3CX Live Chat and Talk


This plugin requires 3CX Phone System V16. Get 3CX for free for unlimited users, in your Google, Amazon or Azure cloud account or on-premise on Windows or Linux.

3CX Live Chat & Talk is different from other live chat plugins – besides offering free live chat functionality for your website – it allows website visitors to call as well as chat. Connect visitors to your call centre or sales team and watch conversion rates skyrocket! Calls are forwarded to your phone system free of charge using WebRTC technology.


  • Free live chat for unlimited users, without any monthly subscriptions.
  • Site visitors can talk to you for free without having to install additional applications, drivers, controls or dial long numbers.
  • Visitors can communicate via chat and elevate the chat to an audio or video call, free of charge via WebRTC.
  • Your agents can handle large number of calls on their PCs or mobile devices with the free 3CX Android and iOS apps.
  • Desktop notifications will inform you when a new live chats or calls occurs.
  • Offline form automatically collects web visitor info when you are unavailable or logged out.
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface enables integration with your web site.

Built-in Data Security

  • Request visitors to optionally provide their name and email to initiate a chat.
  • Authorization, Anti-Spam and Throttling mechanisms secure communication and limit the number of incoming unreplied chats to 3CX.
  • GDPR-compliant with no user tracking, no cookies and no personal chat and voice data stored on WordPress.


For troubleshooting issues with the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin please refer to our on-line guide or visit our forums page. 3CX customers can also log in to the 3CX Customer Portal and open a support ticket. If you do not have credentials you can signup for a Free 3CX license key and account here.


  • Visitor in a live video call and chat with 3CX user/agent via the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin window.
  • User/Agent in a live video call and chat with website visitor via the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin.
  • 3CX Web Client user/agent chats with visitor using the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin.
  • Offline form automatically collects web visitor info when you are unavailable or logged out.
  • Plugin window minimized appearance on website.
  • Live Chat & Talk configuration options.


  1. Go to Plugins in WordPress admin, search for 3CX Live Chat & Talk and click on Install Now.
  2. After installing the plugin on WordPress, go to the 3CX v16+ Management Console in Settings > WordPress/Website Integration > 3CX Live Chat & Talk section and enter your WordPress site URL , e.g. https://my-wordpress.company.com.
  3. Go back on the WordPress Admin, navigate to the left sidebar, click on 3CX Live Chat & Talk.
  4. Click on Add New and follow this guide from Create a « Live Chat & Talk » section. This will help you personalize the user experience a website visitor will face upon interacting with your WordPress site.


I’ve installed the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin, now what?

Create a new Live Chat & Talk item, specify the 3CX Click2Talk URL for the corresponding 3CX extension or queue, configure the item’s options and use the shortcode in a post or page, i.e. [3cx-clicktotalk id="15" title="Click To Talk to Us"].

Where can I find documentation for 3CX Live Chat & Talk?

Your go-to reference is the on-line guide for the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin, included in the 3CX Admin Guides. Reviewing the included sample entry and the built-in help tooltips can assist you while configuring Live Chat & Talk item fields.

Does 3CX Live Chat & Talk connect to a third party server?

The plugin connects to your own 3CX PBX via the Click2Talk URL for the corresponding 3CX extension or queue.

What kind of data the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin records?

The 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin works with the options set on the 3CX PBX by the administrator to enable website visitors to call and chat via the 3CX PBX. Chat and voice data are not stored on WordPress, but can be retained on the 3CX PBX depending on its configuration.

Can my visitors start a live chat without entering their name or email address?

Yes, visitors can chat without providing their name or email address, based on the authentication options defined in the User identification form field in each Live Chat & Talk entry in the plugin configuration.

How does 3CX Live Chat & Talk notify me of an incoming live chat?

The plugin notifies 3CX users for incoming live chats via the free 3CX Web Client, Android and iOS apps.

Can I show the 3CX Live Chat & Talk window to registered users only?

Yes, including a Live Chat & Talk shortcode in a private WordPress post or page makes the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin accessible only to authorized users.

How to specify a user / extension to handle a Live Chat & Talk session

Use the 3CX Click2Talk URL field to point each Live Chat & Talk entry to the corresponding 3CX extension or queue.

Can I see if I missed any live chats that I may not have answered in time?

Users or agents can see unread visitor chats from the plugin via the Chat function in the free 3CX Web Client, Android and iOS apps.

How does 3CX Live Chat & Talk offline mode work?

When your associated 3CX extension / agents are unavailable or logged out, an offline form is automatically presented to web visitors. Information submitted through the offline form is delivered via chat message to the associated extension / queue agents.


6 Agost 2020
This plugin looks great - simple, yet it stands out and draws web visitors in. It works really well, and the option to escalate to a voice (or video!) call is an added bonus. It integrates into the support queues, therefore requiring minimal configuration on the server-side.
6 mai 2020
A chat that allows you to talk! Easy to install with good documentation. Support excellent.
27 març 2019
Hi people! top integration and most of all, a lot of genius people working at 3CX who are doing their best day by day moving technoligy forward - for us - for the customers. thank you very much.
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Contributors & Developers

“3CX Live Chat and Talk” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed issue with video call not working properly on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue on ending message always shown the operator static name.
  • Update translations for offline form.


  • Add configuration options for User Identification Message and Unavailable Message.
  • Updated translations for Russian.
  • Updated compatibility of plugin with upcoming PBX update.


  • Added indicator for typing.
  • Added the actual name of the operator.
  • Updated Primary/Secondary color picker.
  • Updated administration user interface.
  • Added Auto Focus configuration option.
  • Added Polish, Chinese and Russian translations.
  • Fixed issue with width and height not respected.
  • Fixed issue with “config.emailIntegrationUrl” in case of Email configuration.
  • Fixed issue of showing “email address is valid” as part of page rendering.
  • Fixed reloading in case of minimized and configured user identification form.
  • Fixed alignment issue of operator name.


  • Fixed email link.
  • Fixed issue with window positioning.


  • Window animation style (fade-in, slide-up, slide-left)
  • Link Facebook and Twitter social media accounts and your contact email address.


  • Additional mode property, that will ignore “take ownership” in queue scenarios phone and video calls
  • Incoming sound notifications for website visitors
  • Control the size of the chat window
  • Style of minimized window (bubble/tab)
  • Enable/disable chat panel for mobile devices
  • Added Portuguese translations
  • Fix issue on mobile mode when popout mode is enalbed


  • Chat box icon customization
  • Operator icon customization
  • Chat panel positioning
  • Mobile browser default view
  • Pop-out mode


  • Offline form
  • UI fixes


  • UI changes
  • Customize the chat window with your organization’s brand colors
  • Miminized modes
  • Localization for German, Italian, Spanish and French


  • First release