Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields


Extends the ACF Flexible Content Field by transforming the layout list into a modal with image previews. Editing the fields layouts also happens in a modal for a better editing user experience.

Image Conventions

  • The size of the image should be 730 x 300.
  • They should be named based on the layout’s name (text_block) with underscores converted to dashes (text-block.jpg).

Image Location

Images should be placed in your theme. By default, images are located here: THEME/lib/admin/images/acf-flexible-content-extended.

Also note that you can filter this path, but it MUST be in your theme:

add_filter( 'acf-flexible-content-extended.images_path', $path );

NOTE: The path should not have a trailing beginning or trailing slash!

Additionally, you could filter all keys and/or images:

add_filter( 'acf-flexible-content-extended.images', $images );

Issues & Feature Requests

If you identify any errors or have an idea for improving the plugin, feel free to open an issue or create a pull request. Please provide as much info as needed in order to help resolving or approve your request.


  • Screenshot of Flexible Content Field Layouts Add Modal
  • Screenshot of Flexible Content Field Layouts
  • Screenshot of Flexible Content Field Layout Edit Modal


This plugin works only if the ACF Pro >= 5.7.O plugin is installed and activated.


  • ACF Pro >= 5.7.O
  • WordPress 6.0
  • Tested up to WP 6.0.1
  • Browser Support:
    • Last 2 Firefox major versions
    • Last 2 Safari major versions
    • Last 2 Edge major versions
    • Last 2 Chrome major versions
  • PHP 8.0+

From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for « Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields »
  3. Activate Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields from your Plugins page
  4. Add images to your theme in THEME/lib/admin/images/acf-flexible-content-extended or customize the path using add_filter( 'acf-flexible-content-extended.images_path', $path );


7 setembre 2022
Hi Jameel, I really like yor plugin and the php 8 update. I was wondering, it would be nice if it was possible to switch off the pencil edit/ modal, functionality. I mostly use the plugin for the image preview modal. The modal edit function is nice (sometimes) but sometimes I need to have an overview of de layout content on the page and this is not possible if the modal edit is active, thanks. Xander
31 mai 2020 1 reply
Adds great user experience when using the flexible content field to add layouts. Lets you add screenshots of each layout to give the admin a nice preview of exactly what they are adding vs just using the names of the layout. Easy to implement and bug free.
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Contributors & Developers

“Flexible Content Extended for Advanced Custom Fields” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Requires PHP >= 8.0
  • Requires WordPress >= 6.0
  • Solve for flexible content fields inside of repeaters and groups
  • CSS improvements (uses css grid instead of flexbox)


  • Fixing issue with ACF version compare since it doesn’t follow PHP version constraints


  • PHP 8 Compatibility


  • Resolves CSS and JS conflicts. Adds support for layouts that begin with a number.


  • Resolve JS bug


  • Resolve issue with modals related to new duplicate layout function in ACF 5.9


  • Resolve JS error if `acf.getField()«  is not defined


  • Update hook for enqueuing and registering assets for ACF 5.9 compatibility. Thanks @elliottpost!


  • Fixes a bug related to nested fields


  • Supporting nested flexible content fields
  • Updating dependencies


  • Updating dependencies


  • Initial release