MyStyle Custom Product Designer


You can enable any product in WooCommerce for single side or multi-side personalization & customization using the MyStyle Custom Product Designer. This allows any user to design their own graphics with a photo-realistic live product preview. Our renderer can then generate the print file for any order(s) to exact high-res specs that meet your needs, and allow for print file editing on the fly to save time and eliminate needing Photoshop and/or Illustrator to process graphics for print.

The Customizer itself comes complete with free graphics, uploaded images, and high-res print images for users to add to their designs if they don’t have their own image. This stock library is hosted remotely in the cloud by the MyStyle Platform and Amazon S3 + Cloudfront CDN, so no extra load or HD space used on your server/hosting.

Users have a live product preview throughout the design experience. Popular products to personalize include phone cases, t-shirts, canvas prints, or anything that can be printed with a customer image!


  • WooCommerce
  • Please note that the MyStyle Custom Product Designer is a serviceware plugin, which means it works by connecting to a remote service. The customization apps, graphics, and cloud storage that it uses require a paid/active MyStyle License.


  • Easy / Quick to install
  • Awesome User Experience
  • User-designed products save time and eliminates redundant design work
  • High design-completion and sell-thru ratios
  • World-class design tools in the MyStyle Customizer
  • Print Rendered images streamline and ensure quality control with any fulfillment
  • Do your own fulfillment, or try our network of manufacturers (optional / contact us).
  • No added fees for purchases, no commissions!
  • Use any CC processor/checkout
  • Made in America (California)
  • Experienced San Diego based development team for support or custom feature development

Plugin Features

  • Users can design their own products right on your website and:
    • Upload images/photos
    • Add custom text (vector)
    • Add custom colors
    • Add gradients (color fades)
    • Drag and drop images and text right on the product visually
    • Design multi-side products
  • Users can save designs publicly or privately
  • Integrates with WooCommerce products easily
  • Adds custom products directly to the user’s WooCommerce shopping cart
  • Thumbnail of user’s custom design shows in the shopping cart for each customized item
  • Product prices and description content controlled by WooCommerce as normal
  • HTML5 & Mobile Compatible
    • Mobile auto-detection with portrait and landscape modes
  • Print-ready image file rendering (can be made to match your exact print specs)
    • Print files can be retrieved in the normal WooCommerce order history in the admin or synced to Shipsation etc
    • Print files Renderer is available with a paid license (see MyStyle Platform website for pricing)
  • New products can be added to our remote template catalog upon request
  • Custom libraries of backgrounds, foregrounds, or fonts can be added upon request
  • Configur8 feature allowing the product image on the product info page to be changed based on user input (beta).


You can see some examples of the MyStyle Custom Product Designer in use (and try it out) at the following sites:


– the mystyle /designs/ page shortcode, displays the recent public designs (or all designs for admins).

[mystyle_design total=12]
– shows a gallery of 12 designs

[mystyle_design total=12 tag= »amazing »]
– shows a gallery of 12 designs that are tagged amazing

[mystyle_design total=12 collection= »amazing »]
– shows a gallery of 12 designs that are in the amazing collection

– displays the Customizer or a list of customizable products.

– displays a list of design tags with a few design thumbs per tag

[mystyle_design_tags per_tag= »5″ tags_per_page= »12″]
– displays a list of design tags with a specific number of design thumbs per tag, as well as a certain number of tags per page.

[mystyle_design_tags show_designs= »false » tags_per_page= »12″]
– displays a list of design tags without the designs

– displays a list of design collections with a few design thumbs per collection


  • Example of a phone case in the customizer with text added that says "Your Design Here" with different fonts, dropshadow colors, and a Blue-to-Pink gradient as the background
  • Example of someone customizing text on the side of a BMW
  • Example of someone who has uploaded a number of images into a phone case design and is adding some stylized text with glow and shadow
  • Example of a Skateboard being customized in the customizer
  • Example of a Smart Car with a background image applied


The MyStyle Custom Product Designer requires that you have WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin activated. The plugin is very easy to install and can be set up in just a few minutes. This is a serviceware plugin, meaning that once installed, it will load the Custom Product Designer app remotely from a hosted service, and it will function with all features, but you will need to obtain your MyStyle Developer API Key and Secret, and enter them in your MyStyle settings for the plugin to connect to the remote service.

  1. Install the Plugin: Install from WP Marketplace or Upload the plugi zip file to your website’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin: Find MyStyle in your ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin and press ‘Activate’. This will enable the plugin and also automatically create the core pages like « customize » page where the Product Designer will load when someone goes to design their own product. This new Customize page will be created complete with the Customizer Shortcode already in the content. You do not have to manually create your Customize App page or use the shortcode anywhere. When a user clicks ‘customize’ on any product, they will be taken to this automatically created page. You may change the title of this page in your page list, or add your own content to it before or after the shortcode, but it needs to be present.
  3. Follow the link in the Settings > MyStyle admin to obtain your Developer account, API Key and Secret, and enter them in the MyStyle plugin settings page in the WP Admin.
  4. In the WooCommerce Product settings, go to the MyStyle tab (beneath product data), check the ‘Make Customizable’ box and enter a corresponding Template Id. Try using the Template Id 1 for a blank rectangle to test with before beginning to set up product templates. Once that is working, proceed to set up your products with a template ID of your choice (see our website for some template IDs to test with or to make your own).


28 abril 2022
I have this plugin on my website and it is easy to install and use. The customizaer is simplified making it easy for customers to use and get previews of their custom products. Highly reccomend!
19 febrièr 2021
MyStyle was the first customizer solution we found when starting a customization business. We didn't do research into other options and just launched with MyStyle. It worked as advertised for a while, but then we discovered a major bug on iPhone that basically made it so anyone on an iPhone couldn't upload a picture. When we brought it to the attention of MyStyle, their first reaction was it works in Chrome when you set it to iPhone so nothing is wrong. I then took screen recordings of it happening and submitted it with the ticket and got crickets in return. Ended up having to rethink our customizer solution and move to a different solution. Do some research before deciding on a customizer. There are way better options with updated interfaces, better print options, and actual customer support.
28 Agost 2020
This is, bar none, the best customizer solution I have found for WordPress, at the best price. These guys did a great job! I can't even compute how much it would cost to build this in house. Thank you!
27 Agost 2020
Works great for allowing customers to customize our WooCommerce Products. Easy to use, and theme developer friendly.
31 decembre 2017 2 replies
I wish that I am able to give zero stars or a fraction of a star as it does not deserve more than zero stars. It is well described to give the feeling that it is free and in a small instance that it is linked to their website to find out that it does not work unless connected to their site and to connect it, you have to pay a large monthly amount plus that there is no trial. So they are deceiving. On the other hand, this plugin should not be here on as this is for free plugins even if they have limited functionality, but this plugin does not function at all without a payment. PLEASE REMOVE OFF WORDPRESS.ORG
3 setembre 2016 1 reply
There are Designers that cost money. There are designers that doesn't cost money and are listet in the free downloadable plugin database. This designer plugin is NOT for free, not even the basic functions. When activated you get asked for an API key. No words about costs, of course. To get one you get asked for signing up. There are many qustions to fill out but no infos about costs. Once done you have to notice that you have to pay via Paypal to activate the account. Without that, the plugin is completely useless. I usually don't rate that bad but this ist simply a hoax.
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Contributors & Developers

“MyStyle Custom Product Designer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed bug related to My Account Designs page not showing private designs.


  • Fixed bug related Design Unauthorized Exception error not showing on design profile page.


Fixed bug related to author designs page not showing private designs.


  • Fixed broken author design link, and added design tag meta tags.


  • Fixed UsersWP profile page designs bug.


  • Added support for web CDN urls on design profile pages.


  • Added meta tags to design profile pages and author pages for SEO
  • Added support for CDN urls for design images, both web and thumbnails


  • Add license check to admin dashboard hook on plugin update.
  • Made the design profile page default to Web image, unless license is in-valid


  • Added Web or Thumbnail setting for design galleries and design profile pages
  • Check valid license


  • New Feature: Display single collection via shortcode similar to single tag shortcode.
  • Fix: Remove HTML char code with special char from design profile page.
  • Enhancement: Use web image size instead of thumb image size by default on design tags pages.
  • Fix: Show Edit Title Button.


  • Fixed pagination bug on design index page, removed pagination on my-account/my-designs page, hide title box with inline style, use web image inplace of thumbnail


  • Added trailing slash to design profile pages and design collection pages


  • Added Rank Math canonical filter to design collections, tags, and profile pages


  • Added custom canonical and shortlink hooks to tags, collections, and profile pages for Yoast SEO


  • Added custom canonical and shortlink hooks to tags, collections, and profile pages for SEO


  • Fixed bug related to designs being saved with a user_id of 0


  • Removed session handling for anonymous users


  • Fixed WP Pagination on Design Tags and Collections pages


  • Bug fixes related to UsersWP profile pages


  • Added support for UsersWP, Added permissions for MyStyle CS user role, bug fixes.


  • Added custom design tag/collection title setting, matched H1 and Head Title text, changed design collection add permissions


  • Fixed bugs, changed user_nicename to display_name, added clean url to design confirmation email.


  • Upgraded design tag shortcode page, added out of stock body class


  • Added « Purchase as is » product option, fixed design tag index page bug


  • Added order again functionality and fixed Design Tag widget title bug


  • Added 3D Viewer support. Plus bug fixes


  • Fixed Design Tag Index shortcode


  • Fixed bug with legacy widget editor, affecting tag clouds.


  • Admin dashboard links. Changed default tags and collections per page values. Added CSS for pagination. Added product to design profile page titles.


  • Added standard WordPress pagination to Design Tags and Design Collections index pages


  • Fixed issue with removing products from existing designs. Changed Design Tag Index page title.


  • Added Design Collections Shortcode Attributes. Security Updates. CSS classes added. Bug Fixes.


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes related to the saving of designs while logged in


  • Bug fix while loading designs on other products. Added CSS classes


  • Design Tag and Design Collection Taxonomy Term ID bug fix


  • Updated Design Tag Shortcode, minor bug fixes


  • Added Design Collections Taxonomy, including admin and frontend pages.


  • Fixed private designs cart issue and added private design default image.
  • Added Design tags index page


  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the Design Profile page where the
    button wouldn’t work if the design didn’t have cart-data.
  • Updated the main plugin file to reflect that the plugin has been tested with up to WC 5.5.1.
  • Linting, unit testing, clean up, refactoring of ajax functions.


  • Added hook to after product description of design profile page.


  • Added ability for user to change design access policy.


  • Fixed a bug with the handoff when the user is logged in.
  • Updated to use v1.0.1 of the MyStyle Customize script.
  • Design API now able to CRUD design tags along with the Design.
  • Design API now able to CRUD design titles.
  • Added the new mystyle_design_tags shortcode to the contextual help.
  • Updated the readme.txt to reflect that the plugin has been tested with up to
    WP 5.7.2.
  • Updated the main plugin file to reflect that the plugin has been tested with
    up to WC 5.3.0.
  • Added a ‘GitHub Plugin URI’ header to the main plugin file.
  • Fixed a bunch of merge issues with the frontend.css file.
  • Added more unit tests.
  • Linting.


  • Added Design Tag index shortcode


  • Fixed design profile and tags index page bug


  • Altered design manager security for admin users


  • Altered design manager security


  • Modified design manager security


  • The design tag taxonomy (design_tag) is now available via the REST API.
  • The design title is now available via the REST API.
  • Updated the main plugin file to reflect that the plugin has been tested with
    up to WC 5.1.0.
  • Updated the readme.txt to reflect that the plugin has been tested with up to
    WP 5.7.0.
  • Fixed a bug with the author designs link. It was broken if WordPress wasn’t
    installed at the root of the domain (ex: at /blog/).
  • Fixed broken unit tests.
  • Fixed linter flagged issues.


  • Fixed ShipStation integration design status bug.


  • Fixed random designs shortcode access bug.


  • Fixed broken post link.


  • Fixed span tag showing in design titles.


  • Updated to use v0.1.4 of the MyStyle Customize script (which fixes a bug
    with passing the redirect URL to the customizer).


  • Updated to use v0.1.3 of the MyStyle Customize script (which fixes a bug
    with passing the redirect URL to the customizer).
  • Fixed a bug where the designId wasn’t being passed (if set) to the customize
  • Fixed a bug with setting the title on the Design Profile page.


  • Updated to use v0.1.2 of the MyStyle Customize script (which fixes a bug with
    loading extra customizer settings).


  • Switched from loading the customizer by rendering an iframe to loading the
    customizer by calling the new external MyStyle Customize script.
  • Updated the main plugin file to reflect that the plugin has been tested with
    up to WooCommerce 4.9.2.
  • Updated the readme.txt file to reflect that the plugin has been tested with
    up to WordPress 5.6.0
  • Improved the text on the options page in the admin.
  • Fixed the API credentials check while moving it serverside.
  • Fixed and improved the contextual help.
  • Fixed a bunch of broken unit tests.
  • Linted the whole plugin.
  • Removed some orphaned code.
  • Updated the copyright year to 2021.


  • Fixed Order admin refund bug.


  • Added Gallery and Tag attributes to mystyle_design shortcode, fixed design tag page bug.


  • Added custom template box shadow option


  • Fixed cart name access bug


  • Fixed cart image access bug


  • Updated Frontend CSS and DesignManager Class to add change design access function


  • Added plugin admin dashboard page, more custom design template features (beta), random design shortcode


  • Fixed Unauthorized Exception error


  • Added feature for custom design templates, including rectangle and oval shapes defined in inches.


  • Fixed body class from design profile page


  • Fixed version numbers


  • Fixed bug with table prefixes


  • Added new Design Tags Feature.
  • Optimized design archive pages to support standard WordPress Theme Development.


  • Fixed Design profile pager bug.


  • Fixed Bug associated with Divi themes.


  • Fixed Bug associated with WordPress Version 5.5.


  • Added My Designs page and Author Design pages. Added the ability to add and edit design titles.


  • Fixed the ability to load designs on another …