WordPress to SuiteCRM Lead


This plugin will provide a Widget Form anywhere you want for easy,fast & hassle-free SugarCRM Leads.

No license fees, 100% FREE, No Ads, No BloatWares

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WordPress to SugarCRM Lead plugin is simple yet advance, easy & one time setup solution for your business needs. Plugin will dynamically generate a Lead-form on a Widget based on your choices using fields which are mapped to your SugarCRM Lead module. You can change the Order & Label of the field any time you want. Now convert your website traffic/visitors into business Leads. It was never that easy before.


  • 2 minute setup
  • No HTML
  • User Friendly Form builder
  • Dynamically generated
  • Easy to manage
  • Pass any field as hidden field with any value you want. You can also change that value anytime you want
  • Mark any field mandatory
  • Change success/failure and all error messages at your convenience
  • Capture user/visitor’s Remote Address
  • Option to attach unlimited files with every lead
  • Get Email notifications for each lead generation
  • Option to redirect page on lead submission
  • Connect to your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM even if it’s protected with .htaccess
  • Now you can apply custom CSS on your lead forms.

PRO Features

  • User-friendly Drag & Drop form builder.
  • Option to use Custom CAPTCHA method or google reCAPTCHA on your Lead-Forms.
  • Create multiple forms and use Shortcode generated anywhere on your WordPress site.
  • Unlimited Forms with different set of fields.
  • Additional email notification option for each form.
  • Generate Short-Code to set form anywhere in your WordPress website.
  • Email compose feature to send auto reply to visitors for individual forms. You can use Lead-Form fields in WYSIWYG editor to compose email template.
  • Get premium support.


Click here to submit your inquiry to get PRO plugin and more detail about it.


  1. Download & Enable plugin
  2. Test connection with your SugarCRM & save your SugarCRM credentials
  3. Synchronize Lead Fields
  4. Now all your Lead fields will be mapped in ‘Lead module’ table. Choose which fields you want to display on widget
  5. Go to widget page Drag & Drop SugarCRM Lead Form Widget to wherever you want (P.S Only one widget per page)

That’s it ! As simple as that !

For SugarCRM Settings

SugarCRM URL : Set your REST API SugarCRM URL. For customized SugarCRM, REST API URL would be “http OR https://<Your Domain Name>/service/v4_1/rest.php”. Service URL may be depend on your SugarCRM version.

Click here to check your SugarCRM version and get REST API.

Important !

  • You will require SugarCRM administrator level credentials to Plug-in it
  • You can use Widget one time only on each page, if will be display 2 time at single page – it will not work
  • You must save your SugarCRM URL, Username & Password without which plugin won’t work
  • To use ‘Pass user Remote Address with every lead’ function you must create custom field in your SugarCRM lead module named ‘lead_remote_ip’
  • Now make any field hidden & provide it’s value in Widget arguments in Widgets page. You can optimize this feature for something like from which part of your website lead is generated

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  • Plugin API settings.
  • Plugin general settings.
  • Plugin Message Settings
  • Custom CSS settings
  • Use this short code to display Sugar Lead Form
  • List of Lead module fields.
  • Sugar Lead Form with Google reCAPTCHA
  • Sugar Lead Form with Numeric method CAPTCHA


  1. Download & Enable plugin.
  2. Test connection with your SugarCRM & save your SugarCRM credentials.
  3. Synchronize Lead Fields.
  4. Now all your Lead fields will be mapped in ‘Lead module’ table. Choose which fields you want to display on widget.
  5. Go to widget page Drag & Drop SugarCRM Lead Form Widget to wherever you want.(P.S Only one widget per page)


Which username/password do I need to set?

You need to set username/password of your SugarCRM user. Once you have successfully tested your credentials, Click on SAVE button to save your User/Password into WordPress database.

Leads not generating on SugarCRM side ?

You haven’t saved your SugarCRM credentials properly. Go to your SugarCRM menu check your login details once again by ‘Test connection’ and then click ‘Save changes’. It should work now provided if details are correct.

I want to synchronize additional fields of differente module other then Lead module.

No you cannot synchronize fields of any other modules related with Lead. Only Lead module fileds will be synchronized.


12 febrièr 2019
Facile,rapide, sans probleme. Merci
6 novembre 2018
こんな簡単にCRMを組むことができると思っていませんでした。 ありがとうございます!
26 setembre 2018 1 reply
Although I followed every instruction included inside of your documentation, and I got a succesful connection to my SugarCRM server. This plugin simply didn’t work. I want to test it and if I could have got a better performance I would install as an important plugin on my 5 websites of WordPress.
7 Agost 2018
I have been using this plugin for several months. It is now a critical tool in the marketing toolbox for web2lead conversion. It is simple to use and integrates easily. I happen to be using it with the InBoundNow landing pages plugin and using the short code makes integration easy. I recently upgraded to the PRO version of this plug and received Zoom based support from Dipesh based on a few questions I had. It was very helpful. I recommend this plug-in for anyone who needs to capture leads and insert them into SuiteCRM. It has helped me captures leads which are being converted to revenue.
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress to SuiteCRM Lead” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 5.6
Release Date : 04 May 2024
1. Tested up to WordPress 6.5.2 and PHP 8.2
2. Apply validation in message settings
3. Implement strict equality check for better logics
4. Bug fixes and improvement

Version 5.5
Release Date : 22 May 2023
1. Numeric Captcha bug fixes
2. Tested up to WordPress 6.2.2

Version 5.4
Release Date : 18 Oct 2022
1. Bug fixes and improvement
2. Tested up to WordPress 6.0.3, PHP 8

Version 5.3
Release Date : 29 Mar 2022
1. Bug fixes and improvement
2. Tested up to WordPress 5.9.2

Version 5.1
Release Date : 23 July 2021
1. Bug fixes and improvement
2. Tested up to WordPress 5.8

Version 5.0
Release Date : 07 April 2021
1. Bug Fixes

Version 4.6
Release Date : 02 August 2018
1. Bug Fixes

Version 4.4
Release Date : 16 June 2018
1. Bug Fixed — Checkbox displayed as Dropdown is fixed.
2. Added new option to select CAPTCHA for better security Purpose. User can Select CAPTCHA and use it in Lead Form
* Google reCAPTCHA
* Numeric method CAPTHCA
3. Compatible with WordPress Version 4.9.6

Version 4.2
Release Date : 7 Feb 2017
1. Email alert on connection failed
2. GUI change
3. Short code feature to load form in web page
4. Tested with WordPress Version 4.7.2

Version 4.0
Release Date : 23rd April 2015

  1. Option to enable/disable CAPTCHA.
  2. New image CAPTCHA.
  3. Updated UI.

Version 3.7
Release Date : 30th March 2015

  1. Now you can apply Custom CSS to your Lead-Forms easily.

Version 3.6
Release Date : 20th February 2015

  1. Now you can set Invalid captcha & Required fields error messages.

Version 3.5
Release Date : 3rd February 2015

  1. Bug Fixes – ‘Account name’ field synchronize issue fixed.

Version 3.4
Release Date : 26th January 2015

  1. Bug fixes – Form will not reset on submit error.

Version 3.2
Release Date : 20th January 2015

  1. Bug fixes.

Version 3.1
Release Date : 16th January 2015

  1. Provided an option to redirect page on successful lead submission.
  2. Connect to your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM even if it’s protected with .htaccess. Setting available in settings panel.

Version 3.0
Release Date : 5th January 2015

  1. Option to attach unlimited files with every lead.
  2. Get Email notifications for each lead generation.
  3. Design changes.

Version 2.1.6
Release Date : 17th December 2014

  1. Changed the method of saving SugarCRM settings to prevent conflicts.

Version 2.0
Release Date : 9th December 2014

  1. Now you can capture user’s Remote Address with every lead.
  2. Option to pass any field as hidden field. You can set value for that hidden field in Widget arguments. With this feature you can get information about from which part of your website lead is generated.

Version 1.5
Release Date : 27th November 2014

  1. Now you can change the Label for any field.
  2. Option to mark any field mandatory.
  3. Provided calander plugin for date & datetime fields.