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Builder for Contact Form 7 is a user-friendly form builder plugin which makes Contact Form 7 form easy to build just using drag & drop tool.
The plugin doesn’t affect the Contact Form 7 plugin work, it just helps to create forms in the backend.


Easy to use
Drag and drop to build complex forms with just a few clicks.
You don’t need to know HTML to create a form in CF7.

Field Types
All Contact form 7 field types with ability to edit form field.

Ability to load your old forms if something went wrong.

Fully Customizable Themes
Create your beautiful and elegant forms match website design.

Multi-Column Forms
Divide up lengthy forms into columns to provide better user experience.

Multi-Page Forms
Divide up lengthy forms into pages to provide better user experience.

Action after submit
Create your own thank you page.

Submissions page
Follow your form submits

World Class Customer Support

  • Low response time
    We always respond within a few hours.
  • Quick issue resolution
    Resolving an issue never takes more than 48 hours.

Privacy Notices

Builder for Contact Form 7 plugin does not collect and store any data of your users on Webconstruct’s end. All data submitted by your website visitors is stored in your website database. With every form submission Builder for Contact Form 7 Pro plugin collects users’ IP address and User Agent. From this perspective, you may be subject to GDPR compliance.


  • Default form created using CF7 Builder
  • Theme selection for your form
  • Action after submit type selection
  • Create your beautiful and elegant forms
  • Follow your form submits


  1. Upload the entire contact-form-7-builder folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).


*Fix capability to wp 6.2
*Fix submission bug


*Fix several forms in the same page


*Fix security issue


*Change compatibility with wp latest version


*Added required field icon to fields


*Fix column remove
*Fix page remove
*Fix redirect after theme update


*Add pro functionality to free


*Fix columns in row style


*Fix bug


*Fix Buy pro link


*Added Multi-Page Forms
*Added Action after submition
*Added Submissions page
*Added Fully customizable Themes


*Fix builder work if the form is not saved


*Fix preview permalink


*Changed the logic for dragging fields


*Fixed deactivate popup load only in admin


*Added column functionality
*Added default values to labels
*Added replacement of email shortcode in mail teb


*Fix php notice


*Fix deactivate notice
*Add preview button
*Add default label


*Show message if contact form 7 plugin is not active


*Label tag change
*deactivate reason popup


*Initial version


14 genièr 2023
Great idea, compliments for that. The execution fails miserably though. First I tried time and time again to add a textbox, and it didn't show. I checked the default layout in case the lettering was white. White on white doesn't show. But no, it should have been black lettering, it really just didn't show. Then I turned off all website plugins aside from the CS7 ones and the website template, so I that knew there was no conflict there. I tried and tried again, and now sometimes the field showed, sometimes it didn't. Sometimes it show with a "Temp" label, instead of the name I repeatedly gave it. That proved impossible to correct. Then after having subsituted the name for the automatic numbering once, and starting a new field, all the automatic numbering has disappeared, all fields were blank. And that, yes, time and time again. I'll just stop here. The plugin has a mind of its own. It is not the solution, unfortunately. Great idea, though. But needs work.
3 julhet 2022
Very useful plugin, I have tried different plugins for easy building form of contact form 7 plugin using drag and drop, this is the best one. Thanks to the team for such a wonderful and free 🙂 plugin.
27 junh 2022 1 reply
In my case the plugin generates two identical fields during editing. It is not possible to hide the label when the placeholder is active. I tried to set up a CSS with display none ... without any success ... The plugin in question could finally be a valid CF7 companion to build more userfriendly forms.
18 mai 2022 1 reply
If you create the CF7 fields you cannot edit them and you cannot make any changes
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