Easy Upload Files During Checkout


Attach files during checkout process with ease. Easy Upload Files During Checkout is a free plugin with a few premium features. It provides the facility of attaching files with orders during checkout. You can set display for uploading button on cart page, checkout page or checkout page after notes. For product pages, you will need premium version. Some check boxes on settings page to attach or detach billing/shipping details, order comments, secure file links and enable upload after login/register. You can also choose a checkbox to send attachments in email.
You can control allowed files types on settings page like doc,txt,jpeg,png in an input text field. You can set upload file required with toggle button and specify maximum upload size in Megabytes on settings page. Example is available there. It provides secure storage for your upload files/directories with Amazon, it’s a new and premium feature. Setup your account on Amazon and get safe and secure storage for your important uploads. The premium version allows you to upload multiple files, change loading animation and display browse button on product page. It also provides an optional tab, with that tab you can select products which you want to whiteflag for upload files. By default, it is enabled for all products.

Basic Features

  • Display on cart, checkout page and checkout page after notes
  • Editable caption and success message
  • Set image dimensions for uploading
  • Define maximum upload size
  • Specify allowed file types
  • Upload multiple files (One by one, not with select all option)
  • Make upload field required
  • Define error message

Advanced Features

  • Display on product page
  • Display on top of the checkout page
  • Display on thank you page
  • Display on order view page
  • Upload files to directory with Amazon (Optional)
  • File thumbnails/icons with filename
  • Change loading animation

Basic Version Demo

Premium Version Demo


This WordPress Plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or any later version. This free software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this software. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html.


  • Quick Overview - Basic Version
  • Settings Page > Attachments display in emails is an optional feature. You can turn this OFF.
  • WooCommerce Order View > Attachments are displayed in metabox
  • Wrong filetype and size will turn the selected file red with appropriate warning message
  • Upload progress view in PRO version
  • Upload progress post view in PRO version
  • Wrong filetype and size will turn the selected file red with appropriate warning message in PRO version
  • Optional settings to restrict upload fields display to a few selected products
  • Setup Amazon account to save upload files on remote server with Amazon s3
  • Default and WooCommerce upload directory
  • S3 services in Amazon
  • S3 buckets / folders created automatically by plugin Easy Upload Files During Checkout
  • Synchronized directories and files by plugin Easy Upload Files During Checkout
  • Turn on / off file thumbnails / icons with filename
  • Attachments displaying in order email and order receipts as well


To use Easy Upload Files During Checkout, you will need:
* An installed and configured copy of [WordPress][](version 3.0 or later).
* FTP, SFTP or shell access to your web host

New Installations


  1. Go to your wordpress admin « yoursite.com/wp-admin »

  2. Login and then access « yoursite.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload

  3. Upload and activate this plugin

4- That’s it, now see your dashboard and ask Easy Upload Files During Checkout anything


  1. Download the Easy Upload Files During Checkout installation package and extract the files on your computer.
  2. Create a new directory named Easy Upload Files During Checkout in the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation. Use an FTP or SFTP client to upload the contents of your Easy Upload Files During Checkout archive to the new directory that you just created on your web host.
  3. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard and activate the Easy Upload Files During Checkout plugin.
  4. Once the plugin is activated, Easy Upload Files During Checkout will be displayed on your dashboard.


How to install on MAC?

How to install WordPress and WooCommerce Addon Easy Upload Files During Checkout using virtual machine having ubuntu on MAC:

Is this compatible with all WordPress themes?

Yes, it is compatible with all WordPress themes which are developed according to the WordPress theme development standards.

How can i report an issue to the plugin author?

It’s better to post on support forum but if you need it be fixed on urgent basis then you can reach me through my blog too. You can find my blog link above.

What are the basic or free features offered?

In basic version you can upload one file, restrict file-type, set error message and caption text, disable or enable extra fields on checkout page. You can display upload field on cart page and checkout page.

What are the exenteded or premium features offered?

Premium features are those in which you might will need some customizations and it would require my input in term of time and cost. Like, a number of loading animations are provided so you can match them with your WordPress theme or choice. You can allow uploading multiple files. Upload directory can be changed over and over again without any conflict with the previous directory path.

You can display upload fields on Product page as well. Obviously this feature will involve more complexity and reporting details, that’s why it’s a premium feature.

You can restrict the image file dimensions as well, it’s another complex area and you can have some different request as another improvement.

May i restrict the upload files to a few selected products only?

Yes. By default all products will have upload fields but if you will select any checkbox so it will be restricted to the allowed/checked products only. Don’t forget that upload field will only work when a user will select a product for cart. It means, it only consider the items which are added to cart. Quantity doesn’t matter though.

There are three pages which can have upload file display.
1) Single Product Page
2) Cart Page
3) Checkout Page

Condition: If a product is in the cart so because of that product permission status, upload fields will be displayed or simply do not select any checkbox and it will work for all.

Above all, i am always open to your suggestions. Either you use FREE or PREMIUM version, whoever suggest me a feature so i acknowledge the name in changelog with thanks. This plugin reached at this level with all of your help and suggestions.

How Amazon S3 backup feature work?

Amazon S3. This feature is recently added as a beta version, basically premium features are related to multiple files and product page based upload. So Amazon related feature might will evolve in upcoming versions as we will use it in more scenarios. Your feedback would be appreciated.

How to upload files in a separate directory?

How to customize upload sequence of files?

How to upload files in order ID based directories?

Can i upload files for appointment calendar or for any other plugin?


4 setembre 2020
No hassle easy to use plugin, just what I needed.
2 junh 2020
The free version never needed any support. I had a couple of pre-sales query, which were replied without any delay. Purchase process was easy. After purchase I had a query which also was answered quickly. Very good plugin, as well as the support. Five star without any doubt.
5 abril 2020
I'm extremely happy with the plugin. I'm running an online notary business, and I needed a way for my clients to upload their files. I'm new to webdesign, and Fahad was extremely helpful. Great customer service too!
1 abril 2020
Great plugin and great developer Tras buscar una solución apropiada para la subida de archivos en la ficha de productos de una de mis webs, me tope con la versión gratuita de Easy Upload Files. Esa versión ya era buena, pero los extras de su versión profesional eran exactamente lo que necesitaba. De por si, el plugin funciona genial y cumple con todo lo que promete, pero además, cuenta con el soporte de un gran profesional que se implica en todo momento. Sin duda, es un plugin estupendo, pero lo mejor es la persona que hay por detras y que no duda en ayudar a sus clientes y seguir mejorando su producto. ----- After looking for an appropriate solution for uploading files in the products tab of one of my websites, I came across the free version of Easy Upload Files. That version was already good, but the extras of its professional version were exactly what he needed. In itself, the plugin works great and fulfills everything it promises, but also has the support of a great professional who is involved at all times. Without a doubt, it is a great plugin, but the best thing is the person behind it and who does not hesitate to help their clients and continue improving their product.
20 març 2020
I needed this plugin for my website, it is perfect and it also gave me immediate support in a problem I had.
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Contributors & Developers

“Easy Upload Files During Checkout” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Uploaded file path issue resolved. [Thanks to morphman && andycannan]


  • WPML related improvements performed. [Thanks to akelsy]


  • Settings link on plugins list page was bugging – Fixed. [Thanks to Gabriel Lazcorreta]


  • Shop page add to cart was redirecting to the first product – Fixed.


  • Only variables should be passed by reference – Fixed


  • Tabs switching refined.


  • Updated sanitization. [Thanks to WordPress Plugin Review Team]


  • Checkout page, required items were being ignored on upload. Fixed. [Thanks to Manas Mitra]


  • Product page, add to cart button was behaving odd, fixed. [Thanks to J.J. González Haro]


  • Checkout page / top of the page (beta) feature added. [Thanks to Marco]


  • Refined version for AWS backup functionality. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]


  • Product page, add to cart button was behaving odd, fixed. [Thanks to J.J. González Haro]


  • Product page was redirecting to cart page, fixed. [Thanks to J.J. González Haro]


  • Product based maximum allowed and mandatory files option added. [Thanks to @acuasif]


  • ORDER ID based links corrected in admin emails. [Thanks to @acuasif]


  • Uploads directory path related user experience improved. [Thanks to @acuasif]


  • Releasing another version for WPML Plugin « sitepress-multilingual-cms ». [Thanks to J.J. González Haro]


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  • Fixed product page based restriction issue. [Thanks to J.J. González Haro]


  • Improved image manipulation and settings page. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]


  • Added image dimensions on edit product page as well. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]
  • Added open form for other pages of WooCommerce as well. [Thanks to Amy Roseman]


  • Updating assets. [Thanks to GP Themes Team]


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  • Improved layout with bootstrap. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]


  • With a few more improvements. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]



  • Amazon connectivity and sync features added. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]


  • Listing all items from current month bug has been fixed. [Thanks to Nico Franke]


  • Undefined index notice fixed. [Thanks to Fahad Mahmood & Ibulb Work Team]


  • A few tweaks on back-end. [Thanks to Rui Guerreiro]


  • Extra order note has been wrapped with a condition. [Thanks to soothaa]


  • Order ID based directory path related issue resolved.


  • Order ID based directory creation and files uploading feature refined.


  • Order ID based directory creation and files uploading to relevant order id directory. [Thanks to Rui Guerreiro]


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  • In premium version, red color premium image will get green. [Thanks to Beushin]


  • Checkout page with page refresh option, CSS refined. [Thanks to Steve Penner]


  • Download upload directory featured added in premium version. [Thanks to Ms. Rommel]


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  • Languages reviewed. [Thanks to Rais Sufyan]


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  • Single products can have dedicated attachments now. [Thanks to Jon Stanton]


  • Single product, cart and checkout pages are tested again with required check. [Thanks to Matthias Collomp]


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  • Proceed to checkout button hyperlink handled for file required check. [Thanks to Matthias Collomp]


  • Added an additional check for single product page. [Thanks to Daniel Garcia]


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  • Single product can have upload file buttons without adding to cart, product should be selected from optional tab in settings first. [Thanks to Daniel Garcia]


  • Added an additional option to restrict users to login/register prior file upload. [Thanks to Silvia Todorova]


  • Added an additional form class to cover WooCommerce cart-form in recent version. [Thanks to Daniel Garcia]


  • Introduced a secure way to access the uploaded files without revealing the path to the public users. [Thanks to thomassultana]


  • Proceed to checkout button avoided on cart page in recent version. [Thanks to fancyaddict]


  • A few HTML elements are revised and rechecked the uploaded files URL. [Thanks to Suzanne Jones]


  • Upload directory is available with writable status and it’s parent directories as well. [Thanks to Anthony Geraud]


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  • Loading animation image can be changed.
  • And a few more important improvements.


  • Uploading images checkout page, WooCommerce errors related issues fixed. [Thanks to Katja Rommel]


  • Uploaded file path corrected with home_url() duplication. [Thanks to Giulio Soligo]
  • Page refresh after each upload on checkout page added on settings page as an option. [Thanks Jeffrey Stilwell]


  • Uploading images under notes not working, fixed. [Thanks to Katja Rommel]
  • Automatically placing order after upload, fixed. [Thanks Jeffrey Stilwell]


  • Improved the uploaded items list, will show nothing if not uploaded anything. [Thanks to Dekadinious]


  • Uploading images without page refresh. [Thanks to Katja Rommel]


  • Automatic updates for premium version added.


  • Separate uploads directory feature added. [Thanks to Dennis Schmelter]


  • Proceed to checkout button text issue resolved. [Thanks to Kim & Angel Domino Evers]


  • Layout disturbance controlled. [Thanks to Mike]


  • Plugin will not generate thumbnails for file type images.
  • Multiple attachments in email with pending status of WooCommerce Orders. [Thanks to Dennis Schmelter]


  • Uploading feature refined on checkout page.


  • Upload feature refined on checkout page. [Thanks to Choy Jin Xiang]


  • For password protected pages/posts, an exception has been added. [Thanks to MediaWorks]


  • Image dimensions related improvements made. [Thanks to Dax Castro]


  • Sanitized input and fixed direct file access issues.


  • Required file error thing managed. [Thanks to x2keys]


  • Redirect glitch has been sorted out. [Thanks to Geetar]


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  • Problem with error messages has been resolved. [Thanks to arikver]


  • Braintree related payment processing compatibility added. [Thanks to Georg Winkler]


  • For password protected pages, an exception has been added. [Thanks to Mark]
  • Multiple attachments in email > problem has been fixed. [Thanks to Alex Hoogeboom]


  • Checkout Page > After notes added. [Thanks to Andy Towler]
  • Cart page > empty fields > redirect to checkout. [Thanks to Michael Quiles]


  • HTML elements can be used in caption and error boxes. [Thanks to Sam Strayer]


  • Plugin is now translatable.


  • Session removed from init. [Thanks to Brandon D]


  • Uploaded files are visible in customer order receipt email. [Thanks to Peter Outshoorn]


  • Uploaded files are visible in my account > orders and order confirmation page. [Thanks to alexander77]


  • Attachment path issue resolved. [Thanks to Tim Burgess]


  • Shipping and billing details can be optionally disabled in WooCommerce checkout process.


  • Plugin is available in other languages too. Initially offered in Brazilian Portuguese. [Thanks to Anderson Gomes]


  • An important conditional tweak. [Thanks to leonbax & ladyinc3]


  • Cart and Checkout pages validation refined again.


  • Cart and Checkout pages validation refined. [Thanks to Daniel Mesteru]


  • Enque style and script related fix. [Thanks to thaikolja]


  • An important update. [Thanks to Luan Cuba]


  • An important update. [Thanks to Thomas LEFEVRE]


  • An important update. [Thanks to Dave Jones]


  • An important update.


  • An important update.


  • An important update.