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We all live in the attention economy.
The more information is available the less people will pay attention to it. Besides that, readers are not all the same. Why should content be?
There comes the problem: It is a great challenge to get the people’s attention and engagement with Digital Content. To help with that, Intelichat enables the creation of Digital Content, Personalized with a Chat experience driven by content robots.
With Intelichat you can easily create interactive content, with which readers Interact to build a personalized content. Create posts and pages as blocks of text, connect the blocks and pronto! Tests, surveys and fields are supported, and it is possible to gather reader`s choices and preferences as attributes. With a few configurations, your interactive content is ready for WordPress.
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  • This is the configuration screen of the plugin, where the Intelichat API Key must be pasted.
  • This is the button that is made available at the classic editor to insert a content bot in a page or post.
  • This is a list of content bots available that can be inserted into a page or post.


1.Locate and intall the plugin from the WordPress directory. Should you have any trouble with that, please send an e-mail to to request an installable ZIP file with the plugin.

2.After intallation, go to the ‘Installed plugins’ menu and activate it.

3 Open Intelichat and Go to the ‘My profile’ menu and copy the API key.

4.Back to WP, click the ‘Intelichat Contentbot’ menu in the left pane of WP admin UI and then paste the API key in the ‘Intelichat API Key’ field. You sould read the following message:
API Key accepted. Plugin successfully configured.
You are ready to embed interactive content into pages and posts.
An Intelichat button is available in the classic text editor to do it.


What is an interactive content?

It is the one with which readers interact through a chat experience, building their own customized content.

What is interactive content for?

It is a huge challenge to get the readers’ attention and engagement with digital content. Besides that, readers are not all the same. Why should content be?

What is Intelichat?

Intelichat, a web platform to easily create Personalized digital content with a chat experience.

Contributors & Developers

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  • This is the first released version and release.