This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Product Style Amazon Affiliate Plugin


Product Style is an Amazon affilate plugin for WordPress blogs.

It is the only WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliate ads that is focused on styled advertising, unique content, search engine rankings and high converting advertisements.

Developed by a professional Amazon affiliate, the Product Style Plugin is based on professional techniques that have proven success. Best of all, the plugin encourages unique content that has resulted in a lot of #1 Google rankings using this plugin.

Installation of the plugin is simple. The recommended way is to download it through your WordPress administration on the website where you want to use it. Just search for ⁐roduct Style Plugin†when adding a new plugin.

Alternatively, you can also download the plugin from this website. If you download the plugin here, there are two ways to install it. You can upload the entire .zip file through your WordPress administration, or you can decompress that file and upload the entire contents to your  wp-content/plugins/†directory.

Almost every single thing about the ads can be customized to your exact liking!

Just a small list of the things that can be customized with each affiliate ad:

 ╁d Style Background, Border & Text Colors

 ╁dvertisement & Text Sizes

 ╌ayout of Ad (Rearrange all major areas)

 ╁dvertised Product (promote anything on

 ╁d Text For Header(s) & Ad Information

The Product Style Amazon affiliate plugin is easy to use. Let⁳ see how&

Get started by entering your Amazon Associates ID to make sure youl get commissions for any sales the website refers.

Then, create a customized ad design ⁓tyle†or use one of the predefined styles. This ⁓tyle†can then be used for control the way the affiliate ads look. Create and use as many styles as needed on a single website!

To actually create an ad to display on your WordPress blog, there are three simple steps to follow:

1.Create Product Information †With an easy-to-use administration area, create a Category to contain similar products that will all show the same types of information. Then, create a Product within that Category, and specify what type of information you want to show for the product by creating Fields. A Field will have two parts: the Name and the Info. Using the sample ad shown above, an example Field Name is ⁃rate Name†and the Field Info for that name is ⁍idwest iCrate‮ All Products in one Category will use the same Field Names for each Product. This Product information can be simple or complex, whatever works for you and your website. However, website visitors love to see a lot of information with an advertisement because it encourages them to take a look at the ad, and this leads to more conversions and more commissions for you.

2.Create Advertisement †Enter some basic information for your Amazon affiliate ad. This is also where a Style and the Product information is connected with an advertisement. After this brief information is provided, the ad is created and ready for action!

3.Publish Advertisement †Insert created Amazon affiliate ads anywhere you want on your WordPress site! Using either tab of the native WordPress editor, choose the affiliate ad that you want to display on the page, and then shortcode for that ad will automatically be inserted into the page. Those same shortcodes can also be used within Text/HTML Widgets to show Amazon affiliate ads literally anywhere on the WordPress site.

Important Information: The Product Style Plugin is neither affiliated with or endorsed by either WordPress or Amazon. WordPress and Amazon are both Trademarked names that are owned by their respective companies. The Product Style Plugin is free to use and licensed under GPLv2. This plugin is known to be compatible with WordPress 2.7+, and it is kept up to date with the most recent versions (last tested with WP 3.2.1). The plugin is also only supported in the English language. If you would like to contribute translations for the plugin to make it available in another language, please feel free to contact me.


The Product Style plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository or at the plugin website:

To install Product Style, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Upload the entire « amzps » folder to the plugins directory on your WordPress site ( generally /wp-content/plugins/ ).

  2. Login to your WordPress Admin and click ‘Plugins’.

  3. Click the ‘Activate’ link for the plugin, ‘Product Style Amazon Affiliate Plugin’.

Instructions for using Product Style

  1. Enter your Amazon Associates ID on the ‘Settings’ page.

  2. Create a product category and a product on the ‘Products’ page.

  3. Create style settings for displaying your advertisements using the ‘Styles’ page. Make sure you publish changes to styles or else website visitors will not see the updates.

  4. Create advertisements with your Amazon ASIN’s and specify a style, product and other ad settings using the ‘Ads’ page.

  5. Insert advertisements anywhere you want within posts and pages using the drop-down box in the page/post ‘HTML’ view of the editor! There is also a Product Style Icon in the ‘Visual’ tab that can be used to insert Ads.


Where can I find more information about the Product Style plugin?

Every copy of the plugin comes with two additional files that you’ll find extremely useful. These are two PDF files that explain all of the features of the plugin as well as how to use it.

Do you have any screenshots available for what the plugin can do?

Yes, take a look at

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Contributors & Developers

“Product Style Amazon Affiliate Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.