Smart Image Resize – Make WooCommerce Images the Same Size


Smart Image Resize Make your store look professional with product images that are all uniform and the same size without cropping.

  • Zero-configuration.
  • No more manual image editing and photo resizing.

Lite Features

  • Resize up to 150 images
  • Remove unwanted whitespace around image.
  • Set a custom background color of the emerging (new empty) area.
  • Compress thumbnails to reduce file size.
  • Select which sizes to generate.

Pro Features

  • ♾ Unlimited Images: Unlimited images resizing.

  • ✈️ Convert to JPG format: Reduce image file size and boost page speed.

  • 🚀 Use WebP Images: Reduce image file up to 90% while still providing transparency and the same quality.

  • 🔒Insert watermark (coming soon): Insert logo, name, SKU, and other info on all images, attracting new potential customers through search engines, and keep images safe from unauthorized use (especially if you sell digital products or if you want to keep the copyright safe for the images you publish online such as photos, pictures, comic strips, etc.)

  • 👨‍💻 Get priority support:
    Get faster chat and email support.

Check out Smart Image Resize PRO!


Smart Image Resize plugin doesn’t require any configuration. Just enable it under WooCommerce > Smart Image Resize, and you’re ready to start uploading your images!

You can change settings to fit your needs under WooCommerce > Smart Image Resize.

Note, to regenerate exising thumbnails, follow the quick steps below:
1. Install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.
2. Navigate to Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails.
3. Uncheck Skip regenerating existing correctly sized thumbnails (faster)
4. Finally, click on Regenerate Thumbnails for the N Featured Images Only button.


  • Before and after using the plugin.
  • Settings page.
  • Select sizes to generated.
  • Add custom background color of the new area.


  1. Upload smart-image-resize folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    Note: Make sure PHP Fileinfo extension is enabled in you server.


How can I regenerate thumbnails I already added to the media library?

To regenerate thumbnails, please install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Make sure to uncheck Skip regenerating existing correctly sized thumbnails (faster)

I get an error when I upload an image

Make sure PHP extension fileinfo is enabled.


2 decembre 2019
5/5. My customer had loads of different image ratios to deal with in category views. All solutions, except having the thumbs 1:1, fitted and cropped smartly are just not very good. This plugin, with Regenerate Thumbnails, did the trick. Now everything is displayed beautifully. Thank you, thank you. Recommended this to a dev friend the day after I used it, he used it as well. (We both ended up getting the Pro version to leave it on, customers don't care to crop their images on their own tbh) Cheers 🙂
13 setembre 2019
Very simple to use with perfect results... a real time saver!
31 Agost 2019
I downloaded the free version and after 3 minutes I bought the PRO version. The plugin is EXCELLENT! For a year I didn't know what to do with WooCommerce photos, because we have 30,000 imported products with different photos. Thank you for this plug and I wish you thousands of sold!
25 Agost 2019
A much needed plug in and very simple to use. In fact now I can focus more on selling than worrying about how to right size and resize my product images. The developer is very proactive in support and his responses and solutions are prompt and always work. Highly recommended !!!
27 Agost 2019
The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Sorry but this doesn't work for me either, I get the message above. I can see that this error was labelled as "Resolved" below: Unfortunately it is still occurring. I'm using 'Storefront' theme by WooCommerce. I was really hoping this would fix the image fitting problem I have but sadly it didn't work 🙁 Regards Warren UPDATE: Nabil the developer replied very promptly with a helpful solution to the problem below: Did you read the FAQ section? Probably the PHP Fileinfo extension isn’t enabled on your server. Please enable it or ask your hosting provider to do it for you and try again. There are more than 1000 active websites using the plugin, and it should work for you too. I had already found an alternative workaround so didn't actually use this plugin in the end but I'm sure it works fine.
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Contributors & Developers

“Smart Image Resize – Make WooCommerce Images the Same Size” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Set GD driver as default.
  • Stability improvement.


  • Prevent black background when converting transparent PNG to JPG.
  • Fixed random issue that causes WebP images fail to load.
  • Stability improvement.


  • Added settings page link under Installed Plugins.


  • Added Whitespace Trimming feature.
  • Various improvements.


  • Fixed crash when Fileinfo extension is disabled.


  • Added support for Jetpack.


  • Fixed conflict with some plugins.


  • Prevent dynamic resize in WooCommerce.


  • Handle WebP not installed.


  • Fixed mbstring polyfill conflict with WP mb_strlen function


  • Added polyfill for PHP mbstring extension


  • Force square image when height is set to auto.


  • Fixed empty sizes list


  • Fixed empty sizes list


  • Added settings improvements
  • Added processed images notice.


  • Added fileinfo and PHP version notices
  • Improved settings page experience.


  • Introducing Smart Image Resize Pro features
  • Various improvements


  • Fixed some images not resized correctly.


  • Minor bugfix


  • Errors messages now are displayed in media uploader. This will help debug occured problems while resizing.


  • The PHP Fileinfo extension is required. Now you can see notice when it isn’t enabled.


  • Fixed bug that prevents upload of non-image files to the media library.


  • Skip woocommerce_single resize


  • Stability improvement


  • Bugfix


  • Bugfix


  • Removed deprecated option.


  • Small images resize improvement.


Improve stability


  • Add ability to add custom color in settings.
  • Fixbug for some PHP versions.


  • Public Release