOn – WordPress Caching plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Release 1.2.7, 30 Nov 2019

  • Improvements over the PreCache system
  • .htaccess optimizations
  • Small code improvements and optimizations
  • Check our Birthday Week pages for additional WordPress optimizations: https://wpcacheon.io/wordpress-week-of-speed-at-wpcacheon/

Release 1.2.6, 14 Nov 2019

  • Implemented in-house build PreCache technique
  • Fix issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/content-of-htaccess-removed/
  • Tested and confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.3
  • Minor improvements over the the admin dashboard and overall improvements of the UX

Release 1.2.5, 10 Oct 2019

  • Brand new admin dashboard icon
  • Applied new technique where we ensure that all of the .htaccess optimization rules will be always applied
  • More optimized .htaccess rules and preparation for WebP support
  • File structure improvement
  • Added new notification upon new version of WPCacheOn plugin
  • Added support for localization – now you can translate WPCacheOn plugin to your native language
  • Fixed an issue with the core React.JS
  • Fixed an issue with adding gzip for JPG image files

Release 1.2.4, 05 May 2019

  • Tested and confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.2

Release 1.2.3, 13 April 2019

  • Improved plugin upgrade process
  • Fixed an issue with the jpg browser leverage cache
  • Overall code optimizations for better internal work of the plugin

Release 1.2.0, 24 March 2019

  • Fix issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/problem-with-the-autoptimize-plugin/
  • Code glossary and optimizations
  • Update of the .htaccess rules for even better performance at GTMetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Investigated and fixed the issue with the strange characters
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.1.1

Release 1.1.6, 19 February 2019

  • Initial release at WordPress plugin directory
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.1

Release 1.1.5, 13 December 2018

  • Tested and confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.0
  • Tested and confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.9.9
  • Fast flush of cache from plugins menu
  • Small bug fixes

Release 1.1.0, 7 December 2018

  • Tested and confirmed compatibility with PHP 7.3
  • Improvements and stability

Release 1.0.5, 22 October 2018

  • Updated the WPCacheOn presence in the admin dashboard
  • Improved the WPCacheOn code structure

Release 1.0.0, 16 August 2018

  • WPCacheOn open beta tests release

Release 0.1.0, 25 September 2017

  • WPCacheOn first beta version release