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Herd Effects – fake notifications and social proof plugin

Herd Effects – fake notifications and social proof plugin


The Herd Effects is the free marketing tool to set and to post popup notifications on the site. The plugin serves to increase the conversion of web resource and motivate users to perform certain actions. It demonstrates the current or fictitious activity of other visitors and creates a “sense of live queue” effect.

The Herd Effects is a simple and effective solution to increase the conversion on the site. Using a WordPress plugin for social proof will allow you to demonstrate the activity of other users to visitors of the resource. The plugin forms a « herd effect », attracts attention and motivates to commit various actions.

Main features

The Herd Effects will allow you to create a simple template and use it for an administrator-defined list of variable values. Notifications are designed to motivate the user to join the actions of others. Among its features:

  • configuring a template with variables to generate popup notification;
  • set the title;
  • more than 1400+ FontAwesome 5 icons ;
  • insert custom icons;
  • specifying the list of values for text variables;
  • set the minimum and maximum numeric values;
  • set the time interval for stable output of notifications;
  • edit the display on the screens less than the specified resolution;
  • insert an alert on the site using a shortcode.

Quick Start video

How to use and create a new social proof notification with Herd Effects plugin for WordPress.

Pro version

Enhance the « herd effect » of notifications by installing the Pro version of the plugin on your website:

  • unlimited amount of the notification sets;
  • generating an unlimited amount of the notifications in each set;
  • detailed adjustment of the style of the « herd effect » elements;
  • add a border and set the degree of rounding of its corners;
  • select a position to display each notification;
  • selection of colors for the background, borders, text and icons;
  • randomize the time intervals with which the notifications appear to add more realistic effect;
  • disabling a function of notifications closing by the user and setting auto-close;
  • control of the number of notifications;
  • add animation effects when windows appear and close;
  • connect and configure the output of the link via the notification;
  • display only for a specified period of time (from and to);
  • output of « herd effect » elements for all or separate user groups;
  • set the display depending on the language of the page;
  • edit the display of notifications on all or individual pages of the site, output items through the use of exceptions, IDs and categories.
  • And more…

Preview of Pro version

Buy Pro version

Can be used for

  • notification about registration on the site;
  • notifications with information on the purchase of goods;
  • informing visitors of the page about the ordering of the service by other users;
  • notifications about the installation of the application or program;
  • demonstration of the activity of users on the web resource;
  • notifications about subscription to the event of the company;
  • notifications about the mention of the resource in social networks;
  • informing users about real activity on the site and much more.

Use with other plugins to maximize your results


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  • Here’s how your notifications could run
  • Setting up this plugin is easy
  • What can you do with this plugin
  • Pro version features


  • Installation option 1: Find and install this plugin in the Plugins -> Add new section of your wp-admin
  • Installation option 2: Download the zip file, then upload the plugin via the wp-admin in the Plugins -> Add new section. Or unzip the archive and upload the folder to the plugins directory /wp-content/plugins/ via ftp
  • Press Activate when you have installed the plugin via dashboard or press Activate in the in the Plugins list
  • Go to Wow Herd Effects section that will appear in your main menu on the left
  • Click Add new to create your first set of notifications
  • Enter title that will appear in the notifications
  • Choose the icon that will appear in the notifications.
  • If you want a custom icon, tick Custom, upload your image via MediaAdd new, then insert the link to your image. Recommended icon size is 60×60 pixels.
  • Construct your notifications template in the Text field.
  • Enter the values for your [name] and [city] variables. You can get the list of names and cities here. Note that you can use these variables for any kind of content, not just names and citites. Just enter any values you want and the plugin will randomly pick the values to be displayed in the notifications. Do not create new lines in the list of your variable, or the notifications will not work! Just enter the values, separated by comma.
  • Enter the minimum and maximum values of the Amount, if you are using it.
  • Click Save
  • Copy and paste the shortcode, such as [Wow-Herd-Effects id=1] to where you want the notifications to appear.
  • If you want the notifications to appear everywhere on your site, you can insert it in your header.php, like this: <?php echo do_shortcode('[Wow-Herd-Effects id=1]');?>
  • If you want to insert the shortcode into a widget, use this plugin


6 mai 2021
Didn’t work properly for me using the shortcode on one of my templates and it wasn’t worth trying to fix it because the plugin is very restricted in the free version. Can’t style it at all so you’re left with a plain black look which is nothing but a distraction that looks very fake. Scarily I was putting it on my checkout page and recon this would have scared visitors off rather than pushed them towards the sale.
31 Agost 2020
This plugin works exactly as specified. It’s the easiest to use of all plugins like this. The developer is extremely responsive and support is fantastic. I highly recommend using this plugin for your Herd Effects needs.
26 Agost 2020 1 reply
I installed and configured the plugin and it unconfigured all the banners on my homepage both on the desktop and on the mobile. Beautiful crap.
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Contributors & Developers

“Herd Effects – fake notifications and social proof plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed: minor bug with nonce


  • Fixed: creating the databased


  • Fixed: dynamic property for PHP 8.2


  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: minor bug in page-list


  • Fixed: security issue


  • Added: Export/Import functions
  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: script download queue


  • Updated: Font Awesome Icons to version 5.14
  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Fixed: include script in footer


  • Fixed: custom image


  • Added: Live preview
  • Added: test mode option
  • Added: Unit for location
  • Updated: Admin style
  • Update: Font Awesome Icon to v. 5.12


  • Fixed: display of notification


  • Fixed: option ‘Show every (sec)’


  • Added: option for disabling FontAwesome 5 from front-end
  • Added: Content style options
  • Added: Title style options
  • Added: Icon style options
  • Added: Close button size option
  • Changed: Admin Style
  • Optimized: Styles and Scripts (minification and response time reduction)
  • Updated: FontAwesome 5
  • Fixed: Control on the devices


  • Fixed: Insert the shortcode


  • Fixed: Rounding the amount


  • Fixed: minor bugs
  • Fixed: main class


  • Fixed: minor bugs
  • Added: Support page
  • Added: Discount page


  • Added: function hiding menu on mobile
  • Changed: admin style
  • Changed: Up to 3 notifications


  • Fixed: minor bugs.
  • Change: Admin style.


  • Add: Interval display option.
  • Change: Admin style.


  • Fix: Can enter ‘Name’ and ‘City’ in new line.
  • Fix: Verifying access to the folder ‘asset’.
  • Fix: Optimized code.


  • Fixed code
  • Change style


  • Initial release