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MemberSpace – Membership Plugin and Paid Subscriptions

MemberSpace – Membership Plugin and Paid Subscriptions


Simply lock access to any page of your website then choose what people pay to get in. Create memberships for anything you want e.g. courses, video tutorials, member directories, and more while having 100% control over the look and feel.

Why Choose MemberSpace?

1. Designed for non-technical people

We believe anyone should be able to build and run a membership site. You shouldn’t need to hire a developer or have technical skills. So we’ve designed our membership plugin to be easy and simple for non-technical people to launch and grow a membership business on any website.

2. You don’t get locked into a CMS

With most membership plugins, you get locked into a content management system (CMS) like WordPress and it’s really hard to change. MemberSpace works with all popular CMS platforms, so you can easily move to a different one without impacting your members or their billing details.

3. We’re obsessive about customer support

Our success truly comes from providing great customer support. You can talk with us via live chat or email (under an hour response) and our team is also available for live support hours with you! But don’t just take our word for it, read our excellent Trustpilot, Capterra, and other MemberSpace reviews.

4. Everything happens on your website

With MemberSpace, you have 100% control over the design and member experience because everything occurs on your website without your members having to leave. They can sign up, login, access your content, or manage their membership account – all seamlessly within your existing site.

5. We offer a free migration service

We understand that migrating your membership to different software can seem like a daunting task. We want to make it as easy, simple, and painless for you as possible. So if you already have an existing membership system, we’ll help you migrate to MemberSpace for free (including billing details if possible).

Membership Plugin Features

📈 Optimize and grow your revenue

  • Unlimited Members
  • Tiered access
  • Plan Upgrades & Downgrades
  • Abandoned Signups
  • Failed Charge Recovery
  • Cancelation Alternatives
  • Automated Upsells
  • Instant Payouts
  • Connect Multiple Sites

⚡️ Offer flexible plans and billing

  • Paid Subscriptions
  • Recurring, Multiple or One-Time Payment Options
  • Free Trial Periods
  • Drip Out content
  • Choose Billing Dates
  • Member Approval
  • Coupon Codes
  • Custom Signup Fields
  • Multiple Currencies

🤝 Seamless integration experiences

  • Stripe, Zapier, Circle, Rewardful Integrations, and more.

🤗 Easy to use and customizable

  • VIP Support
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Styling & Wording
  • Export Members
  • Manually Add Members
  • Member Emails
  • API Access

🔐 Keep content secure and compliant

  • Member Analytics
  • Member Invoices
  • Encryption Security
  • Collect Taxes
  • Unlimited Protection
  • Multiple Admins
  • GDPR, CCPA, & SCA compliant


  • This is the member’s dashboard screenshot
  • This is the Member Pages screenshot
  • This is the Members backend screenshot
  • This is the Content Links backend screenshot
  • This is the Member Link pop-up
  • This is the Member Link button
  • This is the member account dashboard


Installing and configuring MemberSpace is easy!

  1. Install and activate the plugin.

  2. If you already have a MemberSpace subscription, we look up your configuration and apply it.

2b. If you do not have a MemberSpace subscription, there is a link under the Account tab that will take you to our site to sign up.

  1. Once signed up, add your subdomain under the configuration tab and we’ll grab all your details.

  2. That’s it — MemberSpace will now protect any pages that match your configuration!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our website. We’ll get back to you fast!


Why is there a transaction fee?

The fee creates a powerful incentive – we want you to make as much money as possible! The better you do, the better we do. That’s why we continually release new features to help you grow. We also help you offset the fee by automatically recovering all your failed recurring charges and abandoned member signups. In addition, we provide cancellation alternatives you can turn on for members (e.g. apply a discount, extend trial). Say your membership generates $20K/year, we’ll likely recover about 5% ($1,000) for you in extra revenue.

Can I change or cancel my plan whenever I want?

Yes, you can upgrade/downgrade between plans whenever you want and we’ll automatically handle the prorated charge or credit. You can also cancel your plan whenever you want.

How do I collect money from my members?

We integrate with Stripe for secure credit card payments. After you connect your Stripe account to MemberSpace (1-click), you’ll create subscription plans. After your members sign up and pay for your plans, you’ll receive the money (minus any MemberSpace & Stripe fees) in your bank account. This usually takes two business days.

Does MemberSpace work well for web design agencies?

Yes, you can connect unlimited client websites under your own MemberSpace Agency account. It’s easy to invite your client to collaborate on a membership site, and to transfer ownership to them when you’re done. Agencies can pass along special incentives to your clients, so be sure to sign up as an Agency if that’s how you’ll be using MemberSpace.


25 junh 2024
I’ve been using Memberspace for almost a year. Unlike most people using it, I’m NOT using it to sell anything. But I do need it to attract and manage free ‘members’ (having these members drives revenue for my business). The support team has always been really quick to respond and resolve any issues I’ve had as a non-techie, which is really important (I’m writing this review now because the lady who helped me asked me to, and I’m more than happy to do it). I would say the price is fairly high given I only use the free tier, but it’s a price I’m happy to pay because it’s easy to use and the support is good (I only knock a mark off as I wish they had an entry-level tier for those not using it for paid subs).
12 junh 2024
Ive used Memberspace for years now- whenever I have an issue their customer service is outstanding. Recently I had an issue that we had gone back and forth many times trying to troubleshoot and they really stuck with it and got it figured out for me. Amazing- thank you so much CP.
11 decembre 2023
The plugin hides information about payment processing via Stripe. You can add any currency, however not all are supported and there is no documentation, warning or impediment, to date, about this limitation. The result is that when a tool is activated for the public, the user is unable to pay because Stripe does not support it in some countries. So, with MemberSpace support, you discover this and they offer a monthly upgrade of US$100. Check before starting any project if payment is supported in your country or if you will have to pay an extra US$100 per month. Frustrating.
16 mai 2023
We needed to switch over to a new membership management software and after extensive research MemberSpace had all the fundamental features we needed, an easy migration process, and a helpful customer service team and FAQ section. We now have a smooth UX for our members and an easy backend admin dashboard for our team.
6 junh 2022
Just added this to my site and it’s really just what I needed. Ward & team are really obsessive about support, that’s for sure. Got me all the install assistance I required and it’s all good now. Highly recommend them.
3 mai 2022
This membership plugin rocks. Highly recommend. As a consultant I’ve worked with several clients who use MemberSpace and I’ve used it as an end user, too. Love it. Support is awesome, too.
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  • Require minimum PHP 7.4, the oldest PHP version with official security support


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  • Only relying on site autodiscovery, manually providing a site subdomain is no longer supported


  • General bugfixes
  • Improved error reporting


  • Initial release