This plugin has been closed as of 10 genièr 2023 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


23 novembre 2022
The plugin is fine, it is true that more or less 10% of my links are randomly transformed into links from the plugin creator, but it is not a very high percentage. The problem is that the only thing that allows me to modify is the title of the product, I would like to be able to modify the "alt" of the images to improve my SEO. If anyone knows how to do this, write to me. It currently puts [alt="Product"] by default, I don't think it's very difficult to implement to change that. Additionally, if I show 3 columns, but I only put one product, it looks too cramped for my taste. But I can't show the products in a single column, because in other sections I use 3 columns. I would give the plugin a better rating if they put the thing about changing the "alt" of the products. Help @eanton
17 julhet 2022
Way to go stealing commisions... what's even the point of using this plugin?
9 junh 2022
Their amazon affiliate id is pwpnaaa0f-20 . They use a hacking code in their plugin includes/naaa-functions.php file. You can not find their id because they are using php chr() function, using the octal value to add the ASCII Character. Here is the code. unction naaa_get_gat($market){ $market = strtolower($market); if ($market == 'ca'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(102).chr(45).chr(50).chr(48)); }else if ($market == 'de'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(45).chr(50).chr(49)); }else if ($market == 'es' || empty($market)){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(55).chr(45).chr(50).chr(49)); }else if ($market == 'fr'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(50).chr(45).chr(50).chr(49)); }else if ($market == 'gb'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(57).chr(45).chr(50).chr(49)); }else if ($market == 'it'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(102).chr(45).chr(50).chr(49)); }else if ($market == 'jp'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(45).chr(50).chr(50)); }else if ($market == 'us'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(99).chr(45).chr(50).chr(48)); }else if ($market == 'mx'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(53).chr(45).chr(50).chr(48)); }else if ($market == 'br'){ return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(51).chr(45).chr(50).chr(48)); } return (chr(112).chr(119).chr(112).chr(110).chr(97).chr(97).chr(97).chr(48).chr(55).chr(45).chr(50).chr(49)); } also they using random function to add their affiliate id to your products. function naaa_get_finalist($first, $second){ if (random_int(1, 100) > 7){ return $first; }else{ return $second; } } Hope this message would help to avoid such scammers. Be safe.
7 junh 2022 1 reply
This plugin is quite the best one for Amazon affiliate beginners. They change a small quota of my links (1 in 10 in my case) to their affiliate id, but that is imo good since the plugin is free and it not requires api. Also, is good in doing what it does. Retrieve fast many products in many markets. The best solution for beginners, at the cost of a small quota of your traffic to them that is comprensible.
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