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The Only Browser Extension That is Easy-To-Use and Makes The Web Accessible for Everyone!

ADA Tray® is a patent-pending plugin that will help you increase compliance with Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and Section 508 web accessibility requirements without requiring recoding of your website.

ADA Tray® is Evergreen Technology, meaning we automatically push updates on the fly to your widget. So just sit back and relax and watch your website’s accessibility features grow.

Upon implementing the plug-in on your website, you will instantly see the ADA Tray® widget on each webpage of your website in the form of a layer that can be summoned by clicking on the customizable icon or escape keyboard button. Next, log into your My ADA Tray® portal and easily configure the widget’s location, buttons, and track usage.

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Why Choose ADA Tray® and How We Will Help Your Website Visitors?
– Instant Improvement To Your Website’s Online Accessibility
– Evergreen Technology
– Easy Configuration
– Patent-Pending Innovation
– Usage Data
– Dedicated and Customizable Accessibility Statement
– Ease of Use
– Mobile-Friendly

Features of Customized ADA Tray® Tools:
– Individuals with disabilities can customize your website with 30+ features
– Supports color adjustment for the visually impaired
– Unlimited configuration of font sizes, spacing, and content surfacing
– Improves conformity to Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
– Supports color adjustment for the visually impaired
– Easy to use audio translator
– Keyboard users will easily be able to navigate your website
– And much more!




A. After downloading and installing the Plugin, activate the ADA Tray® plugin by clicking the « Installed Plugin » Menu under « Plugin » in WordPress.
Dashboard – Plugin – Installed Plugin – Activate

B. Click on « Settings » under the dashboard for the final process.
Dashboard – Setting – ADA Tray® Page

C. Sign-up for the plugin registration with basic details and make your website instantly more accessible with ADA Tray®!


Will ADA Tray® have an impact on my website’s source code or loading time?

ADA Tray® is designed to load dynamically with your site, appearing only after rendering your pages. As a result, ADA Tray® makes your website fully accessible while having no discernible effect on site loading speed.

How do I sign up for the ADA Tray®?

It’s easy to obtain ADA Tray®, and you can install the plugin directly on your WordPress website.
Alternatively, you can do it manually by clicking this link – WordPress Support and submitting the code to your WordPress account.

What distinguishes ADA Tray® from other competing accessibility widgets?

There are similar widgets to ADA Tray®, but none are as robust in their offering or have invested the time and dedication to solving the accessibility requirements businesses face. Furthermore, INNsight has a patent pending with the USPTO on the ADA Tray® and its invention, which provides numerous benefits and ensures that your widget has intellectual protected intellectual property.

Can your help redesign my website to ensure it meets WCAG standards?

Yes, simply sign up for one of our digital marketing subscriptions, which can be found here, and we will re-code your website to conform to WCAG 2.1 Level AA Standards, ensuring accessibility and usability to drive more direct sales.

How Much Does an ADA Tray® Cost?

ADA Tray® is built with a comprehensive understanding of the ADA Title III Guidelines and will assist businesses in fighting ADA serial plaintiff lawsuits. With a monthly fee of only $19.99, ADA Tray® offers the most cost-effective and legally tested web accessibility solution compared to competing products.
ADA Tray® is Free for 30 days, click here to start your trial today!

Is it true that installing the ADA Tray® plugin will assist my website in obtaining a Dedicated Accessibility declaration?

ADA Tray® includes a Dedicated Accessibility Page that details all of your business’ physical plant accessibility features and spells out all of the declarations about the efforts your business has undertaken to be accessible to all, physically, and online. This Dedicated Accessibility Page is copyright protected and has been used to defend countless businesses against frivolous serial litigant cases which purport discrimination on the basis of the ‘Five Points’ of ADA Title III. Much of the value of ADA Tray® lies in the terminology and legalese that has been meticulously drafted to establish your business’ accessibility policy.

Can you audit my website for ADA Title III Compliance and Conformity to Web Accessibility Standards?

Yes, we offer a dedicated service where our subject matter experts will audit your website for all ADA Title III violations and any compliance issues with web accessibility standards.

How can I customize my ADA Tray®?

To customize the position, iconography, and filters that are displayed on your ADA Tray®, simply login to your My ADA Tray® account and toggle the features you want. The changes you make will take effect immediately, and your ADA Tray® configuration will be reflected on your website.

Do I need to do anything to update my installation of ADA Tray®?

No, ADA Tray® is Evergreen Software and we continuously are making improvements to the software in order to pick up the latest regulations and enhance the usability of our accessibility tool. Once you install ADA Tray®, just sit back and relax knowing that your website will have the necessary accessibility features to allow individuals who face audio, visual, and mobility impairment to improve their ability to view and consume your website and its content.

What is the best tool or widget to improve the accessibility of my website?

ADA Tray® is a patent-pending accessibility layer that can be easily added to every page of your website offering improved accessibility for individuals who face audio, visual, and mobility impairment. ADA Tray® provides enhanced functionality to satisfy the 61 requirements of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Website Content Accessibility Guidelines. By layering on ADA Tray® atop a website that is coded to satisfy Level AA of WCAG 2.1, your website will be enhanced for accessibility and also offer defensibility from claims of discrimination by serial plaintiffs.

What do I do if the ADA Tray® widget disappeared and no longer is showing up on my website?

Contact us at and our customer support team will investigate. The only time the widget may disappear is due to a billing issue or implementation problem. In any case, our customer service will be happy to assist you with any issues you may face with ADA Tray®.

How do I update my credit card or billing details for ADA Tray®?

Simply log into My ADA Tray® and go to the Billing section in the navigation bar. You will be taken to a billing panel where you can edit your billing details and credit card information. Invoicing is automatic and happens monthly. Contact us at if you have any concerns or questions about billing.

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*Release Date August 2021


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