Accessibility Suite by Online ADA


Scan and update your WordPress website for ADA, Section 508 and WCAG Compliance in just minutes!

Get detailed reports any developer can use to update your website. No accessibility knowledge needed!

We’ve spent years developing a suite of tools so you can do in just a few minutes what used to take compliance experts months – without needing to know the ins-and-outs of Section 508 or WCAG compliance.

Whether you’re new to accessibility or are a compliance expert, this plugin is for you.

Think of the time and money you’ll save and the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that your site has been thoroughly scanned for all elements in violation of accessibility compliance and that you have been presented with the exact steps you need to take to achieve compliance.

The most comprehensive ADA accessibility and WCAG compliance scan and reports available. Streamlines website accessibility updates right from the dashboard.

Download it, try it, and please give us a review on the WP Directory.

Now includes:

✔ Full Color Blindness Report
✔ New drastically improved user interface
✔ Filter option for WCAG A, AA, and 508 errors
✔ Downloadable CSV Report for agencies to create work estimates
✔ Now scans in the cloud to save your server resources
✔ Compliance summary with site grading
✔ Makes site updates even easier


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  • Report summary second fold


24 junh 2019
Unfortunately, after almost a year of trying to make it work on our site... It never did anything for us but the basic items and I spoke to the owner many times. It never passed a full scan, plus the scans do not send you a full report, it sends you a confirmation that it has been scanned. He could never get the product to do what it's advertised to do and I requested a refund and as far as I know, he said he would refund it and I don't think that's ever happened either. I hope someone makes a plugin that works with larger websites.
18 març 2019
This plugin is simple to setup and use as it walks you through each step to become ADA compliant. There really is no other plugin like it. Also, the customer service is AMAZING as they are very responsive. Highly recommend!
14 març 2019
This is amazing! I am able to offer my clients ADA accessibility for a FRACTION of what other agencies are charging to just look at sites!! It works right out of the box, scans every single file and is very straightforward on what needs to be done. Did i mention scheduling reports? This is really an awesome plugin and highly recommend for all sites to ensure compliance!
28 genièr 2019
This is just the tool we were looking for. I couldn't imagine taking any other approach to getting our site WCAG compliant. Works great!
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Contributors & Developers

“Accessibility Suite by Online ADA” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



– Bug Fix: Fixed a bug with certain 2.1 article descriptions not parsing correctly which caused a JS crash in the report.

– Bug Fix: CSV Reports have been optimized and should no longer crash on very large sites

– Performance: Enhanced the performance of loading the report script

– Verbiage: Changes to some of the language around the plugin

– We’ve updated the way the report filter works. The Errors and Warnings filters now act as global filters. Checking either of them will hide ALL of those types. The rest of the filters will also now filter all of those issues if they don’t share a flag with other issues, not including the global Errors and Warnings. For example, if an issue has Warning and Contrast, unchecking Contrast filter would hide this issue even though alerts are still checked and vice-versa.
– When issues get filtered, if the page has no unfiltered issues to show that page now hides from pagination and reappears when its issues get unfiltered. This will save a bunch of time scrolling through pages and should make managing reports much easier!

– Bug Fix: Fixed a bug causing the « Upgrade To Pro » banner to always show even if the license key was valid

– Bug Fix: Small fix to helper class syntax

– Complete overhaul of the scanning logic. The scan now provides a far more robust logic for checking against WCAG violations.

– Foundational support for pro version sitemap bug fix

– Bug fix: fixed an issue with backwards compatability on scans older than June 12th.

– Changed verbiage of « Warnings » to « Alerts » and changed the way the star rating score is computed.
– Removed the warning about empty alt attributes and images with role= »presentation », as these are non-issues and not worth having on a report

– Utility: Added support for the pro version of the Alt Tag Manager

– Bug fix: Fixed an issue with the scan report not loading when no results were found.

– Minor: Fixed some grammar issues, minor css changes
– Bug fix: Fixed the « Upgrade to pro » banner not dismissing properly

– Bug fix: Fixed an issue with the CSV report that arose after the performance restructuring

– Bug fix: Removed reliance of php extension mb-string by utilizing symfony/polyfill-mbstring. This will fix the error « Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding() » for users who do not have mb-string php extension

– Performance: Restructured the scan reports page to utilize Vue.js instead of straight jQuery, as well as redesigned the way the scan results were being front-loaded. In combination with the new pagination, the amount of results displayed to the page at once has been greatly reduced. This has a big impact on memory usage for the browser
– Feature: New pagination system in the scan reports. No more giant lists of results to scroll through!

– Upgrade: Changed the snapshot feature and the colorblind report to both match the new way that scan results divides the data into chunks. This is to avoid the dreaded 413 « Request Entity Too Large » error for some users.
– Security: Beefed up the security on our ajax endpoints.
– Bugfix: Further refined the logic for comparing website domains to the pages and posts permalinks in the sitemap.

– Bug fix: Fixed issue with wordpress installations in subdirectories not comparing properly in the sitemap and CSV download path

– Security: Made ajax calls more secure and closed a potential exploit

– Bugfix: Fixed situation where sometimes if a query link was the first item in the sitemap list, the scan would get stuck on the current page being the query page
– Bugfix: Fixed logic for combining sitemap pages into 1 list when there are no non-query links
– Bugfix: Removed an added slash in the regex pattern for the link to a background image in the scan report contrast section
– Bugfix: Changed the logic for comparing pages to the domain from site_url(), which sometimes returned a different result than what page/post urls used, to a regex pattern, which always grabs the base domain. This mainly affected users whose wordpress installation was inside a custom folder path.
– Bugfix: Fixed a message that appeared on multisites where the plugin should be dormant.
– Bugfix: Fixed the « Undefined index: edit.php?post_type=wcag_scan » error message that appeared for non-admins
– Upgrade: Changed the way the scan saves report data. Everything now gets divided into chunks so that the query to the database is much lighter and more efficient.
– Feature: Added demonstration video to plugin description