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Ad Manager by 10Web is functional and comprehensive ad management plugin which is created to help you display advertisements on your WordPress website and take the next step in monetization with ads. Its quick and easy configuration settings will let you create, manage and publish ads on your site and make additional money. Advertizing was never as easy as it is with this ads manager WordPress plugin.

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WordPress Ad Manager by 10Web
User Manual

Start creating your ad with an advertisement banner, and you can display it on any page, post, category page or sidebar area with an ad widget. Absolutely no need to get a separate banner manager or affiliate plugin. Ad Manager by 10Web does it all. With its flexible functionality, the plugin supports almost any type of ad code and lets you manage multiple banners.

Whether you’ve got it in an HTML markup, Javascript code or specific advertisement script (e.g. Google AdSense, Chitika, Amazon, BuySellAds), you can publish it with this WordPress plugin. It is widely used on commercial websites, in affiliate marketing and other affiliate programs with commission.

Organize your ads by adding them into ad groups, and publish ad groups in three modes. Ads can be renewed upon reloading the page with Default mode, as well as be refreshed dynamically with Dynamic. You can also place more than one advert on the same area using Block mode of ad groups.The plugin supports ad rotation. You can adjust the ad rotating settings from the Groups section in the plugin settings.

This WordPress plugin lets you publish your ads with ad inserter functionality by injecting them into posts, pages or categories. Ad injections can be made before or after the page content, or inside it. Select a specific paragraph, and inject the ad next to it. The ads are perfectly displayed on AMP.

Furthermore, you can have your ads published based on a certain schedule and advertise saving time and efforts. Set start and end dates for your ad schedule and apply it to your ads. They will be unpublished from your website automatically, when the end date of the schedule is passed. This feature-rich affiliate tool is a great way to manage home page ads,target your niche audience and make some more income.

Export functionality of Ad Manager by 10Web allows to download JSON file with created ads. You can then import them into the plugin installed on another website.

The plugin is multisite compatible to help you display adverts on multiple sites and make more revenue. Track the statistics of your ads with Internal Tracker of the plugin. Configure tracking settings and you will have in-depth information regarding clicks and impressions on your ads.

As an administrator of your WordPress site, you act as an advert manager, and receive email notifications from Ad Manager by 10Web plugin. They can be triggered when an ad is saved by any advertiser, or is approved by site moderators.

There are many browser extensions, which block ads on websites, and one of them is AdBlock. The plugin provides AdBlock Detection feature. It lets you catch AdBlock in case it is enabled on visitors’ browsers and notify them about it. You can set a custom text to display as AdBlock detector message.

Upgrade to Ad Manager by 10Web Premium to have access to its advanced functionality:

  • Device Targeting
  • Ad and schedule management access levels
  • Geo Targeting
  • Pushover notifications
  • Publishing with multiple schedules
  • Ad tracking with Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics


After downloading the ZIP file of the Ad Manager by 10Web plugin,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click « Choose file » (« Browse ») and select the downloaded zip file of the Ad Manager by 10Web plugin.
    For Mac Users
    Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the Ad Manager by 10Web. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
  4. Click « Install Now » button.
  5. Click « Activate Plugin » button for activating the Ad Manager WD.
  6. If the installation does not succeed, please contact us at

Alternatively, you can install the plugin via FTP by following these steps:

  1. Connect to your website server and navigate to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Uncompress the .zip installation file of Ad Manager by 10Web plugin (/ad-manager-wd),
  3. Upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.

Afterwards login to WordPress administrative panel of your site, go to Plugins page and activate Ad Manager by 10Web.


What can I get with Ad Manager by 10Web plugin?

Ad Manager by 10Web plugin is a user-friendly tool developed to easily create, publish and manage advertisements on your WordPress sites. Its straightforward, yet extensive functionality lets you have these features:

  • Place any advertisement code to your website, including Google AdSense or just HTML,
  • Create advert groups and organize the ads on your website,
  • Apply schedules to each advertisement,
  • Display published adverts in three different modes,
  • Easily control the placement of adverts and advert groups,
  • Control the weight and visibility of ads throughout your site including adrotate settings,
  • Target users from specific locations all over the globe,
  • Keep track of feedback using plugins tracker, as well as Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics,
  • Manage user roles for adding, editing and deleting adverts, as well as schedules.
How can I create adverts with the plugin?

After installing and activating Ad Manager by 10Web plugin, click on Ad Manager menu item from left menu bar of WordPress dashboard. You will be redirected to All Adverts page, where you can see the list of advertisements. Press Add New Advert to start creating a new one.

Firstly make sure to provide a Title for your advert entry. Ad Code option holds the code for your advertisement. You can write the following types of code in the scripts manager box as the value of Ad Code option:

  • HTML and CSS,
  • Javascript,
  • Specific advertisement code, such as Google AdSense.

Note: You’ll be able to use ad codes from any advertising platform,company and affiliate networks (Adserver ,AdGridwork, Adify, Adpinion, Adroll, CrispAds, Adbrite, shopping ads, Ad Rotator) that use Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Important: This option does not accept PHP code. Please avoid adding it to Ad Code setting.

Useful tags will let you quickly include the featured image of current advert, or its title. Moreover, it provides some attributes, which will help you with the code, if your are writing HTML. Click on tags once to add them to your advertisement code.

As soon as the code for the advertisement is provided, you will be able to see a quick preview of it. Click Publish to save the advert.

What settings can I use to configure adverts?

Use Show on setting if you wish you wish to disable current advertisement on Desktops, Tablets or Smartphones. Leave all unchecked to display this ad on all devices.

In case you do want to have the advert on smartphones and tablets, make sure to enable its Responsiveness. Use Image For Smartphones and Image For Tablets options to choose pictures for mobile display from Media Library. This lets you have your advertisement displayed nicely on any screen size.

Weight represents the display frequency of current advert. In other words, if it has larger weight than other ads in the same group, it will appear in your advertisement section more often.

Use Sortorder to set ordering of adverts in the same group displayed with Block type as its Mode. Alternatively you can skip this by leaving the option empty or setting it to 0.

Can I show the advertisement to users from certain locations?

Geo Targeting settings of Ad Manager by 10Web plugin let you advertise to users based in specific locations from all around the globe. You can select certain cities, states and countries with the following options. If you wish to use geo targeting, make sure to choose a Geo Service from Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings > Statistics tab.

Cities/States allows you to indicate the list of cities (or the Metro ID) and states (or their ISO codes) to choose locations where current ad will display. Make sure to separate the values by commas.

Whereas with Countries setting you can mark all countries, which you would like to be geographical targets of this advertisement.

How can I publish the created ads?

Ads can be published on posts, pages and categories, as well as in widget areas. Use Placement options to select entries where your ad will display. You can inject your ads before or after page content, as well as inside it.

You can determine the placement of your advertisement with Show In Posts set of options. Ad Manager by 10Web plugin lets you add your adverts to widget areas, categories, posts and pages.

Placement option can be used to specify the location of current advert in a post, page or category. Correspondingly it can be added in one of the following sections:

  • Before Content
  • After Content
  • Before And After Content
  • Inside The Content

There’s also a way to be more specific in the placement of your ad in those entries. You can set the number of paragraph, after which your advert will show up. For instance, if you write 3, the ad will appear below the 3rd paragraph on a post/page.

Select corresponding options to inject your advertisement in a post, page or category. In case you select Show advert in category option, the list of post categories you have will appear right below. Make sure to choose the ones where you want your ad to display.

Similarly, the list of pages and posts will show up for you to select, when you mark Show advert in posts and Show advert in pages options as checked.

Besides injecting advertisements into post, page or category pages, you can also publish them as widgets. Go to Appearance > Widgets to start the setup.

Find Ad Manager by 10Web widget and place it to one of the widget areas your website theme provides. Provide a Title for the widget, and select an advert or group. Afterwards save the widget, and the advertisement will appear on your website frontend.

Can I add code before and/or after the advert?

Wrapper Code option of Ad Manager by 10Web plugin allows you to place additional code before and after the advertisement. It accepts HTML, CSS and Javascript code. Alternatively you can leave it blank, if you don’t need a wrapper around the ad.

Let’s say you wish to wrap your advertisement inside a container. You can set

as the value of **Before Advert** option, and write a corresponding

closing tag in After Advert textarea.

Is it posible to change the author of the ad?

As an administrator you can select the author of current advertisement using Advertiser option. The list of registered users is available with its select box. This helps you identify the creators or owners of the advert.

Simply click on the dropdown menu and choose the user account which would be the advertiser of current entry.

How can the adverts be managed?

When you create a few advertisement entries, they all will be available under Ad Manager page. This section also provides a set of useful tools, which will come handy for affiliates managers. Let’s go through each of them and discuss thoroughly.

As with regular WordPress posts, you can search your adverts from this page. Enter their title (partially or fully) in corresponding input on top right corner, then click Search.

Bulk Actions dropdown of this page comes with the following settings. Choose the one you need to use and hit Apply.

  • Edit lets you make quick modifications on more than one adverts.
  • Move to Trash helps you delete several advertisement entries at once.
  • Duplicate will create copies of all selected adverts.
  • Deactivate allows you to unpublish chosen advertisements from frontend of your site.
  • Reset stats will clear out all clicks and impressions statistics for selected adverts.
  • Export to JSON option will let you export chosen entries as a JSON file and import on another website, where you have Ad Manager by 10Web plugin.
  • Renew lets you re-publish expired adverts for the following periods: For 1 year, For 180 days, For 30 days, For 7 days

You can also filter advertisements on All Adverts page using the dropdown menus from the top. They can be filtered by the dates they were published, groups, schedules, as well as their expiration status (active/expired/soon to expire). Choose the necessary values for each select box and click Filter.

Can I configure schedules for displaying adverts?

With Ad Manager by 10Web Schedules you can apply certain schedules to your adverts, and have them published during a specific time frame. Related ads will automatically appear on the start date, and will expire on the end date of their schedules.

Click Add New Schedule button to start configuring your first advertisement schedule. Start with providing a Title for this entry, and afterwards select the start and end dates. Click on From and To inputs to open date pickers. This indicates the period during which related advertisements will appear on your website.

With Show only on option the plugin lets you specify weekdays, on which ads connected to this schedule will display. You can also set Daily start at(hh:mm) and Daily End On(hh:mm). These are the timestamps when the ads will start and finish appearing on each weekday.

You might need to control the schedule not based on start/end dates, but clicks and impressions. This can be done with Ad Manager by 10Web plugin, by specify the number of Maximum Clicks and Maximum Impressions. Adverts related to this schedule will be disabled from website frontend as soon as clicks and impressions reach these numbers. Alternatively you can leave the values empty or set to 0 to skip this.

After you create schedules for your advertisement, they will be mentioned under this section of advertisement editor page. This lets you set exact start and end date for the advertisement. In case you select one or multiple schedules, your advert will display during the selected period.

Leave all schedules unchecked, in case you wish to always display current advert on your website frontend.

Is it possible to categorize and publish ads in groups?

Ad Manager by 10Web plugin lets you organize your adverts and display them in groups with different modes. Let’s start with creating a new group and assigning it to an advertisement.

Firstly provide a Name and Slug for your group, and select a Parent group (if any). You can write a few lines of Description for this particular group also. The slug and description text is optional, but the name requires to be filled in.

Groups of advertisements can be displayed on site frontend based on three Modes:

  • Default mode will switch adverts of current group only upon page load.
  • Dynamic lets you have the group ads to refresh after a specified time frame, without reloading the page.
  • Block allows you to place a few adverts at once. It creates a grid containing ads of current group.

Dynamic and Block have a set of specific options, that will only apply if your group is published in those modes.

  • Block Parameters lets you select the number of rows and columns for your group in Block mode.
  • Advert Size determines the width and height of ads in this group.
  • Auto refresh allows setting the amount of time (in seconds), which will be indicated as the interval for refreshing dynamic ads.

Advanced set of options allows you to add margins to your advert block. For example, you can set it to 10px 0px to have margins from top and the bottom only. Furthermore, it lets you select the alignment of this advertisement group, Left, Right or Center.

Select Placement of the advertisement group, which can be one of the following:

  • Before Content
  • After Content
  • Before And After Content
  • Inside The Content

You can also specify the number of paragraph, after which the advertisement will appear. E.g. if you set 5, the ad group will appear after fifth paragraph.

As with individual adverts, groups can be placed in posts, pages or categories. Select where you need the ad group to appear by checking corresponding checkboxes.

Make sure to press Save after configuring all necessary options in your group.

Now lets add an advert to it. You need to navigate to All Adverts page and edit the one you wish to assign to the group. Click Add New Group from right side of the editor, and select the group from its dropdown menu.

Can I transfer created ads from one website to another?

Ad Manager by 10Web plugin lets you export created adverts from one website, and import to another one with its Import feature. Firstly go to Ad Manager by 10Web > All Adverts page to export the entries. Select the necessary items, choose Export JSON option from Bulk Actions, then click Export.

Afterwards navigate to Ad Manager by 10Web > Import page, where you will find import settings. Click on Choose File button and select the exported JSON file and press Import.

What types of settings does the plugin provide?

Ad Manager by 10Web provides various useful settings, which makes the functionality of the adverts more flexible. You can configure alert messages, geo targeting options, administrative roles and much more. Navigate to Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings page to begin modifying these options.

Can I create a filter for spam bots?

Bot Filter option of Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings page, General tab lets you provide list of bots, which will otherwise interact with your adverts. The plugin provides a predefined list, which you can keep for this setting.

Is it possible to detect AdBlock and ask visitors to disable it?

With AdBlock Detector of Ad Manager by 10Web plugin you can notify the visitors that AdBlock extension is enabled on their web browser. This option lets you write a custom message to display when Ad Manager by 10Web detects AdBlock.

AdBlock detection settings can be found on Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings > General tab.

Can I be notified when an ad is created or approved?

Ad Manager by 10Web can send email notifications to site administrators, when an advertiser saves an ad on your website, and also when a moderator approves an ad. Go to Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings page, open General tab and configure the following options.

Send Notification When lets you enable email or Pushover notifications to keep track of changes among your adverts. These alert messages can be sent for these two cases:

  • Any advertiser saves an advert in your moderation queue.
  • A moderator approved an advert from the moderation queue.

Mark Email Message option as checked to configure email notifications. Afterwards provide the list of recipient email addresses, separated by commas.

Push Notifications to Your Smartphone option turns on notifications, which you will receive directly to your smartphone. This is done through Pushover application.

You can download and install Pushover on Android and iOS devices, as well as Desktop computers.

There’s one last step necessary to complete, if you wish to get notified via Pushover application. Make user to create a new user for yourself, then copy User Key and API Token of your account to corresponding options of Ad Manager WD.

Can I track clicks and impressions of my ads?

Navigate to Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings page, click on Statistics tab. You can configure tracking settings for checking the statistics of your adverts created with Ad Manager. Three options of tracking tools are available:

  • Internal Tracker
  • Piwik Analytics
  • Google Analytics

Internal Tracker is the tracking tool which runs in Ad Manager by 10Web plugin itself. You can check the statistics of each advertisement from All Adverts page. Click Statistics link to open the details.

Alternatively, the plugin can also be integrated with Piwik Analytics and Google Analytics. However, in this case you need to include their tracking code to header.php or footer.php files of your website theme.

The following settings are available for configuration of Internal Tracker:

  • Logged in impressions can be enabled to track impressions from logged in users.
  • Logged in clicks lets you track clicks from logged in users.
  • Impression timer is used to specifying timer for impressions. This setting will not track sequential impressions during this period. For example, let’s say you have set it to 5, and an impression is recorded. Impressions for this add will not be counted, if they occur during the next 5 seconds.
  • Click timer sets the timer for tracking clicks. This setting will not track sequential clicks during this period. For example, let’s say you have set it to 5, and a click is recorded. Clicks for this add will not be counted, if they occur during the next 5 seconds.
How can I configure geo targeting settings?

If you wish to have geo targeting functionality on your advertisement entries, you can select one of the two Geo Services from Ad Manager by 10Web > Settings page, Geo Targeting tab. WD Adverts uses the free version of Max Mind geo targeting service. It is precise and will let you target all specified locations correctly.

You can alternatively use Max Mind option, which is the paid version of this service. WD Adverts is automatically integrated with Ad Manager by 10Web plugin. Whereas Max Mind requires your account username and password to incorporate its geo service with the plugin.

Is it possible to manage the access to the plugin?

Ad Manager by 10Web plugin lets you have full control on setting up user roles, which will be able to complete the following actions related to adverts and schedules:

  • Edit their own adverts and schedules,
  • Edit other’s adverts and schedules,
  • Delete their own adverts and schedules,
  • Delete other’s adverts and schedules,
  • Publish adverts and schedules,
  • Assign groups to adverts.

Simply mark each user role option, which will have the privileges to perform actions mentioned above. Note, that user accounts with Administrator role have full access to the plugin.


9 Agost 2019
Admanager, you devs really are doing a great job... you made my world after trying out many top notch plugins that misses to display adsense or delays the display most times. But this plugin improved my site load time while swiftly loading ads without waiting for it. The display selection setting is the best, you can easily avoid a page or post without hassle or learning curve.
26 setembre 2018
I need support to activate and work, well they do that, but need upload entire files via TFP, make no sense, they needs improve to stardart updates.
20 junh 2018
I was a user of the free version of AdRotate for a number of years but my ads didn't always display properly and I was getting fed up of them reducing the functions of the free version and making them only available on their paid version. This was far too expensive for me as I run a banner exchange system for my clients and don't yet earn any money directly from serving ads. Your plugin does everything I need for now on the free version and is less complicated to set up. My ads also display a lot better. Thank you!
4 julhet 2017
This plugin copies a lot of the functions in such a blatant way that for many of the features, taken from AdRotate, the text strings are even identical and are word for word the same 🙁 #lame
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