Bizuno ERP/Accounting


Bizuno Accounting, by PhreeSoft, is a full featured double-entry accounting/ERP application based on the PhreeBooks open source platform. Features include customer account management, vendor management, full featured double-entry accounting, inventory control, financial transaction management an more. Features include:

  • Responsive displays for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  • Multi-user and multi-Currency capability
  • Over 40 standard reports and PhreeForm report/form generator with user level lockout security
  • Multi-language at the user level
  • Full security control at the user/role level to access
  • Independent, configurable dashboard with over 20 choices at each main menu
  • Extensible with available PhreeSoft modules, extensions and tools for even more power
  • Interfaces available from PhreeSoft to many popular shopping cart, including WooCommerce
  • User defined themes, icon sets and colors

About PhreeSoft

PhreeSoft was the original developer of the PhreeBooks open source ERP/Accounting application back in 2007. PhreeBooks development was suspended in 2015 to focus on the next generation of ERP/Accounting requirements and provide faster, highly customizable, more user friendly experience. Bizuno was also developed as a library that can be plugged into host applications such as WordPress and provided as a hosted solution for those that do not want to manage their web sites. Along with this plugin, PhreeBooks 5 is another distribution of stand alone version utilizing the Bizuno library.


  • Bizuno Dashboard - Main Menu. A separate dashboard can be generated for each main menu item.
  • Customer Record detail screen. Extra tabs and fields can be added to Customers, Vendors and Inventory items.
  • Customer Sale detail screen. Similar screens for Customer Sales Orders, Quotes and Vendor Purchases, Purchase orders, and Quotes.
  • Inventory Manager. Most of the main menu selections use managers as the central launch point, Sales, Purchases, Customers, Vendors, etc.
  • Inventory detail screen. Custom tabs and fields can be added and additional tabs appear with BOM's, history, and with the many extensions available through the PhreeSoft market.
  • Report Manager screen. Bizuno comes with over 40 standard reports and forms, A very powerful editor allows for unlimited report/form creation.
  • Journal Search Feature. Search all transactions with filters to find what your looking for faster.
  • Settings screen for PhreeBooks module.
  • Dashboards available to add to the current main heading page or home screen.


Follow the standard installation procedure for all WordPress apps. Once activated, click the Bizuno menu item and press Install to complete the installation.

Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4 or greater (PHP 5.6 or greater is recommended, tested with PHP 7.4)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended, tested with MySQL 5.6 & 5.7)
  • WordPress 4.4+

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/bizuno-accounting directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Click on the Bizuno menu item to load the Bizuno Portal.
  4. From the Welcome portal, click the Install button to configure the application and install the database tables. A pop up will appear to enter some initial information, select your preferences and press the Next icon.
  5. Wait about 10 seconds to get everything up and configured and the page will reload with your new Bizuno home page dashboard.


How can I convert from my existing accounting system?

  • The PhreeSoft help files have information on how to convert from your current system. There is a free PhreeBooks R3.7 conversion tool included. Others may be available, or, if not, use the Line in the Sand approach.

Which chart of accounts do I use?

  • There are a few common standard charts included. You can select one of these as a base to complete the install. After that you may add/delete chart accounts manually or import a completely new chart of accounts. Note that once a journal entry has been made, you cannot replace your entire chart of accounts, it must be replaced PRIOR to your first journal entry.


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Contributors & Developers

“Bizuno ERP/Accounting” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




2020-09-24 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.4.3. Fixes Javascript newly introduced conflicts in WordPress.


2020-09-22 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.4.2. Fixes conflict with jQuery UI when operating in admin screens. Fixes WordPress installation error messages before tables installed.


2020-09-17 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.4.1. Redefine path get variable to avoid conflict with WordPress full page mode.


2020-09-13 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.4.0. Fix locale bug and issue retrieving account information from PhreeSoft.


2020-09-07 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.3.0. Migrate CRM into extension. Locale fix, other minor bugs.


2020-07-23 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.2.0. Auto save on dashboard settings. Multiple forms in single PDF. Minor bug fixes.


2020-07-10 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.1.0. New default theme (bizuno). Bug fixes to WordPress and PhreeBooks 5 installation scripts.


2020-06-26 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.0.2. Building on blocks with new look with cleaner views and new default theme.


2020-06-01 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 4.0.1. Blocks view structure for easier mobile viewing.


2020-03-27 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.4.4. Regressed back to TCPDF (no longer supported) until a better solution can be found. FPDF does not have the features.


2020-03-26 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.4.3. Fix bug entering with UTF-8 fonts using FPDF. Switched to tFPDF.


2020-03-22 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.4.2. Fix bug entering new orders with subtotal, change from TCPDF to FPDF for reports/forms. New install dashboards.


2020-03-17 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.4.1. Fix for large non-USD formatting. Minor bugs and operational changes.


2020-02-16 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.4.0. Fix for install with non-USD selected. Minor bugs and operational changes


2020-02-01 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.3.5. Minor bug fixes.


2020-01-15 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.3.4. Roll copyright year. New PhreeForm processing. Extension bugs and minor trunk bugs.


2019-12-26 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.3.3. Fixes bug retrieving pricing from price lists.


2019-12-15 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.3.2. Minor bug fixes.


2019-10-27 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.3.1. Release new Quality module as part of ISO9001 capability


2019-09-23 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.3.0. Final cleanup of all 3.2.x bugs, prep for ISO9001 module


2019-09-06 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.9. Minor bug fixes and code cleanup.


2019-08-04 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.8. Minor bug fixes. Compatibility with enhancements to extensions.


2019-07-23 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.7. Improve security and prevent unauthorized directory access.

2019-07-16 – Fixed bugs in 3.2.6 that prevented loading of head content resulting in application from performing AJAX loads.


2019-07-14 – RECALLED – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.6. More security issues, bug fixes from 3.2 5 security work


2019-07-03 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.5. Addresses security issues that can compromise the server if not properly locked down


2019-06-21 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.4. Change location of default currency in cache, bugs and enhancements.


2019-06-01 – Mostly bug fixes, fix for inventory adjustments datagrid edit issue.

2019-05-13 – Added ability to operate Bizuno from the web site without having admin access by using blank page with permalink: bizuno.


2019-05-07 – Incorporate Bizuno Library 3.2.2. Bug fixes / rework locale file locations for extensions


2019-04-22 – Incorporates Bizuno library Release 3.2.0. Bug fixes / remove jquery-file-upload dependence


2019-04-01 – Incorporates Bizuno library Release 3.1.6. Bug fixes


2019-03-09 – Incorporates Bizuno library Release 3.1.6. Bug fixes and extensive re-work and fixes to multi-currency.


2019-01-21 – Incorporates Bizuno library Release 3.1.3. Bug fixes and security improvements.


2018-12-16 – Incorporates Bizuno library Release 3.1. Improvements for viewing on mobile devices. Bug fixes and security improvements.


2018-10-21 – Incorporate Bizuno 3.0.6 library. Mostly bugs.


2018-09-26 – Incorporate Bizuno 3.0.4 library. Bugs and major fixes to auto-upgrade scripts for extensions.


2018-09-15 – Fixed bug loading icon css file


2018-09-15 – Incorporate Bizuno 3.0.1 library. Database table default fixes for MySQL 5.7, misc bugs and security improvements.


2018-09-10 – Incorporate Bizuno 3.0.0 library. Bug fixes specific to WordPress host. Auto-update feature for WordPress purchased extensions.


2018-07-12 – Incorporated Bizuno 2.1.5 library. Bugs, compatibility with other plugins.


2018-06-18 – Incorporated Bizuno 2.1.4 library. Bugs, work on mobile improvements, compatibility with other plugins.


2018-04-23 – Incorporated Bizuno 2.1.2 release. Bugs in PhreeForm multi-page, improved security, portal compatibility, messaging from PhreeSoft


2018-04-10 – Incorporated Bizuno 2.1.0 release. Added tax update tool, bug fixes, improved sync with for updates, news and extensions.


2018-03-28 – Fix to no longer require log in to WordPress requiring email (now accepts username with email required for Bizuno access). Minor bugs.


2018-03-26 – Bug fixes (menu titles, backup/restore broken, misc others), new dashboards for currency exchange rates.


2018-03-01 – Initial Release (based on Bizuno library Revision 2.0.9)