This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Tweakr – Utility Toolkit


This plugin is a collection of common used tweaks and features – each of them can be controlled independently
It is designed as compact all-in-one solution espacially for Web-Agencies and Advanced Users with security in mind: just audit and trust a single plugin.

Visual Editor

  • VisualComponent Extension visualizes the HTML Element Structure (headings,section,p)
  • Remove the fixed-width restriction of the Editor-Area (set to 80% max)


  • Use External SMTP Mailserver to deliver mails transmitted by wp_mail
  • No Third Party libraries required! WordPress Internal PHPMailer class is used
  • Support for TLS/SSL Connections
  • Set the Mail-From-Name and Mail-From-Address manually
  • Fix phpmailerExceptions by setting the mail-from parameter to a valid address
  • Control New User Registration E-Mails (send to admin and/or user)

Automatic Updates

  • Control Automatic-Update policy
  • Enable automatic Theme Updates
  • Enable automatic Plugin Updates
  • Disable Automatic Updates
  • Disable Update Notification (E-Mail)

Permalinks/Rewrite Rules

  • Add .html extension to pages – e.g. privacy-protecton.html
  • Add .html extension to categories – e.g. category/uncategorized.html
  • Optional or enforced html extensions (backward compatibility)
  • Remove embed Rewrite Rules
  • Remove feed Rewrite Rules

Virtual Permalink URLs

  • Placeholders like link://post.local/1234 can be used within the Link-Insert-Dialogs and got replaced by the real link during rendering – this avoids problems with different domains names.

XML Sitemap

  • Automatical XML Sitemap generation sitemap.xml (SEO)
  • Modern Search-Engines like Google, Bing can easier index your posts/pages
  • Only Posts and Pages are displayed
  • Password protected posts/pages or unpublished content is ignored!
  • XML Format regarding the specification


  • Disable XMLRPC API (Really!)
  • Restrict REST (JSON) API Access to Admin and Editor User

System Tweaks

  • Disable Emojis
  • Disable Smileys
  • Disable oEmbeds
  • Hide Admin Toolbar
  • Hide WordPress Generator Tag
  • Hide Windows Live Writer manifest file link
  • Hide Meta Pagination Links
  • Hide Feed Links
  • Hide Resource Hints
  • Disable RSS Feeds
  • Disable Atom Feeds
  • Disable RDF Feeds

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Support – just add your Tracking-ID
  • AnonymizeIP Option
  • OPT-OUT Shortcode/Button (required by GDPR/DSGVO) – also works with Caching Plugins or CDN Servers
  • IE8 Compatible

Matomo/Piwik Analytics

  • Matomo v3 Support – add your Host URL + Site ID – thats it!
  • OPT-OUT Shortcode/Button (required by GDPR/DSGVO) – also works with Caching Plugins or CDN Servers
  • Simple Page Name Option (Records the Document Title without Blog Name)
  • DoNoTrack Option
  • Option to add the Hostname to your Document Title (useful for multidomain sites)


  • Settings Page Overview
  • VisualComponent Extension
  • Google Analytics Options
  • Piwik Analytics Options
  • E-Mail SMTP Settings
  • Analytics OPT-OUT Button


System requirements

  • PHP 5.4 or greater
  • WordPress 4.7


  1. Upload the complete tweakr folder (WordPress Plugin) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> Tweakr and configure it


A lot of the Tweaks/Extensions are already available as Single Plugins

Of course! But as a professional Web Agency it is much easier to develope, maintain and audit a single plugin instead of a set of 20+ plugins from different authors!

Why do you use your custom tracking code for Piwik/Google Analytics

Because of the Opt-Out Buttons code and the possibility to control the options via the settings page.

I miss some features / I found a bug

Send an email to Andi Dittrich (andi _D0T dittrich At a3non .dOT org) or or open a New Issue on GitHub


5 març 2018
Thank you for this plugin. It allows to configure many WP « obscurities » that otherwise would need to be disabled by digging deep into PHP hooks. The trailing slash removal and disablement of user registration notification emails are killer features.
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Contributors & Developers

“Tweakr – Utility Toolkit” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added: option to set the .html extension as optional
  • Changed: new plugin menu structure
  • Changed: wp-skltn library updated to 0.22.1 – MPL 2.0 License
  • Changed: applied new wp-skltn plugin structure – files moved into modules/ directory
  • Bugfix: invalid regex in .html extension rewrite rule accepted any character instead of a dot
  • Bugfix: metadata generator throws a php notice due to non extisting global $post object


License changed to GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 (GPL-2.0)

  • Added: option to control automatic updates (enable/disable updates by each component)
  • Added: option to hide privacy-policy page from search engines
  • Added: option to advertise the sitemap.xml in robots.txt file to be autoamitcally recognized by search engines
  • Added: option to disable smiley images (convert_smilies)
  • Added: option to center TinyMCE (VisualEditor) content within editing area (enhancement for large screens)
  • Added: VisualComponent styles for list elements ul, ol
  • Changed: updated the UI components
  • Changed: wp-skltn library updated to 0.16.0 – MPL 2.0 License
  • Changed: sessionStorage is used to store the current active tab instead of cookies
  • Changed: moved sitemap settings to content section
  • Changed: renamed Piwik Analytics to Matomo – see
  • Removed: jquery-cookie dependency


  • Added: Option to remove trailing-slashes from all permalinks
  • Added: Option to add .html extensions to custom taxonomies – feature requested on Forums
  • Added: Virtual Permalinks to the Link-Insert-Dialogs. Placeholders like link://post.local/1234 are used and replaced by the real link during rendering – this avoids problems with different domains
  • Added: Virtual Permalinks to the Media-Insert-Dialogs. Placeholders like link://attachment.local/1234 are used.
  • Added: Option to remove shortlink from HTTP-Header
  • Added: Option to remove REST-API URL from HTTP-Header
  • Added: Option to disable pingbacks/trackbacks for all posts/pages (set to closed)
  • Added: REST API Monitoring endpoint <hostname>/wp-json/tweakr/v1.0/monitoring
  • Changed: By disabling the XMLRPC API the related HTTP-Header X-Pingback will be disabled
  • Changed: Permalink Settings are moved to the Content pane


  • Added: XML Sitemap Generator
  • Bugfix: Plugin Re-Activation doesn’t flush (initialize) the rewrite rules


  • Added: VisualComponents Extension to visualize the HTML Element Structure in Visual Editor Mode (headings,section,p)
  • Added: SMTP Mail Transport settings to deliver mails via external Mailserver
  • Added: Option to remove Rewrite Rules for all types of Feeds (RSS, RTF, ATOM, RSS2)
  • Added: Option to add .html extensions to Pages or Categories
  • Added: E-Mail settings to set the mail-from-address as well as mail-from-name manually
  • Changed: Settings Page Structure has been modified
  • Changed: New Piwik and Google Analytics Code
  • Changed: « Disable XMLRPC » will now force the xmlrpc.php Endpoint to return a HTTP403 Response
  • Changed: TinyMCE Autowidth is set to 95%
  • Changed: Disable oEmbeds removes also the related Rewrite Rules as well as the endpoint (embed.php template page)
  • Changed: Renamed the setting of « Fix Mail-From » – has to be activated again


  • Added: Google Analytics Tracking Option
  • Added: Piwik Analaytics Tracking Option
  • Added: Option to set the VisualEditor width to auto (max 80 percent)
  • Added: Mailfrom-Fix – it solves problems with phpmailerExceptions which are caused by a malformed/invalid email-from-address.
  • Added: New User Notification Control – enable/disable notification E-Mails for admin and/or the new user
  • PHP >= 5.4 is required


  • Initial public release.